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Widescreen Review

by Eric Peterson
(Las Vegas)

Widescreen Review Magazine

Widescreen Review Magazine

'Widescreen Review' magazine represents the pinnacle of informative and in depth articles with equipment and movie reviews pertaining to widescreen format home theater; an equally important component complementing the magazine content is how the making of movies relates to the transfer of quality picture and quality sound to Blu-ray disc.

The main scope of this publication is to educate and inform - help readers understand the technology while educating them in component selection and system setup considerations to achieve 'the best that it can be' home theater experience.

As expected, this publication available both in print format and as a downloadable version is intended mainly for the home theater enthusiast, though it is equally suitable for the occasional home movie viewer who wants to make the best out of his widescreen viewing experience.

I have been a subscriber of theirs since they first issue came out. I even went so far as to model my own home theater after this magazine's and webzine's main focus; using front projection with a scope lens in front to produce 2.35:1 formatted images on screen. Also on the sound side of it, using matching speakers all around to recreate the film as close as possible to the directors' intentions even though equidistant spacing is not exactly possible in my room; however, the effect is still very good.

Widescreen Review has been a huge influence on my technical growth and taste for quality gear. Don't get me wrong, I have always enjoyed the humor of Michael Nelson's "Curtain Call" in the back of Home Theater mag, as well as the whole magazine itself. The elite, high end mags always made me feel like a dirt poor man with their five figure and up components and system prices taste category. You know what I mean.

We should all feel so lucky nowadays with super affordable 1080p front projectors that cost a fraction of the old high end CRT's and later, newer tech models went for. Moreover, nothing in my humble opinion beats a separate prepro and high-powered amp with full range loudspeakers. There are seven ESS 1D monitors in my setup each with its own 12" woofer. And as if that weren't enough BASS... there is a Buttkicker in each sofa recliner and a Sunfire true subwoofer 12" to complete it all.

For me, Widescreen Review never ceases to amaze!

Review posted on: September 28, 2012

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