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Which last longer? I was told that the LED would outlast the LCD

by Kevin
(Summerfield, NC)

I was told that I need to buy a extended warranty because the LCD engine would burn out in 3 or 4 years and cost $900.00 to replace or I could buy the LED and the engine would last much longer and would be worth the extra initial investment in light of the LCD engine not lasting as long.

I have also been told that these products last 60,000 hours which is 6.8 years at 24 hours a day. I was encouraged to buy a expensive surge protector because of the sensitive nature of the produce and the dirty power - fluctuations that will damage the electronics. I told the salesman that I was still using a SONY Trinitron that I bought before Jimmy Carter was elected and had no problems with it except that the screen is 19" .

What is your opinion? I am having a hard time deciding on Plasma, LCD or LED. The picture quality difference is minimal. Trying to sort out fact from being steered toward a higher commission product is the problem. I am to the point of going to Costco and purchasing a 46" Sharp to avoid the salesman confusion. I think they make more money selling the extended warranty than on the TV. Costco doubles the warranty to 2 years and don't seem to give a hoot which TV you buy- they say see which brand looks the best to you in your price range put it in the basket and write a check-no financing. I just need to know what to put in the basket. Please advise a non-tech viewer that wants to buy a bigger screen for viewing sports and movies. Thank you.

Editor's Reply

As stated elsewhere on the site, CCFL LCD TVs come with a rated lifetime of 60,000hrs to 100,000hrs while LED LCD TVs have a rated life of around 100,000hrs. In either case, these represent a life that is anything between three to five times that of the good old CRT TV.

Note however that these rated lifetimes refer to the display panel only and not the electronics inside. The display panel lifetime represents the time by which the display brightness would fall to a level (half the original value) that is no longer suitable for normal viewing due to the deterioration of the elements making the display, due to use.

Any failure of the electronics inside an HDTV is independent on the display technology and is in no way related to the display panel being LED, CCFL LCD, or plasma.

As to the 'LCD engine' and 'LED engine' mentioned by the sales reps, this is more of a misnomer. There is no such engine inside as is the case with rear projection TVs. Apart from the display panel, it is all electronics and no moving parts.

So if you would like to know my opinion... I would encourage you to choose an HDTV that best suits your needs - one that delivers a picture you like and that falls within your budget.

There are a few differences though between plasma and LCDs (LEDs are also LCD TVs) that are more related to use rather than picture quality and that may render one technology better than the other under certain circumstances; I suggest reading the following Plasma vs. LCD TV article on this site for more information. Otherwise, technology should not be much of an issue when choosing your HDTV.

As to the extended warranty matter, I would not take an extended warranty on a new HDTV - these are more of a way for the retailer to make even more money. There is the manufacturer's warranty and that should be more than enough with any major brand. If one where to see a TV expected failure rate pattern, failures would normally crop up either during the first few months of use - in which case, it would be covered by the manufacturer's warranty, or after a few years of use, in which case any extended warranty would have already expired.

But extended warranty is like taking an insurance cover - it all depends how much you are ready to pay to cover any additional risk.

Hope this helps!

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Sep 13, 2012
by: Mrs Hendricks

Ummm, I guess you found her anonymous. I have had my 46" Sanyo LCD TV since 2008 and has never had one problem. I love this thing. However, I have an 19" LCD computer monitor that is crapping out on me as we speak. I bought the computer with the monitor in 2007 and it just began to have problems this year.

So I am not complaining about the monitor as it has given me wonderful service. I am looking to replace it with a LED LCD Monitor simply due to the fact that they consume less energy, are easier on the eyes and they seem to last a wee bit longer.

Although either way I can't really go wrong because I have had good service out of LCD's period. You get what you pay for and if you purchase some knock off...then I guess you are gonna get junk.

Also, prior to purchasing my Sanyo LCD TV, I researched the Tech sites for particular brands having a lot of problems. I selected the Sanyo brand for 3 reasons: 1) I have had a 36" Sanyo CRT TV since 2001; and the thing is still working, so figured I couldn't go wrong with the brand. 2) Because all the reviews were really good for Sanyo. Sony, Sharp, and a few others had tons of complaints about their TV's. Don't get me wrong... I have 2 Sony cameras, a mp3 player and a surround sound system and I love the heck out of them... they make great cameras, mp3's and surround sound systems... just haven't heard a lot of good news about their TV's though.

I do hope you change your mind about LCD... they are a great product if you get the right one... don't give up, k. Peace to you :D

Feb 14, 2011
All LCD TVs Suck
by: Anonymous

Everyone that I know that has an lcd or plasma TV...has problems.

Find me a person owning either that has had them for the 60,000 hours, and see if they have had no problems, doubtful...have had mine less than 4years.

I got a full refund because they had to fix it 3 times with in 2 years; the screens has lines going thru it and it goes blank, and shuts off by itself.

Yet I have a tube TV that is around 15 years old and no problems. The only good thing with the new flat panels is, they have CAPABILITY of quality pictures... capability meaning if you have a blu-ray player or high definition channels...if you don't, its basically a bigger television and that's it.

I wish they would perfect the quality of these TVs.

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