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Not sure what an RSS is?
RSS News Feeds Explained

"RSS" means "Really Simple Syndication." What it means to you is that when you subscribe to a site that has an RSS feed, you can keep up-to-date without having to check the site every day or week.

To get started, download and install a free RSS Reader such as RssReader for Windows and NetNewsWire for Mac.

Once you're set up, right-click (control-click for Mac users) on any orange RSS button on a site, blog or news source that interests you.

Give it a try by right-clicking on the orange button Site RSS feed here to subscribe to Practical Home Theater Guide RSS news feed...

copy and pasteSelect Copy Shortcut ("Copy Link to Clipboard" for Mac, "Copy Link Location" for Firefox browsers), and paste that URL into your RSS Reader.

And that's it! You're subscribed.

Alternatively, click on the respective button below to subscribe to Practical Home Theater Guide news feed through My Yahoo!, My MSN, or Google, ...

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