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Updated: December 19, 2012

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Welcome to Practical-Home-Theater-Guide. This document explains the type and nature of content you may expect to find on this website.

Type and Nature of Website Content

Nature of content present on this website includes technical guides, product evaluation discussions, user contributions, and third-party links; the latter can be links to third-party reference websites for additional information, advertisements, and affiliate links.

Technical Guides

Unless expressed otherwise, information presented on in the respective technical guides and informative articles is the result of our research and our professional understanding of the subject.

Where we see appropriate, we also include reference links to related information sites.

Review Articles

Product reviews appearing on this website are mainly product evaluation discussions designed to serve as a research tool in product selection.

Unless detailed otherwise, our product evaluations are not direct hands-on reviews but the result of our technical analysis of the product based on published product specifications, user manuals, and any related literature. The scope is to present an informed opinion about the expected performance of the product as well as the expected usability of the provided functionality - irrespective of manufacturers' claims.

To further our efforts in presenting a complete and unbiased evaluation of the product under discussion, we also [1] confront our technical analysis with what expert reviewers had to say about the product under evaluation, and [2] research customers' feedback posted in online stores and on forum sites following their purchase of the product.

The scope is to do the research for our readers by presenting comprehensive, unbiased information about the product features and expected performance, while filtering all the hype and hidden agendas of product manufacturers, and even possible personal agendas of both professionals and consumer posting online.

Note: Links to referenced review sites are included in the articles - generally at the end, together with any other reference sites that the author deems appropriate, including manufactures' sites for the latest product specs and user manuals.

Please note:

Product evaluations appearing on this site should not be taken to constitute a long term evaluation of the product performance over time. Long term product evaluations that mimic everyday use are often unpractical lengthy processes by which time they are completed, a new generation of products will already be available on stores shelves.

User Contributions

Part of the content appearing on arises out of direct contributions submitted by website visitors.

These include contributions in response to our product evaluation discussions, in which case, these are accessible via the respective product evaluation page on our site, and submissions to our Home Theater Sites Directory and our Home Theater Pictures Gallery. These submission services are mainly being made available as a service to our readers.

Product Links

Most of the product links - whether in the form of an image and or text appearing on are affiliate links.

In particular, Practical-Home-Theater is a participant in both the Amazon Associates and Amazon Europe S.à r.l. Associates Programme; these are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to (US) and respectively.

This means that whenever you click on these links and complete your purchase at the respective online seller, we get a small commission that goes on to help maintain this website.

Nevertheless, rest assured that we remain committed to provide unbiased information. Opinions expressed in our articles represent our sole and informed view based on our knowledge of the subject.

Additional content

This may include links to other websites as well as paid third-party advertisements, and adverts by Google.

AdChoicesAll paid adverts appearing on our site are easily identified accordingly - in most cases these are labeled as 'Paid Adverts', 'Advertisement, and 'Premium Sponsored Results', while adverts published by Google on our site are denoted either as 'Ads' by Google or by the AdChoices icon shown here.

In the case of pay per click adverts by Kontera, these are identified by a double underline. The latter generates advertisements relevant to the textual content of my site within the words on the page. You can choose to either move the mouse away, or to click on the ad to discover more.

Please Note

The author and owner of reserves the right to modify, remove, or add new content at any time, which content may not necessarily fall under any of the above categories.

All information - except that posted by site contributors - represents the author's educated opinion based on his knowledge of the subject and interpretation of technical specifications; this does not necessary imply that the provided information has been substantiated by actual test results. As such, all information should be regarded as nothing more than opinion.

In addition, we do not warrant that information presented on this site represents some form of professional advice or a formal recommendation, nor that this website is a substitute for independent professional assistance. We exclude all representations and warranties relating to the content and use of this website.

Ensure that you read our terms of use and disclaimer policy before making use of this website or any services offered by this site. Thank you.

Please use the site 'Feedback Form' to submit any queries you may have about the type and nature of content appearing on


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