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Date: February 5, 2013

Help Us Save Our Website!

We need your help to save Practical home Theater Guide; it would not take much time... but a collective effort can make the difference

Andrew Ghigo - www.practical-home-theater-guide.com

If you like Practical Home Theater Guide, find the information present on our website helpful, and would like that Practical-Home-Theater-Guide.com remains online, please help us save this site!  Our site existence has been seriously endangered by an arbitrary action taken by Tucows against our website domain.

It is definitely frightening to see how an unfair action started by a third party can lead to a demise of a website irrespective of the content quality it presents. 

Here’s what happened…

On January 28, our website was put on hold by Tucows (our domain registrant) effectively blocking access to our website. This drastic action by Tucows was taken simply because an email they sent to request we update the contact information associated with our domain registration bounced back!

Tucows had other valid contact options in their system through which they could have easily reached us when their first attempt failed - including another valid contact e-mail, our mail address, and the technical contact for the domain. But with total disregard, Tucows decided to take the easy-way-out and simply went on to put the practical-home-theater-guide.com domain on hold — thus blocking access to our domain for almost 48hrs.

Though we immediately took all the necessary action from our part once we noticed what had happened, it took two days to restore access to our domain.

We were not going to publish this, but unfortunately the consequences of that action has now escalated further as a result of the impact that this hold issue on our domain is having with the search engines.

Although access to the site domain was completely restored late during the day of the 30th January, between January 31 and February 1, Google went on to demote our site ranking by more than 100 positions for all webpages present on our site. This penalty in the site ranking applied by Google did not come because Google quality team found spam, low quality content or malware present on our site — because there is none — but simply because of the hold placed on our domain by the domain registrant that lasted for almost 48hrs.

Demoting a website ranking by more than 100 positions means that while our website is still in the Google search index, all pages on our website are now below position 100, a search position that in simple terms means no one is going to find our website anymore in the Google search results.

Google was extremely fast to act, this despite that prior to this incident, a good number of our most important pages featured among the top 10 positions in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search results.

We submitted a reconsideration request to Google explaining what happened, but it is a known fact that Google is fast to take search traffic from a site and slow to give it back. In other words, it may take weeks if not months for www.practical-home-theater-guide.com to recover.

It is frustrating and unfair to see how an arbitrary action taken by Tucows against our domain may lead to practical-home-theater-guide.com disappearing from all major search engines after almost ten years of delivering quality content online.

 So… How can you help?

If you like Practical-Home-Theater-Guide.com and have found the information on our site helpful, we kindly ask you to help us save this website!

It would take much time. All you have to do is help us promote our website by referring us to family and friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+; just click on the respective links here.

Only a collective effort in this manner can attract enough of the big search engines’ attention for Google, Bing and Yahoo to restore our site ranking back again in the short time.

I personally thank you for your support.


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