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Very Well Presented Information for anyone buying a TV

by davzwau
(Fort McCoy, FL)

It has been over five years since the purchase of my last TV Sony kdl-40v2500 and the world of TV has changed. Three major types of TV with a confusing and conflicting array of specifications, and some just plain hype by the manufacturers and sellers, making it difficult even for an older tech savvy buyer to compare products and reach a buying decision.

Have been doing research for over a month, and this is one of the best, concise and accurate descriptions, especially if a buyer is interested in a Sony product (I am a long time fan of Sony, regardless of issues - everyone has problems to one degree or another; what's important is how the problems are dealt with that counts.)


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Very Well Presented Information for Anyone Buying a TV

Aug 16, 2012
This is one of the best information site!
by: Anonymous

Yes, I agree with the first reader. Practical Home Theater Guide is one of the best websites that provide informative technology guides in plain English, and that presents product reviews that cut through the promotional hype coming from both TV makers and retailers.

So I say congratulations and keep up the good work!

Aug 17, 2012
Thank You
by: The Editor

Thank you for your positive comments.

We do our best to present concise, yet complete information about a product in a way that is easy to follow by anyone with minimal technical knowledge of the subject, while taking away the technical hype that often comes with most TV makers' information.

In this respect, we hope that our product guides will serve a purpose to all those that are out there for a TV purchase.

Once again thank you; our product write-ups take a lot of research effort and technical analysis, so such positive comments are always much appreciated.