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December 13, 2012

HDTV-Ready CRT Toshiba Projection TVs
'H84' Toshiba Projection TVs ...the least expensive of all
HDTV-Ready rear projection televisions

Product Review

Designed for those who want an affordable large screen TV, these feature-packed Toshiba CRT rear projection TVs represent a most inexpensive option for watching DVD movies and HDTV programming on a large screen. Prices vary from as little as $1,100 for the Toshiba 46H84 46" model to around $1,700 for the Toshiba 65H84 65" set - substantially cheaper than sets within the same category from other brands.

Mitsubishi WD-82840 3D-ready Internet-connected DLP TV
Mitsubishi WD-82840 3D DLP TV

For less than a 65-inch LED TV, this 82-inch DLP HDTV features 3D, Internet-TV, is ISFccc-ready for professional calibration, and includes a 16-speaker soundbar for one of the best sound experiences you will enjoy direct from the TV speakers.

H84 CRT Toshiba  Rear Projection TVs

The 'Toshiba H84 series' incorporates four different rear projection TVs - all with identical specs except for a different screen size.

These Toshiba CRT rear projection TVs come with what is referred to as the Toshiba TruView feature. This feature combines several enhancements like black level expansion, fine white, flesh tone correction, and color detail enhancer, to automatically display accurate picture and color details.

Another interesting feature is the HD Dynamic Contrast - this analyzes picture information on the fly to sharpen and deepen those parts of the picture with the most detailed information.

More Features!

These CRT Toshiba projection TVs come with CrystalScan HDSC to upconvert all video signals (including 480i/p) to 1080i HD. This significantly reduces jagged-line artifacts for a smoother, more natural image. (Also selectable 540p, for those who want a progressive-scan image from a progressive-scan source). Digital Noise Reduction circuitry optimizes poor NTSC signals from antenna or cable. In addition, these CRT Toshiba projection TVs make use of DFine high-speed velocity-scan modulation. This is a Toshiba proprietary feature that improves the definition at picture edges, creating sharper images by slowing the CRT (cathode-ray tube) beam's horizontal scanning during demanding work - say, when rendering transitions from light to dark parts of an image - and speeding it up when scanning easily rendered sections, like broad dark areas.

A 3D Y/C (4 MB, 10-bit) digital comb filter with Vertical Contour Correction processes RF and composite-video signals for a sharp, clean picture. This advanced filter significantly reduces detail noise, seen as shimmering or flicker, in complex or intricate scenes.

The TouchFocus digital convergence system creates perfect corner-to-corner focus at the press of a button. Cinema Mode (3:2 pulldown) circuitry identifies film-based content from DVDs and reassembles the frame sequence to more accurately reproduces a movie's original 24-frame rate. This process eliminates artifacts and provides sharp, accurate full-frame progressive images.

Finally, the 'xxH84' series of Toshiba projection TVs  makes use of a TheaterFine HD super fine-pitch screen; this screen utilizes a 0.52 mm design to reduce the space between lines on the lenticular screen, thereby sharpening the image. With convenient direct video input selection, you can choose specific inputs right from the remote's numbered keypad.

For those who would not be using a dedicated home theater receiver, the audio within these Toshiba projection TVs offer SRS WOW, combining SRS 3D to create a wide three-dimensional sound field, TruBass boosting bass frequency perception for dramatic low-frequency effects), and Focus (which raises the perceived sound image vertically to clarify voices) - thus greatly enhancing home-theater sound. StableSound maintains television volume within a preset range regardless of the source signal, and Toshiba's Sub Bass System (SBS) boosts a program's low-end audio for heightened dramatic impact.

Connections include a DVI HDTV input and a HDMI (High Definition Multi-media Interface). The HDM Interface is an uncompressed, all-digital audio/video interface that supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video, plus 8-channel digital audio- all on a single cable. Similarly, DVI gives you a pure, uncompressed video connection with your DTV receiver or set-top box (not included).

The supplied Illuminated Universal Remote with these Toshiba projection TVs also controls most manufacturers' VCRs and DVD Players, and the set's split cabinet design allows the cabinet to be split in two for ease of delivery and installation.

Note: The 'xxH84' series of CRT HDTV-Ready widescreen Toshiba projection TVs  represents an update over the older 'xxH83' version of CRT rear projection TV sets from Toshiba, and which now have been phased out. Both the H83 and the H84 ranges have got almost identical specs except that the 'xxH84' range includes a HDMI.

The 'xxH83' series still represent good value for money but normally, one can only find these Toshiba projection TVs either refurbished or second-hand. Popular sets in the H83 HDTV-Ready TheaterWide series include the Toshiba 51H83 51"Toshiba 51H83 and the  Toshiba 57H83 57"Toshiba 57H83 rear projection TVs.

'H84' Detailed Technical Specifications

Toshiba 51H84 51" HDTV-ready TheaterWide Projection TvAs indicated earlier on, The xxH84 series of CRT Toshiba projection TVs includes four different products with screen sizes ranging from 46-inches up to 65-inch - all in wide-screen 16:9 format. These sets share the same technical features. In fact, they have got identical technical specifications except for a different screen size.

The 'xxH84' range of products may present a slightly dimmer picture when compared with other sets - in particular when compared with the latest DLP type of rear projection TVs, yet they are capable of delivering a clean clear picture viewable at up to 160 degrees.

The list below highlights the main technical features of the H84 Series Toshiba Projection TVs:

HDTV capable: Yes

HDTV Tuner: No - Available tuner is standard NTSC

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Number of speakers: 2 at 15W/channel

Invar shadow mask: No

Mute: Yes (2-level)

Picture modes: Movie, Sports, and TheaterWide modes

Convergence: Manual 9-point

Horizontal Resolution: 1600lines

Screen protection: Built-in, High-Contrast TheaterShield

First surface mirror:Yes

Red and Green Color Lens Filters: Yes

Ambient Light Sensor:Yes

Viewing angle: 160 degrees

Audio tone controls:Sub Bass System, SRS WOW

Noise muting: Yes

Direct Video Input Selection: Yes

Speed tuning: Yes

Speed surf: Yes

QuickConnect Guide: Yes

SurfLock: Yes

Signal type: NTSC, decoded ATSC

Auto channel setup:No (but has channel labeling)

Closed captioning: Yes (on mute)

Last-channel recall:Yes

Multilingual menu: Yes (English, Spanish, French)

Parental control: Yes (Channel Lock, Video Lock, Game Timer, front-panel lock-out)

Picture-in-picture (PIP): HD Window dual-tuner POP (picture outside picture), PIP audio

Remote control: Illuminated universal

SAP: Yes

Sleep timer: Yes (single-button, with on-timer)

Surround sound: Yes (simulated, SRS 3D Sound Field Expander)

VGA/SVGA input: No

Audio outputs: 1 stereo analog left/right fix-level, 1 stereo analog left/right variable level

Audio inputs: 4 (3 stereo analog left/right fixed-level, 1 center-channel input)

Video outputs: 2 (1 composite-video, 1 RF)

Video inputs: 10 (including a DVI HDTV direct input)

Headphone jack: No

Component video: 2 (ColorStream HD)

Composite video: 3

S-video: 3

RF: 2


Color temperature control: Yes (3 settings)

Front AV jacks: Yes (with S-video)

Side AV jacks: No

Sound leveler system:Yes (StableSound)

Warranty: 1 Year parts/labor, 2 years picture tube

Product Dimensions and Weight - H84 Series Toshiba projection TVs









  46H84 46" 16:9 CRT Toshiba HDTV 43.3" 40.6" 21.9" 143.3
  51H64 51" 16:9 CRT Toshiba HDTV 47.6" 50.4" 22.4" 169.1
  57H84 57" 16:9 CRT Toshiba HDTV 52.8" 55.1" 23.9" 231.5
  65H84 65" 16:9 CRT Toshiba HDTV 59.9" 59.9" 26" 240.3

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