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Tim's Pittsburgh Sports Theater

by Tim
(Pittsburgh Pa.)

Painted Projection Screen

Painted Projection Screen

Painted Projection Screen
Three Rivers Seats
Refreshment Area
Equipment Closet - controlled with IR extenders

Sports Home Theater

We entertain a lot for the big sporting events in the Burgh and so needed a projection screen big enough for everyone to see.

After watching a Pens game at a local sports bar, I told my wife that we could have a large screen at home. It was then that the whole 'Sports' home theater project idea was born. I started researching online and after some web surfing for home theater design ideas and reading on the subject to get a better feel of what it takes, the Tim's Pittsburgh Sports Theater was born!

We managed to complete this home theater project relatively inexpensively. We started with an Epson 720p Cinema projector which I read is an excellent cable box sporting projector; audio setup centers around a 7.1 Onkyo surround sound system.

Of course it also has all the other 'do-dads' connected to it, like a PS3, PS2, and DVR/DVD/VCR player. The screen is constructed from drywall trimmed with black molding and painted using specially formulated projection screen paint. This turned out to be much cheaper than a fabric off-the-shelf screen. I painted the screen surface with a foam roller to obtain as smooth a  finish as possible using a paint mix made from 70% silverscreen and 30% pearlescent Behr paint which I bought from Home Depot. Though relatively inexpensive, this projection screen paint manages to do a good job as a projection surface.

The lights are controlled with a Lutron maestro dimmer by a Logitech Harmony One remote. The seats you see to the left we bought at an auction from Three Rivers Stadium when it was imploded.

All in all, it is a comfortable home theater room we enjoy with friends - whether it's watching a sporting event, movie, or playing PS3 NHL 11' online.

Go Steelers and Pens!

Article posted on: January 18, 2011

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