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Sony or Samsung - Which LED LCD TV is better?


I just wanted to thank everybody who worked on this extremely helpful review. This review covers everything that the customer needs to know in a truly balanced and objective manner.

At the same time, I have to say that in the end, both of them are my brands and always people look for a cheaper TV with good quality. I need your help guys: Which brand is better?

I am from Bahrain; its in the Persian gulf near Saudi Arabia. If you do not mind, could you help me in this? Still we do not have the LED LCD model in our country and I do not know from where I can get it. Thanks and best regards to all

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Sony or Samsung - Which LED LCD TV is better?

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Comparing TV's

Feb 11, 2009

We actually handle LG's. LG makes the glass panel for all the other TV brands.

As for which is better, most TV's have the same basic components. However, they do have faster and slower processors and refresh rates. Naturally, the faster processor and refresh will give a smoother transition on moving objects, such as chase scenes, etc.

As for color, most all manufacturer's "boost" the colors so their TV's will display nicely under bright lights in a showroom. All TV's really need to be calibrated after purchase to give accurate colors and picture quality. However, the equipment to do that is very expensive. Our store had purchased this equipment and offers this service to our clients. Calibration adds about $200 to the cost of the TV but is well worth it. It will also help the set to run cooler and last longer.

Editor's note December 2012: An inexpensive calibration disc - while is not a direct replacement to a professional TV calibration - can do a lot towards helping you enjoy a better picture. To learn more on how to use a TV set-up disc and available calibration discs options, please refer to our Set-up DVDs

Which LED LCD is better?

by: A. Ghigo
Feb 10, 2009

Thanks for your comments. Note however that the best way to know when the equivalent LED LCD TV models will be available in your country is to check with the respective Sony and Samsung local representatives; this in view that often, TV makers would release different models for different markets.

As to which LED LCD TV is better, well if you want the very best in picture performance, Sony is just slightly better but... it comes at a significantly higher price tag.

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