Review Date: June 23, 2010
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2010 Sony LED TV Product Guide - Part 3/2 (continue...)

2D LED TVs: NX800, NX700, EX700, and EX600

In this final part of our 2D Sony LED TV product guide, we discuss the mid-range and entry-level LED TV series - the KDL-EX700 and the KDL-EX600.

These series do lack the design refinements of the more expensive LED TV series in the Sony lineup but these are the ones that represent the best LED TV deals from this major player in the TV manufacturing industry.

In particular, the KDL-EX700 series brings you the same picture quality of the NX800 and NX700 series and almost the full features set of the NX700 but at a significantly cheaper price tag.

Sony W900 with Triluminos technology

Sony's W900A 2013 Series LED TV
with the new Triluminous backlight technology

A no ordinary HDTV capable of improved color accuracy thanks to the new Triluminous Quantum Dots backlight technology

Note: Information presented in this final part of our evaluation of Sony's 2D LED TV series continues to build up on what we have discussed in the first part. This means features already discussed in the first part will not be discussed here.

Sony Bravia®KDL-EX700 Series

The EX700 120 Hz Sony LED TV series is in our opinion one of the most interesting of the full Sony 2D LED TV line-up for 2010.

It offers the best overall value-pack for those wanting to enjoy the benefits of a LED TV and a feature packed HDTV from one of the leaders in the field at a most affordable price.

Mind you, the EX700 series do miss on the latest stylish monolithic design and the built-in Wi-Fi found on the more expensive Sony LED TV series but otherwise, you get all the features found on NX700 and NX800 HDTVs; plus a few more!

The design of the EX700, characterized by a wide metal strip along the bottom in brushed dark gray finish, while not as stylish as the single sheet of glass design of the monolithic sets, is still pleasing overall. These sets do not include the tilt-back feature of the other sets but you still get the more important swivel stand.

The lack of built-in Wi-Fi should not be much of an issue to those who want Wi-Fi integration in the home.

You can always buy the optional USB Wi-Fi dongle. Being 'Wi-Fi Ready' means that wireless connectivity is just a simple plug-and-play matter.

Sony EX700 frame detail

Earlier on, we said you will get a few extra features as well over Sony's premium LED TV series. The EX700 Sony LED TVs come with an 'Ambient' sensor and a 'Presence' sensor, both missing on the more expensive NX800 and NX700 series. The Ambient sensor automatically adjusts the picture color based on the room's lighting, while the presence sensor is a reduced version of the presence sensor technology found on the Sony LX900 flagship 3D TV series. You would not get a TV that watches over you to determine if you are looking at the TV or if your child is sitting too close to the TV screen.

But it still monitors motion activity in the room to switch off the video after a preset period of time - leaving only the sound on. Later, it will put the TV in standby if no motion is detected for at least 30 minutes. This makes the Sony EX700 series one of the most eco-friendly TV series around.

If the feature pack on offer on EX700 series Sony LED TVs is what you are after, then rest assured you will find a suitable screen size from within the EX700 series for your room needs; the Sony EX700 covers a full range of HDTVs from massive 60-inch HDTVs to small 32-inch class LED TVs.

Performance: The Sony KDL-EX700 series brings you basically the same picture quality of the more expensive NX700 series but at a few hundred dollars cheaper. Professional reviews confirm that the picture quality of EX700 Sony LED TVs has the same pros and cons of the NX series. In particular, Cnet Reviews states that the EX700 has a somewhat lighter shade of black than 2009 sets such as the Samsung UN46B7000 edge-lit LED TV,  the Samsung UN55B8500 and the LG 47LH90 local dimming LED TVs,  and even the CCFL-based Sony KDL-52XBR9 HDTV. The EX700 Sony LED TVs also come with average SD quality, and less than perfect screen brightness uniformity.

But you also get a solid HD picture, relatively accurate color, a matte screen that performs much better than the glossy screen of the monolithic design under brighter room environments, a great menu system, excellent power efficiency, and solid Internet content services similar to what you find on the more expensive series; the Netflix image quality is somewhat worse than on other streaming devices but otherwise, you get access to numerous Internet provided TV content.

Overall: EX700 Sony LED TVs may not be the choice for the demanding home theater enthusiast, nor do they come with the more refined styling of the monolithic series. But these HDTVs deliver more for your buck in terms of image quality and features than the more expensive Sony premium LED TVs.

It is the LED HDTV series to opt for if you want solid internet connectivity, good HD image quality, superb energy efficiency, and your viewing will be mainly in a brighter environment.

Models available under this series include:

60-inch KDL-60EX700 

52-inch KDL-52EX700

46-inch KDL-46EX700

40-inch KDL-40EX700

32-inch KDL-32EX700

Sony Bravia® KDL-EX600 60Hz LED TV Series

Sony 40-inch KDL-40EX600 LED TV

The EX600 series LED TVs is Sony's entry-level series for those on a shoestring budget but that still wish to enjoy the benefits of edge-lit LED TVs, namely a slim design and superior energy efficiency.

The latter is an area in which these Sony LED TVs definitely excel.

The is the only 60Hz series within the Sony LED TV lineup - meaning you would not get Sony's MotionFlow technology; the result is a supported motion resolution of around 400 lines - typical of all 60Hz HDTVs. In contrast, 120Hz HDTVs achieve close to 600 lines. Some may notice this difference but in general, you would not be able to perceive the lower motion resolution with normal broadcast content.

We said this is Sony's entry-level LED TV proposal. There is no much to tout about when it comes to features; Sony even did away with the swivel stand. But you still get all the basic functionality and a TV that should be capable of a great image overall at this price bracket.

Despite the minimalistic feature set, these Sony LED TVs still come with an ambient sensor that automatically adjusts the picture color based on the room's lighting, BRAVIA® Sync™ support for direct control of other connected devices via the set HDMI with one remote, a USB input to view your home videos or photos on the TV screen, or listen to your favorite music, and excellent connectivity - complemented by 7 HD input - including 4 HDMI, and a PC input with PC/TV picture-in-picture support.

Performance: We did not come across any reviews of the recently released Sony EX600 series. But we expect similar picture quality to the rest of the Sony LED TV lineup apart from the reduced motion resolution as further detailed above. This in view that picture related specs between the different series are very much the same - meaning that the reduced price of the EX600 has been mainly brought about by the significantly reduced feature set rather than reduced picture quality.

Overall: Relatively inexpensive, these Sony LED TVs deliver both solid HD connectivity despite the EX600 minimalistic feature set, and the number one benefit associated with edge-lit LED backlights - superb energy efficiency.

Models available under this series include:

46-inch KDL-46EX600

40-inch KDL-40EX600

32-inch KDL-32EX600

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