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Sony is Better
...definitely a lot better!

This is what these readers had to say about Sony;
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Here is what these readers had to say about their Sony HDTV. While we do not think there is any one major TV brand that is absolutely always better than the rest, yet there is no doubt that when it comes to picture quality, Sony HDTVs are generally among the best.

 iHere is what our readers had to say about this...

Sony TVs are better!

by Seth
(NC, Bitch)

The Sony XBR8 has now dropped in price significantly; it is now right under 2 grand.

It is a wide known fact that Samsung TVs crap out only months after the warranty on them expires. Just type in "Samsung TV Clicking" in Google and read THOUSANDS of pissed off customer complaints.

So basically if you want a piece of shit that's gonna die in 2 years go with Samsung :( .

If you want a great TV, get the Sony.

Sony is the best

by Jeffrey
(New York)

Sony are the top brand in TV and computers. Samsung it is a good brand as well but the Sony Bravia XBR 8 is the only TV with triluminos technology plus.

Sony is Better!

by A. A.

From what I have been hearing Samsung and perhaps other manufacturers are saving money by using both sides of the circuit board and using inferior powder soldering methods which ultimately cuts the life span of some circuits to two years in some cases.

Sony does not use this method therefore a more reliable TV. You get what you pay for usually so I will stick with SONY even if the picture quality is not as good as it should be for the money.

Sony is Better

by elias (espaƱa)

Sony is a much better in material quality of the product. Sony purchase Samsung panels by a factory that is common to both brands. The light sensor is owned by Sony and Samsung may be using it. Samsung production is terrible. Sony logo is screen-printed. Check magnesium. Samsung circuit is behind the LCD panel and heats the part as opposed to Sony which distributes heat better. On/Off switch, Samsung does not have that to save cost. All this adds to quality and experience of Sony. It is inevitable that Sony product is better than Samsung except price.

Sony Bravia offers more Menu Options

by Sid (Brisbane Australia)

I have the Sony 46 inch LED Bravia TV and a PlayStation 3 - the best combination; the menu on the Samsung is very short and not many options where as the Sony menu is same as PS3 with many options in options, and similar to PS3 - meaning it is very easy to use and explained well.

I went to a Harvey Norman electrical store and tested cloudy with meat balls 3D movie on 55 inch Sony and Samsung 3D TV and we found both very good but Samsung was not auto 3D like the Sony; you had to start it manually and Samsung shinny screen gave shinny glare in store where as Sony works in all lighting area's and more natural picture effect on the movie. Two out of three sale people agreed with me.

Also, I watched the American tennis finals in Fox 3D; just finished and was like being court side in some instances.

Thanks - hope you like my review - Sid.

Samsung stopped working after three weeks

by Neil (Basel)

I bought a new Samsung (40 inch LCD) and it stopped working after three weeks. Picture just went black, and it has now been at the repair shop for two weeks. I think I will try a Sony next. It seems like this is a fairly common problem with the Samsung TVs.

Samsung HDTV Natural White Issue

by armagedonboi (ksa)

Samsung when placed side by side with Sony, you will immediately notice the difference. Samsung is not producing a natural white - it is bluish unlike Sony which gives a real white.

Sony Bravia still the Best

by Chamberlain ng. (Singapore)

I have studied these two brands, but I buy Sony because the 100 Hz Motionflow is 100% better than Samsung Motionplus which does not work naturally at all in all movies.

You can try Square Sponge Bob chapter 7 to see which TV is the best to buy. At same time, try a normal composite input from any DVD player to play a movie on these two model.

There is also a great difference between these two set because Sony is using Bravia Engine Pro while Samsung uses DNIE. The Bravia engine beats Samsung DNIE technology.

I am using KLV46x300a; it has superior picture quality even with analog TV signals thanks to Sony Bravia engine pro. TV sound quality of Samsung is also poor.

Price is a major factor but quality is there. I pay 1K extra for this Sony but is worth paying for. It is just like buying a car - $60K for the Sonata versus $70K for the Honda v-tec; which will you prefer to drive?

Sony is not more expensive than Samsung!

by Walter (Palm Beach, FL)

I don't know why people keep saying that Sony is more expensive than Samsung, when the truth is the other way.

I walk in every store and in almost every case Samsung is more expensive than Sony. Really I don't understand why people keep thinking this about Sony LED HDTVs...

A Sony Man

by Peter Slupianowski (Burlington, Wi)

I have been a Sony man now for about 39 years. I love my Sony, but times are tough, and when it comes to spending 2-3 thousand dollars on a TV.............and both are so close to one another in comparison, I think I might go with the Samsung, and with the money saved, go to Hawaii on vacation with the wife!

Sony XBR8

by sunita (india)

The XBR8 was one if not the Best TV's EVER made.

I personally witnessed it produce every shade of gray on a spectrometer and is still to date the only TV I have witnessed do so...this was an improvement of the Sony 46" Qualia 005 the World's first LED TV (brought to market by Sony in 2004)...

I also believe that Sony will continue to innovate, and I can't wait to see the new TV line up in person.

Thanks for the interesting post.

The Best TV Set Ever Made

by: Dean Colby Jan 27, 2011

The Sony XBR8 is the best TV ever made; there will be no other set in the future that will have the picture or the warm quality of that set.

The new Sony XBR HX900 and the XBR LX900 are LED LCD TVs as well but they are not even close to the clear and warm XBR8.

There never will be a TV set even close ever made in the future. This civilization is going down and will not make it past 2013. It may not be an extinction event but everything will change. So the Sony XBR8 will go down as the BEST HDTV EVER MADE at any time anywhere.

Also, the 3D crap will never see any product you can see. Maybe one or two more movies that will be crap... then nothing!!

by the way, the XBR8 has a flaw. There is a condenser that discharges, and they will tell you its your motherboard or the LCD screen itself.

Don't believe it; you can fix it yourself by using a voltmeter. Simply find the bad capacitor and replace it!!

Sony Versus Samsung HDTV

by Mil Rey (Chicago)

This article really helped me. I was so undecided to which TV I wanted to purchase. I wanted a Sony because I heard such good things about it, but I was limited on cash. In addition, I was a bit afraid to purchase a Samsung because I read bad reviews from customers that even seemed down right pe'od with their Samsung.

After checking different stores to find a good deal I was off to sears. I already knew which Sony I wanted, and though I felt it was a bit pricey I wanted a 46", 120Hz, for $1199.00 the sale price.

But, I couldn't help but notice there right in across from the Sony a 46" 120Hz Samsung, the sale price $800.00. It was a floor sample but came with all the same warranties and $300.00 plus tax less. Well needless to say I went against my instinct and purchased the Samsung.

At first I did not like the coloring at all, and because I was determine to find something else wrong with it so I could take it back, I watched it very closely because it wasn't a Sony you see.

I was ready to take it back the very next day, and get my Sony. Well I begin playing with the menu on the remote and adjusted the color and too my surprise what a difference that made.

All of a sudden every one looked their correct natural color and the grass was the correct shade of green and the sky was blue, and everything fell into place. So I decided to keep the Samsung for now.

I am still a bit afraid because of the reviews. Nevertheless I have 14 more days to exchange it without a hassle so if it is going to mess up I hope it does it in that time. In the mean time I am pleased with my purchase and I certainly love the price.

If I have to take it back and get my Sony after all, I will be back to let you know why.

Thanks for allowing me to share my experience.

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