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Sony is too impressed with Sony!
Worst still... some products are designed to fail!

This is what our readers had to say about Sony;
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There is no TV maker we know that somehow has truly managed to please its customers when it come to the expected product support.  It is an unfortunately fact that manufactures are more interested to sell than to support their products. And this applies also to the very big in the HDTV industry - including Sony. Here is what our readers had to say about this...

Sony... a TV brand that is too impressed with itself!

by Gary Sellars
(Housont TX, USA)

Sony has always suffered from, "We're the best and therefore we can not only charge more buy give a lower profit to the retailer."

Sony has made some extremely bad marketing decisions in the past and have paid the price for it and I, for one, am content to stand back and watch them continue.

I would never pay 2-3K extra for Sony based on your review and would never do it on my own evaluation unless I had "money to burn" and was convinced of their superiority.

You say that you're not recommending that people should wait to purchase, but I wouldn't purchase such a large TV for home use with such poor off-axis viewing, and that size is just a little large for my computer. ;-)

Sony doesn't stand behind their technology.

by Rich Hansen
(Springfield, OR. USA)

It's not mentioned in the article if people do decide to buy the Sony, what will they do if the TV fails due to an engineering flaw?

I made the mistake of buying a Sony 60" rear projection LCD (KF60WE610) for $3,400 on sale back in 2003. Several years later it's not usable due to blue blobs and thousands of blue pixels in the middle of the screen. There are multiple class action lawsuits against Sony for all their rear projection LCD TV's because Sony will not recall or repair these TVs.

No one in their right mind should ever consider a Sony TV unless they are independently wealthy and don't mind replacing it in a couple years if it fails.

Sony's Product Recycling Policy

by: Anonymous Mar 05, 2009

Having worked for Sony development in Ginza-ku, Japan, I sat with some of the smartest brains in Tokyo and discussed the future of technology.

Granted this was in the early 90's but the development plan was designed around the Japanese throw away society. This means that the majority of the Japanese people are looking for the latest and greatest product and will most likely replace their technology every 2 to 3 years.

I can remember dumpster diving on Sunday evenings in Tokyo for TVs and radios that were being thrown away that were in perfect working condition and only a year old. The engineers at Sony developed life cycle engineering down to the solder points on the circuit boards. Why would they want to build something that lasts longer than 3 years if they want to encourage the consumer to buy the best that technology can offer during the product replacement life cycle. From rice cookers to LCD's, Sony has not truly built a reliable product since the early 90's.

I am not a naysayer but having worked for them and knowing their mentality and my past experience, I will never buy another Sony product.
Hope this helps provide a little insight.

Sony has crummy customer service and warranties

by Dana
(Grapevine, Texas)

I vote for the Samsung. I am in the process of replacing a Sony 55" rear projection TV with an optical block problem that plagued many other Sony rear projection TVs. Sony has had several class action lawsuits filed for various models that have ceased to function properly after the 1 or 2 year warranty expiration. Sony appears to be significantly over priced for marginal differences and from the number of complaints on the Internet and number of class action suits no longer cares about customer loyalty.

Here is one such example of a website with complaints and information about a class action suit on other Sony TVs:

If the only reason you are buying a Sony is for their reputation, I would suggest researching these issues and deciding for yourself. I will be buying the Samsung. It is substantially less expensive and the price differential will pay for a 5 year warranty.

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