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Updated: March 19, 2016

Guide to Digital Satellite TV
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Satellite Television is delivering entertainment and excitement to millions across the US through hundreds of TV channels packed with sporting events, news and classic action movies.  Its excellent picture and sound quality makes it a great addition to one's home entertainment.

In this satellite television guide, we discuss the basics of satellite dish installation, satellite antenna tuning, and digital satellite receiver choice.

We then go on to analyze the pros and cons of satellite vs. cable TV, and also look at the so called 'free' satellite television services: Are these really 'free'?

We conclude this series of satellite television guides by presenting a glossary of the more commonly used terms and definitions you might come across in the field of satellite television.

Winegard SK-SWM3 Slimline Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna
Winegard SK-SWM3 Slimline Automatic Multi-Satellite TV Antenna

This low height automatic multi-satellite television antenna has the ability to receive multiple TV signals with unmatched signal strength. It is also easy to use; just push a button to find the satellite you want!

For many, home theater enthusiasts, television means one thing: Digital Satellite Television.

Up to a few years ago, if you were after satellite TV, you were stuck with a huge 9 foot satellite dish in your backyard or on the roof.

This is no longer the case. Today's digital satellite television systems are more user and environmental friendly. They make use of smaller satellite dishes that are easier to install; typically today's satellite dish antennas range from 18 to 21 inch circular or oval, and 24-inch rectangular satellite dishes.

At the same time, they offer unsurpassed picture and sound quality, with tons of channels and programming packages to choose from. It is these characteristics that have eventually transformed satellite television into one of today's hottest issues and a most-sought-after source for home entertainment.

We therefore thought of discussing in detail issues that may arise with digital satellite television―starting with the basics of satellite television systems, to more advanced topics like satellite television antenna installation and satellite TV receivers. However, our discussion will not be complete without looking at the so called 'free' offers for satellite television services as applicable to first-time customers in the United States from various on-line retailers on behave of DISH Network and DirecTV. More information on the actual content is available at the section index below.

We hope that the information presented under this section will be of some assistance to you in getting a better understanding of the various aspects of satellite television systems.

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Digital Satellite TV - Section Index

Articles appearing under this section:

Digital Satellite Television Basics
Exposing the advantageous and understanding the drawbacks of Digital Satellite Television systems.

Satellite TV Antenna Installation GuideSatellite Dish Installation Guide
Installing a satellite dish yourself is not difficult and can save you a couple of hundred dollars or more. Through this guide, we show you in an easy-to-follow approach, how to select your dish, choose the best location, install, and even fine-tune your satellite antenna for best satellite TV reception.

Satellite TV Decoder GuideChoosing Your Satellite Decoder
The satellite television decoder, receiver, or descrambler as sometimes it is called, forms an integral part of your digital satellite television system setup. In this article, we discuss the features to look for when purchasing a satellite receiver.

Digital Satellite HDTV Guide
High definition satellite TV gives you life-like images and sound that renders one's TV viewing experience as the next best to being there! It is surely the way to go but... To what extent Satellite HDTV is capable of delivering a great picture and immersive sound? What is this issue of a down-rezzed HDTV? What do you need to watch Satellite HD programming?

Digital Satellite or Cable Television: Which is better?
Digital Cable TV is the biggest competitor to satellite television. Technically, digital cable and digital satellite have a lot in common; yet there are a few major differences between these two television services that will surely have an impact on your decision. These are therefore worth considering before taking the satellite or cable route.

You may also join our Satellite vs. Cable TV debate to share your experience and express your views on picture quality, customer service, service downtime, perceived value, etc. Your first-hand experience will surely be of value to many others.

A Glossary of Satellite Television Terms and Definitions
Satellite systems represent a relatively new technology that has made its way in many homes. And as with every new technology, digital satellite comes with its whole lot of terms and acronyms that most have absolutely no idea what they actually mean. This needs be no more... help is on its way!

FREE' Satellite Television Offers: Where is the Catch?
Both DirecTV and DISH Network have come up with 'innovative' FREE satellite television offers in an attempt to get an even bigger market share; these offers are often worth a couple of hundred dollars in free equipment and installation, but...

dish-vs-directvDish Network vs. DirecTV: A side-by-side comparison
Both DirecTV and Dish Network bundles are often engulfed by promotional noise that seems designed to hide the differences between these satellite television service providers.

This side-by-side comparison takes the guesswork out of the equation by presenting a simplified summary of the differences between the two, while highlighting the pros of each.

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Satellite TV Guides

Articles appearing under this section:

-   Digital Satellite Television Basics

-   Satellite Dish Installation

-   Choosing Your Satellite Decoder

-   Digital Satellite HDTV Guide

-   Satellite or Cable TV?

-   Glossary of Satellite Television Terms

-   'FREE' Satellite Television Offers: Where is the catch?

-   Dish Network vs. DirecTV: Which is better?

Detailed Index of satellite TV guides appearing on our site is available here.

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