Readers' Submissions

Satellite vs. Cable TV Services
Which is Better?

by Kris Gentry - Correct Connections Integrators
(Mammoth Lakes, CA)

Obviously there are pros and cons associated with the different TV service providers – whether that is satellite or cable TV. No company does everything right. It depends on what advantageous and disadvantages are most important to the prospective user.

Here are some of my conclusions with respect cable and satellite TV services in my area (Mammoth Lakes, CA):

More channels are available from satellite TV services than cable.

Installation and service is much worse with satellite, compared to cable.

Compared to cable TV and Dish Network services, DirecTV has better control navigation and whole home DVR access and sharing.

Satellite does not do well in wet snow. No dish cover or heater will substitute the manual scraping of the dish, which means the dish needs to be accessible; unfortunately, this can be a real eyesore.

Dense trees in the area can also be a problem for satellite TV reception.

Cable TV often offers Internet bundled with the TV service.

Satellite Internet is also available but it is still not that fast or reliable.

Lastly, existing RG59 or loop wiring in older buildings would require retro wiring to support satellite TV service. This is not the case with the cable television.

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Satellite Has The Edge

by Tony Hersey
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Satellite TV is the best option in our area for HD and sports coverage but Cable TV is a more cost effective choice in our area.

We have lost some channels for an extended period of time with our satellite coverage and this problem included our local channels. We have noticed a better picture with satellite.

Satellite is Better

by Peter
(Mill Bay BC Canada)

We have both systems. Cable in the office (with Internet and telephone). We have Shaw Direct Satellite HD in our home.

Our preference is Satellite. The way the guide format is displayed and channel selection with more than one station carrying the same signal (time diff.) is big.

Satellite is better than cable TV


Apart of all these benefit, there is major benefit with Satellite TV - namely that you do not need to go through all the hassle with local service providers. These add or remove a channel anytime. They always take their own time to correct the services. But in the Satellite TV you will be missing all local channels.