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Is Quality a Factor?

by Morton Fix
(Delray Beach, Florida Palm Beach County)

On the basis of response from Sony on a 42 inch LCD costing over twenty two hundreds (of dollars) to a Blue Blob manufacturing problem, I say ney to Sony.

The villain is the optical box of my projection TV, which according to Sony customer service does not warrant a replacement or repair. The set was ONLY four years old. Their goes my loyalty factor. I, as always assumed Sony was worth their overpricing for their Quality.

I am now trading my loyalty to Samsung, owner of a Samsung 40 inch LCD. The Samsung 46 inch LED LCD Set at Department store costing 2700 plus US dollars. They had the LED alongside another Samsung LCD also 46inch. The LED picture was definitely superior, but I did not warrant an additional twice the price.

Aug 06, 2009
Subject: Sony has not produced a quality product since CRT Trinitron
by: Anonymous

I have a 57" Sony Rear Projection TV that in 8 years has had the guns replaced twice and now has just gone blue on me. I also have a Sony 5-disc surround sound system that I paid 1600 for and it has also been repaired twice for an issue where it stops ejecting the disks, and will not take new ones.

I Spent $12000 on Sony and will not buy anything Sony ever again! 8 years later the TV, SS and Camcorder are all scrap!

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Samsung vs. Sony: The big difference is quality

by Bob
(Mesquite, TX)

Over the past 5 years, I have noticed that Samsung tends to use cheap materials in building their displays, and quality suffers.

If you look back at the LED-DLP offerings, one of the big challenges Samsung had from a quality standpoint was that there was a cheap plastic shroud inside the unit that would tear loose.

Likewise, I own two Samsung PC monitors. One I bought in 2005, and it has had on-going periodic power supply issues. Neither Dell (the reseller) nor Samsung (the OEM) has been willing to fix the problem. The second monitor is also a Dell / Samsung, and the power button has broken off twice. The first time, the monitor was under warranty, and they replaced it. The button just broke again a few weeks ago -- obviously a design defect.

Speaking to both of these experiences, and having experienced quality issues with other Samsung products including DVD players, cell phones, laptops, and the like, I would be hesitant to spend the kind of money on this HDTV.

On the other hand, I've owned a Sony rear-projection (standard-def) 53" TV since 1999 and have had ZERO problems.

In doing some research, Samsung has nearly a 6% defect rate, and no clear plan around how to manage it once the customer purchases a defective product. On the other hand, Sony has a less than 1% defect rate, and replacement is handled directly by Sony.

Bottom line: Sony has a high level of quality and stands behind their product. Samsung does not.

Apr 06, 2012
sony definitely has better quality
by: Anonymous

I bought a Samsung series 5 full HD and Sony Bravia 46 at the same time.

I have used Sony twice , but face lots of problem with Samsung like break down of power board.....

Mar 08, 2012
Agree Sony all the way
by: Anonymous

I personally have bought Sony TVs all my life except for the last one which was a Samsung. I got the Samsung as it was cheap and seemed like a good deal.

However once I got it setup it was clear it was no way near as good as my Sony. Sony products are always of a high quality. Most Samsung products I have looked are poor quality.

Nov 27, 2011
Strongly Agree
by: Anonymous

As someone who works in the retail industry and have sold and still selling all available TV brands, Sony has maintained its quality.

People these days look at the price tag, what they forget is the experience months to years once they've taken their eyes off that price tag.

The amount of returns and repairs we take in is unbelievable, with Samsung and LG on top of that list.

Apr 27, 2011
LG..... and...... done!
by: Bob

After shopping for nearly 3 years, I finally bought a LG 55LW5600.

It uses passive (RealD) 3D, 120Hz, it's LED LCD, and it rocks.

The deal-breaker for me on this one was the active-shutter glasses, which are expensive, fragile, and run on batteries (think something along the lines of LOTR).

RealD glasses are $7/ea. on Amazon

Dec 05, 2010
samsung hits sony
by: Anonymous

Sony uses Samsung panel and charging more money to the customers and they are telling Sony is quality as both of them are same quality and uses same parts inside it and same display.

Samsung has reasonable price over lcd and led but Sony is charging lot amount of money. Samsung is the leading manufacturer in lcd panel and highest technology Samsung is great but Sony is waste.

Oct 31, 2010
by: Anonymous

If possible could you share some sources from where you got your information regarding the defect rate on the TV sets for Samsung and Sony? I'd be interested in some further reading.

Oct 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

They are always good in advertisement... only few of the buyers are wise so don't belong to them!

Sony has already been tested for many years... Samsung is a profit centered unlike Sony that quality comes first.

Mar 09, 2010
Sony sources from SLCD, not Samsung
by: Rosh

Sony sources from SLCD and the plant is 49% Sony and 51% Samsung and is in Korea. The decision was to remain more competitive by reducing the overall price of the component and since it is a Sony based company, they could assure the quality.

It is not direct outsourcing to Samsung Electronics. However both companies gain from this operation. And both TV's are excellent in picture quality too. But I feel Sony's video processing is more based on reproducing almost-to-actual colors while black levels and picture depth is provided by Samsung's.

Mar 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

Well I have a Samsung plasma. I looked extensively into TVs before picking and I found that most sites and salesmen say Samsung is the best in TVs.

I know that they are just as nice, more aesthetically pleasing, as good if not better picture and they are way more affordable.

Oh and if they lack quality than why did Sony want to sign a contract with them to make a LCD TV together?

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