CRT TV Guide - Samsung SlimFit TV review
Review Date: September 12, 2006
 Updated: November 16, 2012

Best Selling CRT TVs
Samsung SlimFit Series CRT TVs

CRT TVs have got slimmer but would this help
 the tube TV survive the LCD TV threat?

SlimFitTM series of Samsung CRT TVs for 2006 brings about one of the best viewing experiences, with seamless multimedia integration thanks to a full set of interconnectivity options, and a relatively 'super slim' design that is one-third thinner than a conventional CRT TV. More in this CRT TV review article...

The new Samsung SlimFit TX-S3082WH 32" CRT HDTV

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Samsung SlimFitTM Series of Super Thin CRT HDTVs

People are just getting tired of the good old bulky tube television set. Instead, many are just looking at the emerging slim-styled flat-panel display technologies despite the fact that the latter are substantially more expensive.

Samsung's approach was to reduce the overall depth of a CRT by as much as 30% over conventional tube TVs, and make the CRT TV look like one of those stylish flat-panel LCD TVs from the front.

It simply worked! It seems that Samsung had managed to revitalize the sales of CRT TVs at a time when most major tube manufactures are pulling off the market. The first Samsung slim CRT TVs have been out for over a year and people love them - to the extend that Samsung's best selling SlimFit TVs have managed to capture over 40% of the CRT TV market share.

Samsung has now enhanced its SlimFitTM category of CRT TVs for 2006 with the introduction of two new 27" CRT TVs and one 30" model; these sets promise superb picture quality, a full compliment of connectivity options, and stylish sleek design that is one-third slimmer than conventional CRT TV sets.

The 27-inch Samsung Slim CRT TV models both come in 4:3 display format and comprise a standard version - Samsung TX-S2783 27" SlimFit SDTV - presently selling online at around $360, and a high definition version - Samsung TX-S2782 27" HDTV and which is selling at approximately $500.

The 30-inch model - Samsung TX-S3082 30" Wide SlimFit HDTV, is in reality the big brother of the TX-S2782H model. In fact, both come with almost identical specs except for a bigger screen size and a 16:9 wide format high definition screen on the 30-inch version. The TX-S3082WH is selling online at under $650.

Interesting to note that while all three models come with built-in side speakers, there is a second 30-inch model in the Samsung SlimFit category of CRT HDTVs - Samsung TX-S3080, that comes with built-in bottom speakers for a more compact design. In this manner Samsung has managed to trim about 4.5" in width while only increasing the overall CRT TV height by 0.5".

All Samsung SlimFit models come with a sleek space-saving design, a full compliment of interconnectivity options that include 2 HDMI inputs, impressive high definition picture performance, and as we have all come to expect from Samsung, a price tag that is truly affordable.  

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The Samsung SlimFit CRT TV Sets in Detail

30" Widescreen SlimFitTM Models: TX-S3082WH and TX-S3080WH

The latest in the range of 30-inch SlimFit models from Samsung is the TX-S3082WH. It continues to build over the success of the previous model which had ended up as the top-selling CRT TV within its category. The TX-S3080WH version shares basically the same features as the TX-S3082WH with the real significant difference being the bottom built-in speakers as against the silver side-speakers of the TX-S3082WH.

Slim and Stylish:

The real major selling point of these Samsung SlimFit CRT HDTVs is their slim stylish design. True that they are not as slim as their LCD rivals, but at an overall depth of 16.3", these sets occupy basically the same space as an equivalent size LCD TV mounted on a table-top stand, and this at a price tag that is substantially lower.

From the front, the Samsung SlimFit sets look like a flat-panel TV. In particular, the silver side-speakers on the TX-S3082WH model add a smart touch to the overall aesthetic appeal by further enhancing the wide-screen design impact of the 16:9 aspect ratio screen.

The bottom speakers on the TX-S3080WH should help make this unit ideal for narrow fit cabinets.

Overall, the silver trim and the black cabinet on the Samsung SlimFit models provide an elegant and stylish design that should provide a perfect touch to any room decor.


Both models come with a screen aspect ration of 16:9, a super flat screen that helps minimizing image distortion and glare, and a finer pixel dot-pitch for improved picture resolution.

These Samsung SlimFit tubes make use of an Invar shadow mask that helps better render detailed, high-contrast images free of geometric distortion. A shadow mask is a thin sheet of perforated metal behind the screen; each hole in the shadow mask corresponds to a single color sub-pixel in a color tube. The shadow mask helps restrict electron flow between sub-picture elements. An Invar mask uses an alloy that is especially resistant to the high temperatures generated by the electron beam, allowing a brighter, clearer picture. Supported native resolution display formats include 480i, 480p and 1080i, with a maximum horizontal screen resolution of 800 lines.

The built-in ATSC HDTV tuner lets you access over-the-air digital broadcasts while an NTSC tuner will enable you to receive standard definition (SD) broadcasts.

These Samsung SlimFit models are packed with an extensive list of video features. The 3D Y/C digital comb filter constantly analyzes the three dimensions of picture height, picture width, and picture changes-over-time to dramatically reduce edge image artifacts while improving transition detail.

The 3:2 pulldown cinema video processing feature automatically detects and compensates for the difference in picture frames when 24-frames per second movies are transferred onto 30-frames per second video. The 3:2 pulldown compensates for the inherent flaws in film to video frame rate transfers, thus rendering for a smoother playback with less motion distortion.

The velocity scan modulation function improves black to white image transitions for sharper detail and enhanced picture definition.


The Samsung SlimFit 30" models feature stereo broadcast reception with second audio program (SAP) compatibility. The two built-in speakers provide 10-watt per channel while an Auto Volume Leveler keeps audio volume consistent during channel changing to minimize static sound bursts; it also supports four preset sound modes (standard, movie, music, and speech).

High-quality virtual surround sound is possible over the set built-in two-speaker system thanks to the use of SRS TruSurround XT technology. The latter adds three new audio enhancement technologies to produce an immersive sound stage:

  • Dialog Clarity brings movie dialog into focus during the playback of any surround-encoded material; this helps make speech much clearer and crisper.
  • TruBass creates a deep rich bass allowing the listener to perceive deeper, richer low bass tones.
  • SRS WOW widens the soundstage by processing standard two-channel stereo material as well as multi-channel encoded material for a dramatic improvement in the playback of any multi-channel audio over a two-speaker system.
Convenience features:

You have the option to:

  • Choose between 4 video presets modes (standard, dynamic, movie, or custom with adjustable brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color selections) that best suits the program you're watching.
  • Select from five screen filling aspect ratio modes - normal, wide, zoom 1, zoom 2, or panorama (which stretches less in the middle and more towards the edge).

Other convenience features including Remote Surf timer (returns TV to original channel so other channels can be browsed during commercial breaks), sleep timer, V-Chip parental controls, auto channel programming, channel labeling, multi-lingual on-screen displays, and a multi-function universal remote control.


Both the Samsung SlimFit TX-S3082WH and the TX-S3080WH models offer two HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) digital connections and two auto sensing HD/DVD component video inputs for true HD resolution connectivity from HD peripherals.

The table below summarized the full list of connectivity options available on these Samsung SlimFit HD models: 

RF Input 2 Rear
HDMI 2 Rear
Auto Sensing Component Inputs
2 Rear
S-Video Inputs 1 Side
Fixed A/V Monitor Out 1 Rear
Rear A/V Inputs 1

Samsung SlimFit 27" Models

The latest 27-inch models released by Samsung in its SlimFit category include the Samsung SlimFit TX-S2782H HDTV, and the SlimFit TX-S2783. Both come at 16-inches in depth and are the world's slimmest CRT TV sets within this screen size.

Samsung SlimFit TX-S2782H:

The TX-S2782H shares basically the same feature set and overall design aesthetics as its bigger brother, the TX-S3082WH, with the major difference being a 4:3 screen aspect ratio instead of the wide screen format found on the 30" model.

The built-in HDTV tuner lets you watch over-the-air high definition content. Users can also choose from a variety of aspect ratio modes, while the progressive scan and 3:2 pull down help ensure a clear, stable picture free of motion artifacts.

Two HDMI digital connections and two auto sensing HD/DVD component video inputs complements this set connectivity options, while the 20-watt built-in speakers and SRS audio technology match this CRT HDTV video performance.

Samsung SlimFit TX-S2783:

The real major difference in Samsung's approach at the 27" screen size comes with the TX-S2783.  This CRT TV represents the only Samsung standard definition TV solution in the SlimFit category; all other models are high definition. 

From a design perspective, the TX-S2783 enjoys the same stylish look as the rest of the SlimFit series, with silver side-speakers and a slim 16" depth design. In other words, this set fits where conventional CRT TVs don't!

The TX-S2783 displays in 480i analog, but includes a built-in ATSC tuner to receive digital signals through antenna. Digital comb filter and color temperature adjustments provide clear and crisp picture, while normal, wide, and zoom screen filling modes enables you to adjust the screen aspect ratio to best suite your content.

SRS Sound 5.1 processing offers outstanding sound. Convenient front panel control key buttons allow users to access menu settings without the remote.

The set features a 14-watt side speaker stereo audio system, with five preset sound options to optimize the audio for any content, and SRS sound 5.1 process for an immersive sound field over the set two stereo speakers. The TX-S2783 connectivity options include a 480i DVD component input, two composite A/V inputs, two s-video inputs and a fixed a/v monitor input.


Samsung SlimFit CRT TVs: Dimensions, Weight, & Power requirements

Samsung SlimFit Model Dimensions
(W x H x D)
Weight Power Requirements
30" TX-S3080WH 31.3" 23.1" 16.3" 119.1lbs 180W
30" TX-S3082WH 35.8" 22.4" 16.5" 117.3lbs 180W
27" TX-S2782H 30.4" 23.3" 16.5" 90.4lbs 180W
27" TX-S2783 31.3" 23.4" 16.6" 94.8lbs 180W

 Notes: 'W' denotes 16:9 wide screen format; 'H' denotes high definition set

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