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Samsung Plasma TVs vs. Panasonic HDTVs
Series 8 vs. V10 Plasma TVs

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Panasonic Plasmas are great paperweights!

by Richard (San Diego)

Panasonic Plasma TVs have a great picture - one of the best you would find for picture quality - but they only last for about two years! And that is a very serious problem because one expects a high-end HDTV to last much longer.

After a couple of years in use, they completely fail. There are horror stories all over the Internet about multiple repairs, high repair cost, no repairs, no service, and not being able to get parts. Panasonic service is usually a 10-20% coupons for a new Panasonic TV.

So if you get a Panasonic Plasma, enjoy the picture for two years and then find a large desk for this heavy paper weight!

Best analysis

by Mehbs (Canada)

I have been struggling and searching for thorough analysis of these particular plasma HDTV sets. You have surely done an amazing job here bringing about the most important attributes in a most easy-to-under-stand approach.

I have already recommended many friends to look to you for such detailed views.

Thank you again and keep up the good works!

Panasonic V-10 Motion Handling

by Bob
(Santa Cruz)

I recently purchased a Panasonic 58-inch V-10 plasma HDTV. The picture is terrific, capable of displaying exceedingly deep blacks and rich color that is true to life; however, motion jerkiness seems too excessive for my liking considering here I am dealing with a flagship TV from a leader in TV technology.

It is connected via HDMI to a Denon 2310 AV receiver. I sit 16 feet away from the set. I thought smooth video was a given fact with the 600Hz engine. Any thoughts?

Editor's Comment:
11 November 2009

Panasonic V10 Plasma TV - Motion Handling Issue:

I presume you are referring to jerky movement with film-based 24p content. This jerky movement can be an issue on these plasma TVs when used with a 60Hz video rate.

Have you tried to use the set 96Hz processing setting? This should solve the issue but take note that for the 96Hz refresh rate to be effect, you need to ensure that your video source outputs film-based content direct in 24p.

To learn more on the issue of motion blur in HDTVs, may I suggest to refer to our article Motion Blur Explained. It mainly relates to LCD displays but the basics that explains the jerky motion associated with 24p content on 60Hz HDTVs applies to both plasma and LCD/LED TVs.

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