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Samsung New-Led TVs Pinpoint Dimming

by joe

What is the difference with pinpoint dimming on the 2010 C8000 Samsung LED TVs, from backlit and edge-lit LED TVs? Is this pinpoint dimming backlit? Which is better?

Also with the Samsung c8000 3d ready, can I just use this TV for regular 2D broadcast? Will watching 2D broadcast degrade the quality of the TV picture? Lastly I'm hoping the viewing angle improves with this model.

Would appreciate your views

Editor's Reply:

For a detailed explanation of the difference between edge-lit and local dimming LED TVs, please refer to our LED LCD TV Technology article.

As to your 2D/3D issue, 3D TVs will still be able to show 2D content in its full original quality. Keep in mind that 3D TVs are nothing more than 2D displays. It is the way consecutive frames are displayed on the screen when fed with 3D content - which combined with an LCD shutter glasses - that creates the illusion of 3D effect.

As to your question about Samsung new pin-point dimming technology, details are still lacking though it appears that this is a mix of edge-lit technology combined with an 'active' diffuser plate (or light guide) behind the LCD panel. This comes with hundreds of micro-shutters to provide finer backlight control that better matches the respective display pixels - hence the term pin-point dimming technology.

The scope is to provide deeper blacks and higher mega contrast ratios. But one still has to see to what extent this new technology will effectively prove to be better than standard full LED array with local dimming LED TV technology. In addition, the impact of mega contrast ratings on picture performance is much less than what TV makers would like to imply with their mega numbers! For more information on the issue of contrast ratio and its real impact on picture performance, I suggest going through our article The Contrast Ratio Game - Playing with Numbers.

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