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Samsung LED TV vs. Samsung LCD

by Joseph (Malta)

Would appreciate any comments on whether I should go for the Samsung LED UE46B6000 or the Samsung LCD LE46B750. The dealer is quoting same price for both so I am a bit at a loss as to which one I should go for.

Editor's Note: We suggest to go through our article 'Samsung LED TVs vs. LCD TVs: Which is Better?' for a detailed discussion on this issue.

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May 09, 2012
LED / LCD power consumption
by: Anonymous

Which is more power efficient?

Editor's Reply:
A LED TV consume much less power than a CCFL LCD TV of the same screen size.

Mar 26, 2012
LED looks fake as compared to Plasma
by: Anonymous

I have the same issue as expressed by the person who bought the Sharp LED TV. I have purchased a Samsung 46" LED TV and the colors and picture are unreal. So unreal that it makes me feel like I'm the actual cameraman filming the show or movie or I'm sitting in the studio audience. Looks fake! Not what I want in a TV. It looks like a raw unedited version. We have tried different settings but to no avail.

Can anyone who has fixed this problem post their setting here.
The room has bright sunlight during the day and a lamp on during evenings. Thanks.

Apr 01, 2011
The LED TV picture looks life like
by: Anonymous

As stated by other people, the LED picture is just stunning.

As other posters have mentioned, it looks like you are viewing a live performance, and the Blu ray playback is even more incredible. This is what I always wanted my HD experience to be. I will never go back to LCD or plasma.

Mar 19, 2011
by: MR GEO

An important aspect of viewing is the angle of the viewer to the screen (particularly important as the screen size goes up). Check out the TV's at your store and you will see how LCD TV's have to viewed practically straight-on (90 degree angle) to enjoy where the LED TV's have a greater tolerance to a wider angle for viewing.

My understanding is that both TV's will fade over time..LCD TV's might be a little quicker, but you also have the drawback of random LED's failing. LED's will quit working just like any other bulb, but you usually won't notice one here or there.

Jan 27, 2011
TV Quality
by: Anonymous

Stores have nothing to do with brand quality.

Dec 14, 2010
Product Quality

All you people dissing on Samsung and how crappy the TV's are. You have to look at where they are manufactured... If your buying at a second rate company like Walmart, Target, Sam's Clud, etc., you ARE NOT going to have the same quality television as you will if you purchase from a higher quality company like FRY'S, Best Buy, and of course SEARS...

Nov 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Just bought the 6500 Samsung LED TV; great pic. My friend has LCD no comparison; led all the way.

When you buy a 1000 dollar TV, always buy the insurance plan.

Nov 25, 2010
Just a few words to those w/ Issues toward Samsung
by: Brandon

I hope your all plugging your expensive LED tvs into Surge Suppressor + Protector; not just a cheap power strip.

These things are very expensive and sensitive.

Always call if any issues are discovered within a year. Keep your receipts and use a debit/credit card where you purchase the item.

About 2 out of 10 of all electronics are defective in some way shape or form.

Nov 22, 2010
err what?
by: Anonymous

I do not know what some of you are talking about, there are huge advantages to LED TVs. Most noticeably, a much higher dynamic contrast ratio which results in more vivid colors. Now, that being said, if you leave your TV on default settings then yeah your going to be hard pressed to notice a difference between an LCD with cold cathode fluorescent back-lighting and LED back-lighting; adjustments have to be made.

Another thing is that often times some of the best features on a tv are turned off by default, perfect example would be a Sony EX500, which is not led backlit but thats besides the point. On factory settings, advanced contrast enhancement is turned off, live color is turned off, motionflow 120hrtz is turned off, and so are a pleathora of other options, that when turned on result in a set that will look 3 times better than the set you saw on the showroom floor.

I'm just saying, these things have menu systems to modify picture quality for a reason, if you think there is no visible difference between standard backlit lcds and led backlit lcds, then you don't know what your doing.

Nov 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

What is different?? Which is better between them?? How about price?? Please make it clearly..

Oct 28, 2010
TV LED hands down!
by: Roman

The picture of LED TVs are much better than on your standard LCD TV. I have a 62" Toshiba LCD and a 40" Samsung LED and compared the picture while watching the same show. It is a huge difference although even on the LED, the picture is not yet perfect. I noticed that the picture quality is best when watching movies, rather then tv shows, sports, etc.

Oct 18, 2010
Sony vs Samsung
by: Paul B

To the people comparing Sony and Samsung (especially the one guy claiming Sony tvs are better):

I used to work in this industry a couple of years ago and, unless their business relationship has changed since then (literally 1998, so both were mass producing LCD HDTVs at that point), they are the same product. Basically, Samsung makes the tvs and Sony rebadges them. So, when you buy a Sony you are actually buying a Samsung with a redone menu system and a new case put on it for a premium.

So, Samsung are the same tvs as Sony, just cheaper.

Oct 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

Just bought a nice little 19inch LED tv at Target for 160.00

Fabulous little TV!!!

Sep 29, 2010
Samsung LCD
by: Anonymous

We had our 40" Samsung LCD for less than two years and the screen is turning black. We had the vertical lines and all when it first started. Can barely see anything now. I was very disappointed with the Samsung. I called 1-800 SAMSUNG and was told that a repair person would be calling me. Its been over a week now and no one has called.

Sep 20, 2010
LED for me!
by: LCD for me

I am changing my tune on the earlier comments I made about the LED Sharp 60". It's a fantastic TV just needed a few weeks with it to fine tune the settings and find the right settings for my viewing pleasure.

Thanks for the comments about this issue I was having. There's nothing better than the new LED sets!

Sep 20, 2010
My very disturbing experience with Samsung LCD TV
by: Devendra

I bought a Samsung 32" LCD TV in late 2007 for approx. IRs. 50,000. The sound quality was not perfectly audible (my fault that we did not report it within the warranty year). When my aged father came in and reported they he could not understand the audio, we realized the problem more that we also had to put efforts in understanding the words. By then warranty period was over. Then in the second year itself, vertical colored lines (whatever is the technical term) started appearing in varying places on the screen which at times spread up to full half (right hand side) of the screen.

When the problem was discussed with the Samsung Service Center, I was told that the whole panel would need replacement and would cost me over IRs. 19,000. I was also told that the new TV would then cost approx. IRs. 32,000. While I was taking time to decide as to what to do, the vertical lines problem got rectified by themselves. BUT no, it was for about 40-50 days only when, last month (August 2010) the picture from the whole panel was gone (not the sound).

When the service center was contacted, an engineer visited us last week only to check and tell that the panel was completely gone, and this information at the cost of IRs. 1000 plus tax @ 10.3%.

Now what should I do? go for Samsung once again. I still think my Sharp CRT TV served me excellently well for over 10 years before my friends advised me to replace CRT by LCD one.

Sep 10, 2010
by: Anonymous

It's all in the setup. I hope by now you have read the manual for your set and been daring enough to make some changes.

My LCD was no different "out of the box". Looked like soaps or raw home movies. Make changes and see what works best for YOUR HOME. I turned my light senor off and Viola, artifacts gone (My viewing room is dark). This is only one change, of several "Factory Options". I WAS able to achieve the desired result WITH OUT custom changes, lucky ME!

Good luck, once you get it, post your settings and viewing conditions it might help someone in the same situation.

Sep 06, 2010
Don't buy a Samsung TV -
by: Mike, Richmond, VA

You need only google Samsung TV complaints to find that they continue to market a defective product which has less than a two year life expectancy. They have failed to offer a recall and you will not receive help from their customer service department. Simply AVOID.

Sep 03, 2010
LED - Is too real like!
by: LCD for me!

I just purchased 60" Sharp LED. Colors and picture are unreal. So unreal that it makes me feel like I'm the actual cameraman filming the show or movie or I'm sitting in the studio audience. Looks fake! Not what I want in a TV. I don't know why the picture looks like this but it freaks me out when I'm watching produced shows or movies.

Great for live TV (sports and concerts) I'm returning this set and going back to an LCD where every type of show looks great.

Has anyone experienced the same issue with LED sets?

Aug 26, 2010
never buy samsung
by: Anonymous

Google Samsung with pink dots.
They use cheap materials. I bought 3. Trouble with all 3. They will not stand behind their products. Never again.


Jun 20, 2010
LED way overpriced in my opinion
by: Sergey

I don't know about the long term effects of the LED's (just like some people say that life expectancy of a plasma is horrible because the picture burns into the screen, but i still tell them don't have it on 24/7) I've had a 42" Samsung LCD for over 2 years now, and even though it's a little outdated, my PS3 looks awesome through HDMI cable. I've been to Best Buy about 4 times in past 2 weeks looking for a size upgrade for the living room, and every time I walk in, the ones that pop the most are the LED's and Samsung LCD's. I don't know why, but most of the other brands, compared to Samsung look either blurry or foggy, not giving the true color a HDTV should.

Overall, LEDs have a great picture and all the reduced weight stuff, but I think that they are way overpriced since they are somewhat new to the market. I got my eye on Samsung LN55C630K1F, customer reviews sound promising and the price is pretty awesome in my book, next step is off to BB to check it out for myself.

Anyhow, good luck on purchase, but I'd rather go with LCD!!!

May 31, 2010
RE: LED TVs are overrated but will still have
by: Anonymous

Very useful posts on here. Thanks for taking the time to explain so thoroughly.

May 24, 2010
LED TVs Not Ready
by: Kenny Stainton Houston

I just returned 2 LED TVs because I could not stand the refresh rate after 1 day. Too jerky. Even on close up slow drama dialog, it jerked like Max Headroom. I was really bummed because the picture looked so good but the 120hz refresh is simply poor.

I returned them for plasmas and am happy. When the true refresh rate gets better say 600hz they will be great. Also the largest is 55 in. I exchanged for a 58 in. plasma. Great!!

Don't buy LED TVs. You will probably regret it. The brand doesn't matter.

May 21, 2010
LED TVs are overrated but will still have
by: Anonymous

People should be careful about jumping on the OLED bandwagon - because as it stands (and as it will continue to stand) OLED is not built with image quality in mind.

OLED has it's use, but in the home, for people who want the best PQ, they're not for you and they never will be.

I believe in fact that OLED will make a splash, give manufacturers some instruction sets and design foundations which will be used on/off in their future products, but those products will not actually be built with OLED in mind so to speak. They'll just be influenced by them.

"Slim" is also a bit of a gimmick in the sense that it's trendy, but not entirely necessary. Yes of course if you are wall mounting, or trying to 'align' the screen in some attempt to make your room look modern, then yes it does help. But then again consider that

A) Wall brackets have gotten thinner, but not thin enough that it won't be OBVIOUS that you have a device BEHIND the television. How thin the television is, doesn't hide this fact.
B) People aren't going to notice the depth of your screen, and go 'oh that's not modern!'

Plasma is still the best, and the technology hasn't been abandoned like people would have you believe. In fact Samsung's recent Slim 50PSC7000 is a perfect example of this. It's 2.2cm deep. I don't know about you, but 2.2cm is not thick. I don't need my television (which I buy for image quality) to be THAT thin(3cm).

So what's the big fuss over the LEDs? The LED backlighting?; hardly. The LED aren't even true RGB a lot of them are still white-lit, and they're crap. Additionally, the actual panel technology has not improved. They still use VA, which is sorely outdated now.

The only true stepping stone in televisions, will come when they start implementing true RGB LED.

And then the only true advancement in televisions overall, will come when they can make mass use of LCOS (similar to the Canon XEED projectors).

Both steps will be required. Until then, a lot of this LED hype is just that, hype. The average person does not know nor can they tell the difference.

The only benefit of LED, OLED, and etc. is power consumption and the 'green' factor.
Again - that's irrelevant to image quality.

Apr 20, 2010
samsung LED TV vs LCD TV
by: Paul UK

I've got both the LED and LCD and the LED is by far the best looking and performing.

Apr 12, 2010
Shouldn't buy anything from Samsung
by: Anonymous

The support is absolutely horrid. Took more than six months to resolve a defective unit. I had to write letters to atty general and consumer fraud for my state to get Samsung off their butts! Just read the complaints about most any Samsung products. All the same.

Find another brand that has a history of better service...

Mar 19, 2010
LED's glossy screen
by: Felix

I was thinking of buying a Samsung LED,but when I found that the LED TVs have a glossy glass I purchased an LCD TV, cause I hate seeing myself drinking tea on the display especially when there is a dark picture.

Mar 14, 2010
LCDs and LEDs
by: Mike

Just because a technology is "newer" doesn't make it "better". Remember that more research and development has been carried out on LCDs because they have been around for a while.

The contrast ratio (The depth or richness of colors) is far greater on LED TV's than LCDs. The response times (How fast a pixel changes color) are comparable, but a major problem with OLEDs (Organic LEDs, on true LED T.Vs) is that they fade or dim as they progress through their working lifetime. Due to this technology being "new", these TVs will require further revision to improve the lifetimes and performance characteristics of their display elements.

Therefore, one could wait for technology to improve, whilst the price decreases as is the age old trend of innovative technology. (Expensive and problematic becomes cheaper and reliable over time)

Feb 25, 2010
Samsung LED 6000 series
by: Lou

In January, I bought and love the Samsung UN40B6000 LED/LCD 120 hertz and paid $1199.00 from PowersellersNYC.

Yesterday my son ordered a Samsung UN46B6000 LED/LCD, 120 hertz and paid $1299.00 from You can't beat those prices for the quality received. The picture is absolutely outstanding for those prices.

Feb 25, 2010
$1200? Yes please
by: Anonymous

Wow I got my LED for gaming, 46" for $1200. Freaking awesome.

Feb 25, 2010
Sony still the best?
by: Mikkel

Mate listen up... Sony might produce a whole lot of TV's, but what they basically are doing is copying features from other manufactures.

Samsung is still, by miles, producing the best LCD panels, stating otherwise is lack of knowledge and ability to see. Sure Sony makes some nice TVs - no doubt about it, but it cant match Samsung. And where is Sony at the LED market? They are evolving with the speed of a snail, and the design looks like something out of a 60' sci-fi. :)

MY advise for you mate is check the TVs out - bring your favorite movie and play a few scenes on both the TVs. LED are sweet TVs, but if you don't have a decent sound system you can plug it into, I say that alone would make me say gogogo LCD.

I have a Samsung F86, and I am 100% satisfied with the LCD screens in general.

Feb 22, 2010
Against Chinese products
by: David

The only reason I will buy a Samsung is because is not made in China. I hate products that are made there. So I try to buy non-Chinese products.

Feb 18, 2010
That's OLED!
by: Anonymous

That's called OLED (organic light emitting diode) and its still being perfected and it was not invented by SONY.

Sure Sony make nice OVERPRICED TVs, but most of us want the same quality for a cheaper price.

Feb 11, 2010
Sony is BEST!
by: Anonymous

Stop the crap about Samsung. Sony is still the best!

Have you heard of the new paper TV. Not really paper but still its flexible. Think of what a new place this would take technology to huh? Now you could roll your TV up and take it out. Isn't that great?

Feb 04, 2010
by: Stan

I would go with the LED. I actually have that TV and it is amazing. You do have a glass screen panel, which causes some glare, but the colors are much richer and has deeper blacks. Plus if you want to wall mount the LED, its as thin as a picture frame if you buy the slim wall mount. They are both good TV's but I would go with the LED, and I have.

Jan 16, 2010
by: Lou

I suggest getting the LED---the backlighting uses LED's instead of fluorescent light--dynamic contrast ratio much better and the 120 hertz refresh rate helps even though they aren't transmitting 120 hertz yet, the TV still scans at that rate.

The auto-motion can be set at different rates so you can customize it or turn it off.I replaced my LCD Samsung with the LED/LCD UN40B6000--love it!!!!

Dec 31, 2009
Motion sickness .. appended
by: Bill

In summary, it is a border or line effect shortcoming of the actual digital processing algorithm.

The actual crystals themselves, in the latest sets, are well capable of switching fast enough to keep up with the motion.

Sorry, had to clear up my previous comment in case it caused confusion.

Dec 29, 2009
Motion sickness
by: Bill

Joe.. it's not the "motion" that's the cause of the digital blurring as people move across LCD images. It's the fault of the actual MPEG4 algorithm, which in turn comes from the original JPEG still imaging.

It's why graphics designers, with lots of line drawings, compress into gif and suchlike rather than JPEG, which is best suited for photographic images.

The 'authorities' will have you believe it's a fault of LCD technology, but at 100 Hz plus with modern electronics that's just bull. I'll bet you barely notice the fast motion of a tennis ball, for example, looking blurred on your set.

Blame the actual 'authorities' themselves for rushing digital technology to the consumer too soon in order to get them to shell out before the software was better refined.

You'll see. In a few years with HD-3D and MPEG version 10 all this will be spelt out to the public in order for them to shell out once again.

Dec 23, 2009
These new LED TVs just suck
by: Joe

OK... SEARS suckered me in to buying one of the new Samsung LED TVs. For some reason, I don't know if it's the feed they use some how or what's going on, but in the store, the LED TVs look really good. But after having it home for a while, I started noticing that even with the 120 hz processor.... these TVs can't handle MOTION! As people move across the screen, you see that digital "chicklet" motion around them... that digital blurring, even with Blu Ray DVDs.

It's terrible. I'm so annoyed. I WANT my money back, but I don't think I stand a chance of getting SEARS or Samsung to refund my money and take this 46 inch piece of crap back. They got me. What also sucks is that I'm stuck paying for this thing for quite a while with monthly payments.

The only good thing about the Samsung 46 inch LED TV is its thin size. The speakers suck, but that's to be expected in such a thin TV, but for a TV that's supposed to have such a great picture... it IS great, until people start moving around. I'd rather have a thicker TV if it would get me a better picture that handles motion.

Dec 19, 2009
Government refund on LED LCD TV's
by: K.Vella

Mr J.Vella, who is giving Eur500 back on LED TVs? Is this a government refund?

Nov 24, 2009
LED's the Future
by: Anonymous

LED is newer technology and it takes time to build up with existing LCD's which are far more advanced in their research. But one day or the other they will sure beat up the LCD's

Nov 23, 2009
OLED and inorganic LEDs
by: Jono

See the problem with LCDs is that they use backlights period. Don't be fooled by believing Samsung's "LED" label. It's still an LCD, it just uses an LED as the backlight source. I believe thats right, correct me if I'm wrong.

All the hype around inorganic and organic LED displays (like in the ZuneHD) haven't yet reached sizes 40+ inches for viable mass production. Those are the displays to hold on to you hard-earned cash for. IMO, the "LED" displays that Samsung has now (series 9) are not worth the price difference of their LCD cousins. If you have the patience to wait a few more years, save up for the true organic/inorganic LED displays (OLED).

Oct 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

I bought the Samsung 46 inch 7100; speakers suck,geek squad said use my surround sound system. I said I paid $2000 I want speakers that work. I don't want to use my surround sound every time I turn my TV on.

The picture sucks on a lot of the channels. I don't know if it's because I am using Comcast or not. Best but won't take the TV back after 30 days, didn't realize that... that also sucks. I did not call in my complaint until 34 days.

Sep 05, 2009
Attn: Joseph from Malta!!
by: J.Vella

Dear Joseph from the little island of Malta...

Always go for the LED version since the local agent is giving away Eur500 for every LED model you buy. Then with the additional eur500 buy your lcd or another LED version to have eur1000 to spend at the shop. Personally I go for the slimmest, brightest, long lasting, less consuming, cheaper model which is the LED version. Thanks

Aug 26, 2009
100,000 hous - Is that enough?
by: Andrew Ghigo

Present day plasma and LCD TVs (both CCFL and LED TVs) have a rated display panel lifetime of approximately 100,000hrs. This does not mean that the electronics inside will last as long since this depends on many factors, including ambient temperature, humidity levels, stability of the mains supply, etc. But in general, you should expect these to give you a few years of trouble free operation - somewhat better than standard CRT TVs.

As to the required maintenance, there is not much except to ensure that the vent ports on the back of the TV are clean and free from being blocked with dust - otherwise the temperature inside the unit will rise above the specified operating temperature - something which may eventually reduce the TV lifetime.

Re. the issue of display setup, this is up to you but in general, you can always adjust the picture to your liking. Just take note however that setting a brighter picture would consume more electricity - so... just do not set the brightness level too much unless you are bound to watch TV under bright lighting.

Aug 20, 2009
I'm considering getting a LED TV
by: Anonymous

I've been looking at the Samsung LED 40 inche series 6. Are they really worth all that money?

I am curious what the life expectancy is compared to all other tv's? LED technology is suppose to last longer while consuming less energy so - how long can I expect an LED tv to last?

And what, if any maintenance will be required? Any calibrations or tune-ups I need to be aware of? I heard plasma only last around 7 years.

thanks, Vinny

Jul 12, 2009
Great info but?
by: Anonymous

After reading all the comments & comparisons which by the way was great info, I still find myself confused as to what to purchase. It appears regardless of what you purchase now, in 6 months it will be outdated by something all new for 2010 models. It's like buying a computer in that regard.

I certainly still need more opinions of both experts and owners of the various newer models.

Thank you... Gary

Jun 30, 2009
Very slim , good quality , high contrast , without blind , high speed picture ...
by: mohsen B M

LED better than LCD and plama TVs!

Jun 22, 2009
Led is the best
by: Anonymous

In my opinion led is the best since it is a newer technology with capability of more producing control and it is updated technology based on the lcd.

Jun 14, 2009
Very Good Article
by: Anonymous

A very informative article that takes a practical approach to this issue LED TVs vs. LCD TVs.

Thank you.

May 25, 2009
LED TVs vs. Conventional CCFL LCD Tvs
by: Andrew Ghigo

What I am trying to say is that expensive display technology does not always equate to the best in picture performance. This also holds true with respect to latest edge-lit LED TVs released so far by both Sony and Samsung. In fact, in a review published by Cnet of the Samsung 52B750, this CCFL-based LCD HDTV did turn out to be capable of superior overall picture performance than the LED TVs from the same TV maker.

As I tried to explain in a recent review article of the new Samsung LED TVs published at, while edge-lit LED TVs do have their advantageous, yet from a picture perspective their only related benefit - if it can be called so - is their mega dynamic contrast ratio. But as further expressed in out article at on contrast ratio ratings, it is not contrast alone that makes the picture.

May 23, 2009
samsung led tv vs Samsung Lcd
by: Varun

Hi Andrew, Nice comments thanks but I didnt clearly understand the last para on backlighting of edge led vs lcd. Are you saying that edge lit led is not that good? I am too contemplating between the: Samsung 7000(100hz) vs 6000(100hz) vs Samsung 40B750(200hz). The led ones are thin, are nice looking but the speed of 40B750 is 200hz because of which I am considering the same. What would be your recommendation? Thanks.

Apr 28, 2009
Samsung LED HDTVs vs CCFL-based LCDs
by: Andrew Ghigo

Unfortunately, many do the mistake of assessing a product on price factor alone.

The Samsung UE46B6000 LED TV represents Samsung entry-level series of LED-based LCD TVs for 2009 while the LE46B750 represents one of Samsung's premium line of CCFL-based HDTVs.

The new LED-based technology is still significantly more expensive than standard LCDs for the same feature set. The fact that these two models are practically selling at the same price tag arise out of the simple reason that the CCFL based model (B750 series) come with a superior feature set. In other words, with the Samsung LED TV, you are enjoying the more expensive LED technology with its benefits - in particular with respect to energy consumption. Instead, with the CCFL-based Samsung LCD TV, you are enjoying a superior feature set; features not available on the Samsung LED TV include the presence of internet connectivity, 200Hz Motion Plus technology, and a built-in content library.

The best way to choose between the two is to look at the full specs sheet and see which features best suit your needs. It is also advisable to see the two sets in person on a side by side comparison to determine which picture you prefer when displaying the same content.

One thing worth taking note here relates to the new Samsung LED TVs. Unlike 2008 models, this new series does not employ local dimming LED technology. The latter did enable Samsung, Sony and LG to come up with HDTVs that did prove to be capable of delivering the very best in picture performance - with black levels that were on par with premium plasmas from Pioneer. This new lineup of Samsung LED TVs do not use local dimming and instead use LEDs as replacement to the CCFL to provide edge lighting of the LCD display panel. It appears that a version with local dimming will be available sometime later this year (Sept. or later).

This does not mean that the new Samsung LED LCD TVs released so far are not capable performers but this may add to the confusion on the many different display technologies as adopted by different TV makers. Either LED technology has its pros and cons. Unlike CCFL, edge-lit LED lighting can be dimmed and therefore these new LED HDTVs can produce deeper blacks than CCFL-based LCD TV sets when handling predominantly dark scenes. At the same time, lack of local dimming means that they cannot produce the same deep black levels as corresponding 2008 sets with mixed brightness scenes. On the other hand, 2008 LED LCD HDTV sets with local dimming did exhibit a sort of a subtle halo effect instead of pure blackness in dark areas adjacent to bright parts of an image due to light spilling over from light to adjacent dark areas in the image.

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