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Review Date: June 20, 2010
 Last Updated: November 2, 2013

Samsung LED TV Lineup for 2010
Product Evaluation - Introduction

From budget-class to high-end LED HDTVs

Samsung is once again confirming itself as the leader in the HDTV market - with almost seventy LCD TV models, half of which use an LED backlight.

Screen sizes range from small 19" to massive 65" LED TVs. High-end models sport among the most technologically advanced features - from an ultra slim 0.3" design, to the much-touted 3D and precision dimming. And while premium Samsung LED HDTVs do not come cheap, if you are in the market for an inch thin budget-class LED TV, there is a Samsung LED TV for you as well.

The latest Samsung LED lineup is all set to be an even bigger hit. But what is really on offer? Are these Samsung LED HDTVs capable of improved picture performance over 2009 sets? Read here to discover more.

Samsung 2013 flagship LED TV with ultimate micro dimming backlight technology

Samsung UN60F8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

This high-end feature rich LED HDTV comes with Samsung's Micro dimming Ultimate LED backlight technology - among the best in its class for black level performance. It is also the TV with the best feature set.

Introducing the latest Samsung LED TV Sets

Samsung new LED TV lineup spreads over six series: entry-level Series C4000 and C5000, step-up Series 6 with its C6300, C6400, C6500, and C6800 and C6900 sub-series, high-end Series C7000, and C8000, and flagship Series C9000. It is a massive line of LED HDTVs.

But what is really so special about Samsung 2010 LED TV line is that it seems all set to change the LED HDTV market. Why?

The new lineup of LED TVs come not only with the most technologically advanced features at the higher end, but also spreads over a wider range of screen sizes.

In addition, you get both large home-theater size high-end models capable of delivering the latest fun in home TV entertainment, including the much-touted 3D, to small desktop bare-bones 19-inch LED TV sets for personal viewing.

2010 Samsung LED HDTV Product Evaluation: What's covered in this Samsung LED HDTV review article

Editor's Note: This Samsung LED TV review is being divided into four main sections; this is necessary because of the extensive range of models covered in this year Samsung LED LCD lineup.

Each section continues to build up on the previous section to avoid repetition of content - in particular with respect to feature descriptions. Ideally, you should therefore follow through each section in the order being presented here; if this is not possible, at least go through the first part and then through the respective section of interest.

In the first part of this review article, we focus on the key features that come with this year Samsung LED TVs, from Samsung latest form of 'precision dimming' LED backlight and 3D technology, to some of the most innovative features you will ever find on any TV, such as the latest ultra slim design of the C9000, and a remote control that can function like a mini-TV to take with you wherever you go in the house.

In the second part of this write-up, we take a deeper look at each of the 2D LED TV series - Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 Samsung LED TVs with all its different LED TV flavors.

Entry-level Series 4 and Series 5 LED HDTVs aim to push the LED TV option to those areas of the HDTV market which up to now were being served exclusively by inexpensive LCD TVs.

Instead, Series 6 is where we start to see some additional high-end features to complement the LED backlighting. There are five sub-series within the Series 6 Samsung LED TV line-up. The basic C6300 introduces 120 Hz refresh rate technology and is turning out to be among the most popular Samsung LED TVs for 2010. C6400 and C6500 add Samsung's Internet@TV application, with the main difference between the two being that C6400 LED HDTVs are available only through warehouse clubs.

The remaining two sub-series, namely the C6800 and C6900 continue to build up on the C6400/C6500 series by replacing the standard edge-LED backlight with Samsung's latest precision dimming LED backlight technology. The latter is a hybrid between full-array local dimming and standard edge-lit LED backlight technology to get the best of both worlds. It is not superior to local dimming but thanks to this new LED backlight technology, these are the Samsung LED TVs for 2010 that delivers the best picture for your money.

As with C6400 and C6500 HDTVs, C6900 Series LED TVs are basically identical with the C6800 except that they are available only through warehouse clubs.

The third part of our Samsung LED TV review analyzes Samsung's high-end 240Hz LED HDTVs - Series 7 LED TVs, and Series 8 LED TVs with precision dimming. The latter is the same LED backlight technology as adopted on C6800 and C6900 LED LCD TVs.

These are the series - together with the C9000 - that come with 3D support and 240Hz refresh rate technology. Series 7 is the entry-level within the group and is basically a 240Hz 3D version of the C6500 series. Thanks to its precision dimming backlight, Series 8 is the one with the best LED TVs in terms of picture quality within the new Samsung LED TV line. It is definitely the one to opt for if you are after a 3D-enabled Samsung LED TV with the best picture.

In the final part of this review, we discuss Samsung Series 9 LED HDTVs, referred to as the C9000 series. These LED TVs represent Samsung flagship line of LED HDTVs for 2010. They deliver the most technologically advanced and innovative feature set around. Definitely, these are the most desired LED TVs at the moment and the ones with the biggest 'WOW' factor but...

Are these ultra slim LED TVs worth their exorbitant price tag, or is the innovative feature pack an excuse for Samsung to justify the high price?

Our analysis of the C9000 ends with an open discussion. Should you prefer, you can join in our discussion and express your opinion to be included on our site. We are very much interested in your opinion, and many others are interested too!

The following links will take you straight to the respective section of this Samsung LED TV review article.

2010 Samsung LED HDTV Review
Article Index:

Part 1: Key Features for 2010 Samsung LED TVs
Discussing the latest key features on Samsung new LED TV lineup, from precision dimming and 3D, to the new ultra slim design and the latest remote control with a mini-TV.

Part 2: Samsung Series 4, 5, and 6 LED TVs
We take a detailed look to see what's on offer on Samsung's entry-level Series 4 and Series 5, and step-up Series 6 Samsung LED TVs.

Part 3: Samsung Series 7 and 8 3D LED HDTVs
We continue with our analysis by looking at Samsung premium 240Hz Series 7 LED TVs, followed by a detailed review of Series 8 Samsung LED HDTVs with precision dimming technology.

Part 4: Samsung Flagship Series C9000 LED TVs
Samsung flagship LED TVs are the most desired HDTVs for 2010 and the ones with the biggest 'WOW' factor. But... are these LED TVs really worth their very expensive price?

Should you prefer, you can join in our discussion on the latest Samsung LED TV and submit your opinion to be included on our site.

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