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Review Date: August 26, 2007
 Last Updated: November 2, 2013

2007 Line-Up of Samsung LCD TV Sets

LN-T53/54H mid-range series of Samsung LCD TVs

The 'LN-T53/54H' series of Samsung LCD TVs released during the beginning of 2007 represents Samsung midlevel series of LCD HDTVs. It is also Samsung successor to last year extremely popular LN-S51/52D LCD televisions, with both series sharing several common features.

However, compared to last year models, the new 2007 midlevel line-up of Samsung consumer LCD televisions promise a number of significant improvements at an even cheaper price tag. Discover more in this LCD TV review article.

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Samsung LN-T53/54H Series:
An An Introduction

Choosing among Samsung's line-up of flat-panel LCD televisions for 2007 is far from easy. As usual, Samsung always come with a never-ending list of models, and this year line-up is no exception. There are four different series of consumer LCD televisions plus two more series in the pipeline, covering sets ranging from 19-inch up to 57-inch.

The series of Samsung LCD TV sets featured here represents Samsung's midrange 720p LCD TV. It covers five different screen sizes up to 40-inches, and includes the only two 19-inch sets in Samsung's line-up for this year. As stated, the 53/54H series is a follow-up to last year extremely popular LN-S51/52D range. The 2007 midlevel lineup however comes with a number of improvements. These range from a cosmetic update to more important features like improved dynamic contrast ratio, the addition of side A/V inputs, and 3 HDMI connections on the bigger sets.

All models in the series share almost the same feature set except for the smaller models (26-, 23- and 19-inch sets). The latter support a slightly lower  contrast ratio, which may have a slight impact on picture quality when compared with the larger models in the range. At the same time, considering the contrast ratio levels in question, it would be very difficult for the untrained eye to detect any difference in picture quality as a result of this reduced contrast ratio. These Samsung LCD TV sets come in standard glossy black finish. However, the 19- and the 23-inch models are also available in a white finish - identified by the 54H tag in the model number. Again, this is a remnant of last year LN-S51/52D series which also included both glossy black and white models.

The 53/54H series is mainly characterized by a rounded styling and bottom speakers. Other than this however, this series share an almost identical features to Samsung 2007 entry-level series of 720p LCD sets (LN-T42H). Common features include 3 HDMI connectors, PIP support, and a swivel base for both 32- and 40-inch models under both series.

Apart from the difference in style, the only real significant difference between the 42H and the 53/54H series of Samsung LCD TVs is just a marginal improvement in contrast ratio. In fact, the 32- and the 40-inch models in the 53H series supporting a dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1 against the 7000:1 for the corresponding screen sizes under the entry-level series. There is also a USB2.0 port on the LN-T3253H and the LN-T4053H Samsung models - referred to as WISELINK - to connect a USB mass storage device - to view photos (JPEG files) and play MP3 music.

Marginal is also the difference in the price tag between models in the entry level 42H and the midlevel 53/54H series of Samsung LCD TV sets. For example, the 40-inch LN-T4053H is selling online for around $1,250 against the $1,100 for the Samsung LN-T4042H 40" LCD HDTV. That's just $150; what's more, this difference would become insignificant (about $50) at the smaller screen sizes.

The 53H/54H series comes with an expanded array for picture adjustments, from gamma to color temperature refinement, independent memories for the different settings, and a full set of connectivity options. All these make the Samsung LCD TV mid-range series an obvious choice worth a few hundred dollars more than the more basic entry-level models.

The 53/54H Series in Detail

Samsung 40-inch LN-T4053H 720P LCD TV

LN-T4053H 40" Samsung LCD TV

Main Design: As already expressed earlier on in our introduction, this series of Samsung LCD TV sets is characterized by a rounded edge design, which leads to an extremely stylish finish.

To complement the whole esthetics, there is a clear plastic lip along the bottom edge. This contrasts nicely with the rest of the TV rounded sides (click on image to enlarge for a detailed view) and the black glossy finish.

These sets come with hidden downward firing speakers placed along the bottom side. The transparent plastic lip design helps deflect the sound towards the viewer. There is also a blue accent light on the center front; this can be disable. Additionally, controls come in the form of touch-sensitive icons as opposed to push-type buttons.

The provided matching oval table-stand not only complements the rest of the set, it also allows the set to swivel by 20 degrees to the left or to the right. Having a swivel table-top stand is surely an extra bonus. With the stand in place, these sets are approximately 10-inch in depth; without the stand, these Samsung LCD TV sets measure between 2.3 and 4-inches, depending on model size.

The chart below summarizes dimensions and weight of these Samsung LCD TV sets in the range:



Dimensions in Inches

Weight (lbs)








LN-T1953 / 54H







LN-T2353 / 54H





























Power Consumptions: The rated consumption ranges for 55W for the 19-inch set up to about 200W for the 40-inch LN-T4053H - which is typical for similar size LCD TVs. However, it must be noted that actual consumption depends heavily on the display settings, especially the brightness level. You can easily save some 30 to 50 per cent on your set energy consumption through proper calibration.

Product Features: These Samsung LCD TV sets come with a native pixel resolution of 1366 x 768. This means that these HDTV LCD TVs can resolve all content in a 720p HDTV signal. Furthermore, the 32- and the 40-inch models have a rated dynamic contrast ratio of 8000:1. The smaller sets in the range come with a 5000:1 for the 26-inch and 4000:1 for the two smaller models.

Thus, while the bigger sets should theoretically deliver improved picture performance, yet the 4000:1 dynamic contrast ratio rating on the smaller sets is still too high for the eye to perceive any real significant difference in picture performance. (For more information on the issue of high contrast ratios implications, check our article 'The Contrast Ratio Game'.)

The 32- and 40-inch models support a super wide angle of view (178/178) thanks to the use of S-PVA (Super Patterned Vertical Alignment) display technology. This divides each sub-pixel into two segments per color for a more refined consistency in colors, contrast, and brightness at the wider viewing angles. The rest of the sets in this series have a slightly reduced - though still wide enough - angle of view.

The LN-T53/54H series of Samsung LCD TVs offers a whole assortment of picture adjustments in addition to the usual standard adjustments for contrast, brightness, gamma, temperature control, etc. There are three picture modes, each with its own memory for each of the inputs. This means the user can customize each input with up to three different settings.

A welcome addition to the list of feature in this year LCD TV sets is the backlight control, which controls the intensity of the overall light output. This feature - while relatively common with other LCD TV makers, is new for Samsung LCD TV sets. Samsung provides three pre-set settings - dubbed 'Energy Saving' control, plus an auto mode that adjusts the light output in accordance with the scenes.

Another interesting feature is the white balance control, which provides more than the usual pre-set temperature settings. Rather, the white balance control on these Samsung LCD TV sets gives you the possibility to tweak the gain of the red, green, and blue to zero-in to the desired grayscale setting. Other features worth mentioning include black level adjustment, dynamic contrast adjustment on the fly, and color gamut selection, which controls the range of colors the display can produce.

These Samsung LCD TVs also come with a solid range of aspect ratio controls; you have six different picture size settings covering both HD and standard definition content.

From an audio perspective, these Samsung LCD TV sets deliver a total of 20W RMS for the larger sets, 10W for the 26-inch, and 6W for the 23- and 19-inch sets respectively. All models come with SRS TruSurround XT technology to deliver good simulated 3D effect with clear dialog and improved bass response. Main features of Samsung TruSurround XT audio are:

Dialog Clarity for clearer speech during the playback of any surround-encoded material.

TruBass emphasis the bass tones to enable these TV sets to achieve a low enough frequency response that is beyond the normal low frequency capabilities of the TV built-in speakers.

SRS WOW to widen the soundstage by processing standard two-channel stereo material as well as multi-channel encoded material to produce a virtual surround sound-stage.

Convenience features include among others, picture-in-picture support to display video content from a second source; however, you would not be able to display a second TV channel as this TV comes with a single built-in tuner.

Equally important is the supplied TV remote control, which comes with illuminated buttons that are well placed and easy to use. It also doubles as a universal remote on all models except for the 19-inch, in that you can use it to control up to four other pieces of gear (DVD, STB (set-top-box), Cable, and VCR).


Connectivity: As already indicated in our introduction, Samsung midlevel LCD TV series comes with a solid connectivity base. This includes 3 HDMI connectors on the 32- and 40-inch sets  against the 2 found on similar Sony models, and side A/V inputs. There is also a USB port on the larger models and a PC input on all models.

Rear Panel Connectivity options on the LN-T53H/54H series

The list below summaries the whole set of inputs available on the 53/54H series of Samsung LCD TV sets:


Inputs and Outputs





HDMI (19-pin Type A)



No side HDMI port on the 19-, 23- and 26-inch models.

Only 1 HDMI rear on the 19-inch

Composite (AV) - RCA Phono



Rear connection not supported on the LN-T1953/54H models

S-Video (4-pin mini-DIN)



Rear connection not supported on the LN-T1953/54H models

Antenna In



One TV + one cable

Component (Y/Pb/Pr)




PC Input




USB 2.0



Only on LN-T3253H and LN-T4053H

Digital Audio Out (optical) - TOS




Headphone Jack



On the 19-inch models, the headphone jack is situated on the rear (there is no side panel on these models).

Performance: Overall, the LN-T53/54H series of Samsung LCD TV sets have constantly emerged in various reviews as solid performers. The same holds true in our case. 40-inch and 32-inch 53H Samsung LCD TVs are capable of delivering a very good picture, with impressive shadow detail in dark scenes, accurate color decoding, accurate grayscale, and natural looking colors, even from an extreme viewing angle.

We did not review any of the smaller sets in this series. These sets have slightly different specs - including a lower contrast ratio rating and a slightly lower angle of view. This means that theoretically, these may not perform so well as their bigger brothers in the range when it comes to picture performance. However, we believe that the difference in performance should be practically negligible for the reasons already given earlier on in our article.

Furthermore, the many picture settings would surely enable you to zero in on the best picture for your liking. Having so many user controls is surely an added bonus for the perfectionist looking for the best picture setup.

And if these controls are a bit too confusing, all you have to do is to select the 'Movie' mode, and you are all set; this should give you a pretty accurate setting.


The LN-T 53/54H series of Samsung LCD TV sets is surely one of the best in its range. Thanks to a sleek design and a relatively inexpensive price tag, the Samsung LN-T53/54H series of 720p LCD HDTV sets should prove as popular among customers as did last year LN-S51/52D series of Samsung LCD TVs.

If you want a quality LCD HDTV that would not break your bank account, yet can deliver great overall performance with solid blacks and true-to-life colors, then the LN-T53/54H series of Samsung LCD TVs is worth considering.

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