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Review Date: November 5, 2008
 Last Updated: November 2, 2013

2008 Line-Up of Samsung LCD HDTV Sets
Part 2

Samsung LCD Series 5, 4, and 3
affordable, solid specs LCD TVs from a top brand...

We continue our guide to Samsung 2008 lineup of LCD TVs by looking at the mid-level Series 5, and entry-level Series 4 and Series 3 LCDs. These stripped-down LCD HDTV sets still come with a respectable specifications sheet and are surely worth considering as a possible affordable option for any application. More information in this 2008 Samsung LCD HDTV Guide.

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Series 5 Samsung LCD HDTVs: LN-xxA550/540/530

As you may very well expect, the Samsung LCD HDTVs in the Series 5 are a step-down version of the Series 6 LCD TVs.

This is also the series that contains the most extensive range in that it coves a total of 13 models over three sub-series. These are the A550, the A540, and the A530; the A530 is a stripped-down version of the other two series.

Sizes range from 32-inch up to 52-inch; models available within each category are as follows:

A550: 32-inch LN32A550, 37-inch LN37A550, 40-inch LN40A550, 46-inch LN46A550, 52-inch LN52A550

A540: 32-inch LN32A540, 40-inch LN40A540, 46-inch LN46A540, 52-inch LN52A540.

A530: 37-inch LN37A530, 40-inch LN40A530, 46-inch LN46A530,  52-inch LN52A530

Styling is significantly different from the 'touch of color' found on the flagship and premium line series; the red or mid-night blue (Series 8 only) is now replaced by a simple all black frame. Series 5 LCD HDTVs also lack the Ethernet connection found on the top series. But you would still get a USB2.0 port (Wiselink) as well as 3 HDMI and picture-in-picture. Equally important, though dynamic contrast and response time ratings are not up to those found on the premium line series (Series 8, 7, and 6), yet these are still impressive by any standard. One should therefore expect a level of picture performance that is very close to that supported by the top series in this year Samsung LCD HDTV lineup.

Interesting to note that the 40-inch, the 46-inch, and the 52-inch models under each sub-series share the same specs sheet for models within the same category, while 32-inch or 37-inch sets - where available - come with slightly inferior specifications set. The table below summarizes the main differences between the various sets in the Series 5 Samsung LCD HDTV lineup.

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Series-5 Samsung LCD HDTVs - Main Specifications Sheet:


32" & 37" 32" 37" 40", 46", 52"


LNxxA550 LN32A540 LN37A530 LNxxA550 LNxxA540 LNxxA530

Glossy black finish

Native Resolution 1080p/1920 x 1080 pixels
Dynamic Contrast




30,000:1 35,000:1 20,000:1
Response Time 5 msec
Auto Motion Plus  
HDMI I/P 3 x HDMI 1.3 compliant inputs with CEC
Network Connection  
Wiselink USB2.0 port supporting JPEG and MP3 files only over  a USB2.0 Mass Storage Device
Audio 10W x 2

ATSC/Clear QAM (Cable TV) Tuner

Picture in Picture

Picture-in-Picture support on all models



32" 1099.00 NA        
37" 1199.99   1099.99      
40"       1499.99 1699.99 1299.99
46"       1799.99 1999.99 1499.99
52"       2399.99 2799.99 2199.99
Best Price @ amazon [A550 only] LN32A550: $800

LN37A550: $900

    LN40A550: $1000 LN46A550: $1250 LN52A550: $1700


LNxxA550 LN32A540 LN37A530 LNxxA550 LNxxA540 LNxxA530


32" & 37" 32" 37" 40", 46", 52"

Series 3 and Series 4 Samsung LCD HDTVs:
LN-xxA450/A451 and LN-xA330/A331

Series 3 and Series 4 represent Samsung LCD HDTVs entry-level sets for 2008. In total, these two series comprise 15 sets, eight under the A450/A451 and seven under the A330/A331.

Models in the A451 and the A331 have identical specs to their counterparts in the A450 and A330 series respectively except that these come in gloss white finish instead of the standard black color found on the other sets. Sizes range from small 19-inch sets to medium-size 40-inch LCD HDTVs; models available within each series are as follows:

Series-4 Samsung LCD HDTVs:

Samsung 32-inch LN32A450 1080p LCD HDTVA450:19-inch LN19A450, 22-inch LN22A450, 26-inch LN26A450, 32-inch LN32A450, 37-inch LN37A450 and the 40-inch LN40A450.

A451 (White): 19-inch LN19A451, 22-inch LN22A451

Series-3 LCDs:

40-inch LN40A330 Samsung LCD HDTVA330:19-inch LN19A330, 22-inch LN22A330, 26-inch LN26A330, 32-inch LN32A330, 37-inch LN37A330 and the 40-inch LN40A330.

A331 (White): 19-inch LN19A331

All models under these Samsung  LCD HDTV series are 720p in contrast to the 1080p sets found in the Series 5, 6, and 7 LCDs. This in itself should not be an issue when it comes to picture detail at these screen sizes. Irrespective of the fact that both TV makers and retailers would like you to believe that 1080p resolution is the ultimate in video entertainment, yet it is all relative to your display size. And at anything under 50-inch, it is practically impossible for the eye to perceive any difference in picture detail between an HDTV image displayed on a 720p set and the same HDTV image displayed on a 1080p HDTV.

Quoted response time is 6 msec except for 19-inch to 26-inch sets, in which case, response is 8 msec. Equally important is that despite that these Samsung LCD HDTVs represent entry-level models, yet the larger sets in these series still come with a quoted dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for the A450 series and 8,000:1 for the A330.

You would not get some of the convenience features found on the more expensive series, like network support, Wiselink, picture-in-picture, or the interactive content of the Series 7. But you will still get the more important features. In particular, you still get a full assortment of connectivity options, including multiple HDMI ports and a PC input. You will also get a more than adequate set of user-adjustable picture controls that will let more discerning users adjust the picture on these relatively inexpensive Samsung LCD HDTVs, to their liking.

Hence, despite that the specification set for the Series-4 and Series-3 Samsung LCD HDTVs is not up to that found on the rest of the series in the Samsung 2008 lineup, yet these LCD TVs still come with a respectable feature set, and therefore still represent a valid inexpensive option for most general viewing applications. They may not be the ideal complement to a home theater set-up, but would surely do a great job in the kitchen, bedroom, or in the kids room.

The table below summarizes the main difference between these Series-4 and Series-3 Samsung LCD HDTVs:


19" 22" 26" 32", 37", 40"


A450 A451 A330 A331 A450 A330 A331 A330 A450 A450 A330

Standard plain gloss black finish except for the A451 and the A331 models, which come in a gloss white finish.

Power NA
Native Resolution (pixels) 1440 x 900 1680 x 1050 1366 x 768
Dynamic Contrast



10,000:1 8,000:1
Response Time

8 msec

6 msec

Auto Motion Plus  

1 x HDMI ver. 1.3

2 x HDMI ver. 1.3

3 x HDMI ver. 1.3 with CEC

2 x HDMI ver. 1.3
Network Connection  
Wiselink No; USB2.0 port available only as a 'service' port to load firmware upgrades via a USB Mass Storage Device
Audio 3W x 2  bottom spkers 3W x 2 side spkers 3W x 2  bottom spkers 3W x 2 side spkers 5W x 2 side spkers 5W x 2 10W x 2  10W x 2 side spkers
bottom speakers

ATSC/Clear QAM (Cable TV) Tuner

Picture in Picture  


  429 NA 549.99 NA 599.99 699.99    
32"           849.99 699.99
37"           999.99 899.99
40"           1099.99 999.99
Best Price at Amazon


  390 357 467 478 583 570    
32"           710 699
37"           960 898
40"           1000 900


A450/1 A330/1 A450 A330/1 A330 A450 A450 A330


19" 22" 26" 32", 37", 40"

Hot selling products within these Samsung series include the 32-inch LN32A450 in the A450 series, and the 32-inch LN32A330 in the A330 series. In particular, the 32-inch LN32A450 is presently enjoying a sales rank of #88 in electronics and a 5-star rating out of 30 customer reviews submitted on the amazon site.

The 40-inch LN40A450 Samsung LCD HDTV is also proving to be extremely popular as a medium-size inexpensive LCD HDTV thanks to its affordable price-tag. Selling at around $850 (price at amazon at the time of this write-up), this Samsung LCD is among the cheapest 40-inch LCD HDTVs one can find from a top brand.

Conclusion: A never-ending list of Samsung LCD HDTVs for all budgets

As we have seen in this guide, the 2008 line-up of Samsung LCD HDTV sets is probably the most exhaustive line of LCD HDTVs every released by any single TV maker. Samsung LCD HDTVs have always been regarded as among the best in their category, and with this year line-up, Samsung seems to point that they want to be the 'brand of choice'.

With a total of 43 different Samsung LCD televisions to choice from, this should not be difficult to achieve; the choice is such that there is surely an LCD TV for every application and available budget. Unfortunately, this can turn out to be a problem in itself. Identifying the right Samsung LCD HDTV out of myriad of models available is in itself a challenge and would surely require a good deal of research of your own. We just hope that this guide would make your choice a bit easier.

In the meantime... Notwithstanding the tough competition, Samsung LCD HDTVs are among the most favorite and top sellers at major stores within their respective category; in particular, models such as the 52-inch LN52A650, the 46-inch LN46A550, and the 32-inch LN32A450 are selling fast at major stores.

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