Sales of 3D TVs, in their current form, will never take off!

Here’s the problem with the current 3D TVs:

I have a 54in 2D plasma HDTV that has an amazing life-like picture (as many will agree, the viewing experience with a good-quality plasma is better than LCDs or even LEDs, none of which I’ve ever seen with as good or better true-to-life, high-contrast picture quality).

So, most consumers, including true movie/videophiles, will be very happy watching movies on a good plasma TV. Why would the majority of people want to invest in an expensive 3D TV (plasma, LCD or LED)to watch (limited available) movies or (very limited) TV while wearing 3D glasses(active or passive, expensive or affordable)?

I can understand gamers being willing to do this, or die-hard 3D fans, but most people wouldn’t want to put up with the inconvenience of 3D glasses at home. I do enjoy watching 3D movies in cinemas, but that’s a specific/occasional and affordable event on a huge screen, and a one-time use of glasses, until maybe 2 to 6 weeks later with the next 3D movie.

Sitting at home with 3D glasses on a fairly regular basis to watch 3D content is not only uncomfortable and less exciting than 3D cinema, but also makes no sense if friends or family come over to watch a movie, 3D sports cast, etc.

Are most people going to buy several additional pairs of 3D glasses to be ready when other people come over to watch with them?? There’s a good reason why sales of 3D HDTVs are currently moving much slower then expected, and I’ve explained them here. If sales were great, there wouldn’t be any need to give huge discounts on 3D HDTVs and packages that include 3D players and 1 or 2 pairs of glasses (this is happening in all store flyers, ads, and store displays here in Canada).

My prediction:

Sales of current-technology 3D HDTVs will continue to be slow. Manufacturers will realize that they were overly optimistic (if they haven’t realized that already), and until they have better 3D technology – particularly 3D viewing WITHOUT WEARING GLASSES – they will continue to make most of their money selling 2D HDTVs.

For most people a good quality 2D HDTV is a great viewing experience (especially ones with larger screen sizes) and the prices are becoming more and more affordable, enabling families with lower incomes also to enjoy that experience.

This is my 2 cents worth, and I’m absolutely sure that the majority of the population has the same opinion.

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