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Re-cycling of Electronic Waste

by Sandra Espadas

S.C. Computers e-Waste Management

S.C. Computers e-Waste Management

Why re-cycle Electronic Waste?

Have you ever thought of how best to dispose of your electronic waste - irrespective of whether this being a dead mobile, an old computer, or a big-screen HDTV?

Disposing of e-waste in a greener and more environmentally-friendly manner is a must. Not only because electronic waste falls under that category of equipment that is considered hazardous and therefore disposal of such products is often regulated by law, but even more so, it is the moral duty of everyone to leave a greener world for our children.

Greener implies more than simply disposing of in a controlled manner, but there is also the issue of reuse whenever possible to conserve our planet.

You see, most electronic components contain materials that render them hazardous to the land and air when disposed off incorrectly. Electronic items considered to be hazardous include, but NOT limited to:

Televisions and computer monitors that contain cathode ray tubes (CRT)

LCD desktop monitors

Laptop computers with LCD displays

Plasma televisions

Portable DVD players with LCD screens.

Results of recent toxicity testing on laptop computers and liquid crystal display(LCD) desktop computer monitors indicate that these devices contains hazardous levels of copper and lead. This also means that these devices will join CRT’s as covered devices regulated under SB 20. Therefore, controlled disposal and reuse – whenever possible – is a must.

Surely, there is no better way to dispose of such products than to call a professional e-waste management company. These companies cater for both the disposal of all equipment in line with present regulations, and also help reuse whenever possible. One such company that offers e-waste management services is S.C. Computer, which operates in the state of California.

Though S.C. Computers is a relatively new company, yet through a customer oriented approach in professional e-waste management, S.C. Computers is managing to fill in the need for companies – large and small, by helping them manage their e-waste and reuse of outdated working computer equipment.

S.C. Computers is aiming at becoming the most well respected authority for computer e-waste needs by providing data security of destruction using the latest solutions. This involves following a strict chain of custody provided by DOD standards & HIPPA (State of California). The whole process involves a number of steps to ensure that sensitive data is secure from the moment customers leave our facility through the completed data destruction process. Customers/vendors will receive a letter of destruction after the requested data security service is complete. In the case of e-waste such as computers and LCDs that are still in working condition, S.C. Computers also provide clients with a 33% profit!

Article date: April 14, 2009

Article submitted by Sandra Espadas from SC Computer. For more information on the services provided by S.C. Computers, you may call SC Computers on 323 353-7137 or 310 763-3430; SC computers operates in the state of California from 3221 N. Alameda Compton Ca.

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