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Updated on: July 25, 2012
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Archived Plasma TV Reviews
and Product Guides

Index of reviews and product guides published by Practical Home Theater Guide for HDTV sets released between 2004 and 2010

This PHTG Archives is a library of past product guides and reviews covered by Practical Home Theater Guide, for products no longer in production; these review articles are still being made available online for reference purposes.

For reviews covering the latest plasma TVs, please refer to the plasma TV reviews section of the site.

Detailed Index of Archived Plasma HDTV Reviews and Product Guides
published on our site since 2004:

2010 Plasma HDTV Reviews and Product Guides

Best Cheap Plasma TVs:
2010 budget-class plasma TV roundup

LG Plasma TVs for 2010:
An Introduction

LG Plasma lineup for 2010 detail:
We look at each of the four 2010 plasma TV series from LG, discussing features and expected performance.

LG Flagship plasma TV Review - Series PK950 Infinia HDTVs:
PK950 HDTVs have been dubbed as the best LG plasma TVs ever - offering extensive features at an attractive price. But do these LG HDTVs offer the performance of a flagship model from a top brand? Discover more in this LG plasma TV review.

Panasonic plasma TVs for 2010:
An Overview

Panasonic G20/G25 Premium Plasma TVs in detail:
We review Panasonic's best-selling premium plasma TV series to see what is on offer from Panasonic at the more affordable price bracket.

Panasonic 3D plasma TVs - VT20 and VT25:
Panasonic 3D plasma TVs are relatively expensive but they promise superior 2D and 3D performance. Are these Panasonic plasma TVs worth the high price?

Samsung plasma TV lineup for 2010:
An Overview

2010 Samsung Plasma HDTVs:
TV performance Discussion

Samsung Series 5:
Reviewing the PNC550 and PNC590

Samsung 3D Plasma TV - PNC7000 HDTVs and PNC8000:
PNC7000 HDTVs offer solid 2D and 3D performance for less, but do they represent an alternative option to the more expensive PNC8000?

2009 Plasma HDTV Reviews and Product Guides

2009 Best Plasma TVs - Samsung B860 vs. Panasonic V10
Which is the best plasma HDTV for 2009?

LG Plasma TVs:
2009 LG plasma TV product guide and review of the PS80

Panasonic Black Levels:
Panasonic made it to the top in the Plasma TV market thanks to its exceptionally deep blacks but... Is Panasonic having a problem with its deep blacks?

Samsung 2009 Plasma TV Lineup:
Full 2009 Product Guide

Series 6 Samsung 1080p Plasma TVs:
A detailed review

Samsung Series 8:
Samsung's best plasma TV for 2009

Panasonic 2009 Plasma TV Lineup:
Full 2009 Product Guide

Panasonic X1, X14, and C1 HDTVs
Panasonic 720p entry-level HDTVs

Panasonic S1, S14, and U1 HDTVs
Panasonic 1080p entry-level HDTVs

Panasonic G10/G15 1080p HDTVs
Panasonic premium HDTVs with THX display certification

Panasonic V10 Review
Panasonic Flagship - the best plasma TV for 2009

2008 Plasma HDTV Reviews and Product Guides

Best Plasma HDTV Roundup
2008 Best Plasma TV Review Summary

Panasonic Plasma Roundup
Introducing the full 2008 Panasonic Plasma TV lineup - Impressive picture performance, innovation, and affordability

Panasonic Plasma TV Guide (1)
PX80U, PZ80U, and PZ85U entry-level and step-up series

Panasonic Plasma TV Guide (2)
PZ800U and PZ850U THX-certified HDTV series

2007 Plasma HDTV Reviews and Product Guides

Panasonic TH-50PZ700U 50-inch 1080p Plasma HDTV

Samsung FP-T5084 1080p Plasma HDTV

2006 - 2004 Plasma HDTV Reviews and Product Guides

TH-PX60U Panasonic Plasma TV Series

Hitachi HTD52 Series of High Definition Plasma TVs

TH-PX50U Panasonic Plasma TV Series

HP-R52 Series of HD Samsung Plasma TVs

The 42PF9630A Philips Plasma TV

Panasonic TH42PA20U/P 42" EDTV Plasma Monitor

Toshiba 50HP81 50-inch TheaterWide® HD

For our latest product guides and plasma TV reviews, please check our plasma TV reviews section page here.

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Latest Plasma TV Reviews and Discussions

Featured plasma TV reviews and related discussions on current plasma HDTVs

Is a Plasma Television still worth considering as a big screen TV option?
Plasma TV Reviews - 2013 Roundup

Plasma TVs may be at the end of the line, but the latest 2013 plasma TVs have definitely made it to the very top when it comes to picture performance.

We review the latest plasma TVs from Panasonic, Samsung and LG to see what is on offer for those who really care about picture performance.

Plasma Television: Are we witnessing the end of an era?s. Acer H6510BD Plasma TVs: Are we witnessing the end of an era?

The recent announcement by Panasonic seems to imply plasma has reached the end of the line.

Is this a premature death? What are the implications for those who care about picture quality? Some are pointing towards OLED TVs but... is OLED at its present pricing a real option?



 Plasma TV Reviews Roundup: A 2012 Update
Plasma HDTV Reviews:
2012 Update

Best Plasma TVs for 2012
Best Plasma TVs for 2012 Samsung vs. Panasonic

Which are the best Samsung Plasma TVs for 2012? Reviewing the latest Samsung plasma lineup
Samsung Plasma HDTVs for 2012: Reviewing Samsung's E6500, E7000, and E8000

Panasonic vs. Panasonic: Which is the best Panasonic Plasma TV for 2012?
Panasonic vs. Panasonic: Which is the best Panasonic Plasma HDTV for 2012?