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Planning and Designing a Custom Home Theater

by Rick Creel
(Cashiers, NC)

Custom Home Theater Design

Custom Home Theater Design

Getting the Most out of your Home Theater

In order to optimize your space and get the most out of your home theater, your home theater company needs to work closely with you, your builder, and your architect.

Too many times the home theater company is called in after the house has been framed and they are ready for pre wire. The problem here is that your room may not be optimized for performance.

There is really more to consider than just having a screen, projector, and surround sound in a home theater. Elements such as elevated floor levels, lighting, what type of furniture and spacing of furniture are just a few of the many major design elements that need to be incorporated into any custom home theater.

For example, seating. This is often overlooked. Many times the room is built and then it's left up to the homeowner to buy whatever furniture they like to place into the room. However, the placement of the furniture will greatly impact how the viewer will both see and hear any presentation.

Seating that is placed against a wall will no doubt be close to a speaker. If the back row is against the wall, no doubt those speakers will be in someone's ears as well.

Seating needs to be centered in a room for best audio performance. All seats need to be a minimum of 2 feet away from any wall. Not only does this help keep your ears out of a possible speaker, but it allows the sound time to reflect off any wall and be absorbed into the room and any diffusers, not directing reflection's into your ear.

Since seating is placed in the center of the room, this can bring up the issue of visibility of the screen. The first row should not be so close that it will cause one to have to look up constantly. Subsequent rows need to be able to see over any heads that may be popping up in front of them. No one likes to have to look around someone during a movie or sporting event. This brings up the issue of floor levels.

Floor levels are easy to accommodate. In fact, furniture can actually be built into different levels so that they become a part of each level with steps going around them. You home theater company should be able to assist you in seeing how this can best be accomplished.

Truth is, there are many more issues that need to be addressed when you are designing your home theater. We suggest you find a qualified home theater company with a show room to show you the many design elements that go into making a custom home theater. You can also use the link below to find many more elements that go into planning and designing a custom home theater.

Article date: February 11, 2009

Article submitted by Rick Creel from

Advanced Audio Video, LLC is located in NC. They design and install custom home theaters across North America and around the world. Their clients include Shaquel O'Neal, Tiger Woods, and HRH Prince of Saudi Arabia. They are known by manufacturers throughout the Home Theater Industry as leaders in their profession.

Editor's Note: You may see pictures and relevant details of some of the best home theaters designed by Advanced Audio Video LLC, under the HT Picture Gallery of the site.

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