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Pinecrest Home Theater

by Charles
(Pinecrest, Fl)

Front View

Front View

Front View
Rear View
Front-side view

A Simple yet Elegant Home Theater:

We wanted that the home theater room decor takes a rather simple yet elegant look that is completely clear of any audio or video equipment. So, we built a separate room behind the theater to serve as a media closet - housing all equipment, including the projector.

We designed the front wall of the theater so that we could make use of in-wall speakers for the front right, left, and center channel speakers around the 123-ich Stewart StudioTek 130 screen; the front wall also houses an in-wall subwoofer. We completely hid these speakers from view by making use of a large grille constructed of plywood and black speaker cloth.

Next, we hid four more speakers in the soffits surrounding the two rows of chairs for 7.1 sound. Plush designer carpet and upholstered fabric between the mahogany wall panels provide good sound control and room acoustics.

 To help keep the cost down, I did the fabric upholstering myself. It really wasn't too difficult, but as one may expect, it was very time consuming; in the process, I used more than a thousand staples!

 One design element that my wife insisted upon was the fiber optic star-effect ceiling. We had seen a number of high-end theaters with this starry-sky look, and we were very impressed. I had no idea how to create this effect until I did a little homework on the Internet. I found that the equipment I needed was relatively inexpensive, and the information describing the installation of a fiber optic ceiling to create the night sky star effect was readily available. A good source for purchasing the fiber optic cable and the light box more commonly referred to as the illuminator, complete with a built-in twinkle-effect wheel is eBay.

Article submitted on 31 December 2012 by Charles, from Pinecrest, Florida.

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