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Panasonic Black Level Problems

by Wil
(Orlando, Florida)

I purchased a 54" Panasonic V-10 in September of 2009 primarily because of C-Net and others rave reviews over its superb picture quality and deep black levels.

Up until hearing of the AVS Forum complaints I had been perfectly happy with my purchase. Although I have logged over 2,000 hrs on my set I have yet to perceive a diminished picture quality but am nevertheless disturbed by the reports of lessening black levels over time.

I am perhaps naively hoping that the diminishing black level reports have been greatly exaggerated or that I am one of few lucky ones not to have the problem.

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Panasonic Black Level Problems

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Appears true & false

by: Jay
Sep 29, 2010

Most of the reports came within 300 hours, there was an overnight spike. Others that had more hours on their set like 1000 hrs, noticed a rise when it was pointed out to them, others reported no issue on a poll on AVS forum.

The S1 series had the least amount of reports. There is a voltage regulator that is supposed to make the level rise, and it appears Panasonic is using the intended design as a defense, as there is a class action lawsuit pending.

This voltage regulator appears to have gone haywire at the 300 hour mark in about 75% of the claims, the other 25% within 1000 hours.

It appears this voltage regulator caused lemons in many sets. I have the S1, no issues at at around 1400 hours. If you got by 1000 know your set is rising as Panasonic intended, not the massive spike that went haywire at 300 hours in most complaints.

All plasma black levels rise, the Samsung Plasma measured at 0.18 and the S1 at 0.18 after the S1 had over 1000 hours.

One more note to be pointed out, most people on AVS measured their black level with the TV on but no signal on the TV. In other words the set wasn't trying to produce black. With no signal on the set the screen has a slight glow, as nothing is being produced on the set.

They did this because the Pioneer Kuro had a dark level with no signal on it.

LCD made black look charcoal grey, like if someone has a black suit on. This when you look at the black level, when it is trying to produce black. Not a blank glowing screen.

Some angry people with the problem do not admit they have a lemon and try to convince people that do not see this problem, that they have the same black level issue. Almost as if they are angry at those that do not report a rise. They may also believe Panasonic's claim that all 2009 Plasmas are the same.

I agree

by: Anonymous
Jun 07, 2010

I agree, I have seen no change on my 54G10 and it has over 4000 hours on it. I think these people just like to complain or are hoping they can get traded up to a new VT25? Hmmm.

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