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New York Art Deco Theater - True to the Era

by Home Theater Lifestyles
(New Jersey, New York, Florida, Eastern Coast U.S)

New York Art Deco Home Theater Design

New York Art Deco Home Theater Design

New York Art Deco Home Theater Design
Art Deco Theater Screen Wall
Acoustics - Natural Fiber Acoustical Cotton, Diffusers And Acoustic Panels
3-d Design Concept Presentation- Alternative Color Option

From the custom cast deco frieze moldings faux finished to look like stainless steel, to the custom reproduction of an original 1930's New York skyline picture that is automated to conceal the movie screen, this Art Deco Theater Design by Home Theater Lifestyles is an acoustically correct, comforting and inviting environment that is truly one of a kind and true to the era down to every detail.

When this client approached us with the desire to have a Home Theater in the basement of his New Jersey home, we immediately started our research to bring our client's vision to reality without compromise.

After a couple of 3-d renderings and material and finish/sample presentations, we were able to give the client a realistic representation of what his theater would look like when finished, which varied from tans and browns with silver and brass accents, to his final choice of blues and greys with silver/stainless accents.

Some of the key design features are:

Custom keystones

Custom deco frieze

Faux finished deco sconces

Stainless steel faux finishes

Blue LED 'Neon' accent lighting

Custom ceiling medallion with deco accents and hidden acoustical treatments

Custom designed and printed fabrics to conceal all speakers and acoustical panels

Acoustical Door Panels That Accent Doors When Open and Hide Doors When Closed

Custom reproduction of 1930's NY skyline which is automated to raise at movie time and close to cover screen when not in use

Combinations of acoustically absorptive and diffusive materials and bass traps hidden behind fabrics to optimize acoustical performance of the theater

Lobby Elements Include:

Deco pedestal candy stand

Illuminated cinema sign

Custom deco detail over door

Custom upholstered door panels

Poster case

Custom designed and engraved restroom/theater sign

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