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Updated: December 17, 2012

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a great way to relive the movie magic in your home!

The use of Movie Posters to decorate your home theater room represents a simple yet most effective way to bring about the Hollywood magic in the comfort of your home. However, the fascinating world of movie pictures is more than just a beautiful poster of your favorite film hanging on the wall of your home theater room.

In particular, the way you present your posters—irrespective of whether this being through the use of a simple picture frame or mounted in an appropriate but more expensive poster light box—can make a lot of difference is the resultant ambience in your entertainment room.

Through this short series of articles, we show you how your favorite movie pictures can help you re-create the movie theater in your home. We also discuss the issue of poster presentation, poster sizes, and the top 100 American movie posters ever.

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Hang up a memory on your home theater wall!

There is no doubt that it has become much easier than ever to relive that magical experience of your favorite movies in the home. More home theater enthusiasts are going into great detail about choosing their equipment. Some go a step further and set up a dedicated room for their movie watching.

However, many focus on achieving the perfect setup for their equipment by creating a beautiful ambience through the use of smart lighting, appropriate theater seating, and some elaborate room decor.

Yet, there is more to re-creating the Hollywood magic in the home. Few realize that hanging a few posters of their favorite movies on the walls of their home theater can do a lot towards achieving the right movie ambience.

This applies irrespective of whether it is a dedicated home theater, a living room or bedroom home theater setup, or any other entertainment area in the home.

And here arise the issue of poster presentation. Whether it is a traditional poster frame, a poster light box, a simple yet elegant wood mounting, or just an ordinary plastic poster hanger, poster presentation plays an important role in reliving that same cinematic experience in the home. The type of movie poster presentation to choose depends on the nature of your room; the ultimate is the use of a poster light box in a dedicated home theater room.

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Gone with the Wind - Original movie poster

What about Originals and Vintage Movie Posters?

Classic, vintage film posters and related movie memorabilia have become valued collector items.

At well-known auction houses and distributors, collectible movie pictures in good to near mint condition can sell anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars.

For example, an original 1954 film poster of the classic 'Gone with the Wind' movie in near mint condition is selling at around $4,000. But then even the 3-Sheet Gone with the Wind re-creation from the AFI Top-100 poster collection is selling online for $1,100.

Rare original vintage movie posters - Revebge of the JediEqually expensive are originals that come in excellent condition from the great 1950s and 60s. A poster from the 1959 Ben-Hur movie is selling for close to $3,000 at the time of this write-up while an original linen-backed poster from the film Breakfast at Tiffany is fetching an online price that hovers close to $6,000. Somewhat less expensive is the poster from the Revenge of the Jedi which is selling at under $600

Surely, these expensive posters add not only that special movie touch to your entertainment room, but even more so, add value to your home theater in that original rare film posters represent a valid investment.

More than just Movie Posters!

Movie Memorabilia

Posters represent the most common form of 'movie memorabilia' you can find. A vast range of specialty movie memorabilia like wall tapestries, apparel, decorative mirrors, wall signs, magnets, coffee mugs, mouse pads, key-chains, and even stand-ups or life-size cut-outs, are also available to help you decorate any corner, wall, or room within your house.

Star Wars Special Ed.Film Cells: These represent our favorite movie memorabilia. Film cells normally come in standard 9 x 11 inches though larger sizes are also available; a fine example is the special edition 18.5 x 19-inch film-cell from Star Wars shown here.

Film cells are extraordinary memorabilia items that are must-have collectibles for serious movie fans. Each film cell includes a strip, or multiple strips of actual 35mm film stock presented next to one or more related movie images. Each cell is then beautifully matted and framed. Film cells are available from MovieGoods through a pre-order process.

It is worth taking note that while most common forms of memorabilia like apparel (shirts, hats, etc.), coffee mugs and even key-chains are available from the majority of online suppliers—including Amazon, specialty products like wall tapestries, decorative mirrors, and movie theme stand-ups, are available only from specialized movie memorabilia suppliers like AllPosters and MovieGoods. For more information, please refer to our movie poster online store.

Poster Presentation - Framing, Mounting and Light Boxes

As already expressed in our introduction, poster presentation is a most important aspect that should be taken into consideration when hanging a poster of your favorite movie on a wall. Appropriate presentation that matches with the rest of the room decor can help bring about the movie experience. But not only!

Presenting your newly acquired poster by framing or mounting will not only result in a more attractive finished product, it also represents an important step towards helping your posters stay nice for much longer.

Almost all online movie picture suppliers offer some sort of framing or mounting service at reasonable prices. Normally you can choose from a variety of high quality wood or metal poster frames, mats, and glass, while mounting can be carried out either on durable hardboard backing or canvas transfers.

Poster Light-boxes available at MovieGoodsIn this respect, MovieGoods offer the most extensive line of framing options at the best prices; these include high quality aluminum and wooden poster frames, poster lamination, framed film-cells already referred to above, and backlit poster light boxes; the latter represent the ultimate in poster presentation and are most appropriate for the dedicated home theater room.

Stargate Cinema also have an extensive range of illuminated poster cases that includes various enhancements like illuminated border and even a dater; but do not expect these to come cheap!

We discuss the subject of poster light boxes in our Poster Lightboxes Guide. There we highlights the issues you need to take into account when building your own backlight poster light box; we also indicate available online resources for possible off-the-shelf solutions, while explaining the features to look for when planning your purchase.

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