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Samsung vs. Sony LED HDTVs

Where I put my money!

by chartist
(Lubbock, TX)

I went with the KDL-52Z5100 while the wife went with the UN55B8000. I think she should have held out for the 8500 but she thought the edge LED was the optimum; her loss and my expense(a gift exchange). I paid half as much for the just open box Z as for her 8.

Cost of Sony LED LCD TV ...too much to bear

by Mike
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

I've typically leaned towards the Sony products in the past, but with the closeness in picture quality, I could not justify the extra cost. I would go Samsung hands down on this one.

HDTV Reflectivity

Is there any LED/LCD HDTV, large screen, that is best for viewing in bright sunshine, dimmed only by curtains?

Samsung vs Sony

by Owen
(Lake Charles, Louisiana )

After reading your article I'm more torn than ever. I was wondering if there is another brand of TV that outperforms both of the TVs you compared?

Thanks a ton, Owen

Excellent reviews, if only I knew...

by Ray
(Toronto, Canada)

Hi there,

I am in the market for a TV and used your site a lot for reviews and professional opinion. It is however extremely difficult at this day & age to judge a product line if the review is not dated. I was looking at another site and the article was dated April `09 which in my opinion is too old! (we are now in August `09)..

Otherwise, please keep up the good work.

Thank you.

My View on LED vs. LCD TV models

by anil shah

Thanks for the information; it is good to get the details.

Panel Issue

by Suresh

Sony does use the panel from Samsung where else SAMSUNG does manufacture their own panel.I strongly believe in terms of technology, SAMSUNG is leading the LED and LCD TV to be the number 1 global performer in the world.

As for SONY, the tech and picture quality is great but they need to do more and develop panels for their TV in the future so that at least they could compete in the current market.

Sony Bravia & Samsung

by Joe Ramos

I ordered a Sony Bravia KDL-60" NX800 in March. It is on back order. Some people say that Sony is not making any more, and that I may never get my TV, which they say should be here pretty soon. I decided that If the XBR60LX900 come out before I ever get my KDL-60NX800 than I will buy the XBRLX900.

I do not know when the XBR will come out or how much it will cost or even if it will be worth it. I think I would be happy if I ever got my KDL-60NX800, which might never come. Or should I just get a Samsung. I used to have a 55" Mitsubishi, and felt that a 60" would be great. I also feel that if Samsung had a 60" 240Hz, I would have gotten one.

Samsung for 26" and 32" LED LCD TV

by Sharad Khandelwal

Low cost makes Samsung better buy than Sony considering all pros and cons. One should go for smaller screen size to reduce screen reflection and it should be mounted in a shaded cabinet.

If price is no consideration and open wall mount in a big lighted room is required, one may go for Sony.

Old Geezer's opinion

by Dillard Thomas
(Lake Travis,Texas)

Why spend a bundle on something that deteriorates from day one? If they are that close in all but price...even more reason to go with the lowest price.

Samsung HDTVs are better than Sony in respect to price and picture quality

by Dr. Mitrajit Mallick

As Samsung is little better in picture quality than Sony instead of less prices it is better to purchase a Samsung LED/LCD TV. For better sound quality it is advisable to assemble a home theater system to Samsung LED/LCD TV.

Sony's Mat Finish surface wins over glarely Samsung

by Bran
(New York, NY, USA)

I'd pay 50% more for Sony's Mat Finish LCD Panel than a Samsung's glare LCD TV if all other specifications are similar. When comparing the picture quality, the surface glare should be given at least 30%, if not 50%, of the total merit points.

Sit Out This LED TV War

by Zelick Alpert
(Colesville, MD)

The picture in a bottle (Picture Tube) has always been the best if you could afford the best.

Sitting the correct distance from your set, right or left, your picture is beyond belief. The Sony 35" Tube in their premium line has yet to be beaten. It was taken off the market to insure LCD and LED's would compete.

Some are lucky to still have their picture in a bottle.

Sony vs Samsung LED LCD HDTVs: Informative Article

by anonymous

Very good article. This clarified a lot of the confusion over the various technologies between Sony and Samsung. I can definitely make a more informative decision.

$2K difference in price is not justifiable to marginally subtle difference between blooming and color transitions.

However, I will hold final judgment when I see both TVs in action.

Samsung LED LCD TV is Better

by ME

I believe the Samsung is better. As a sales person I prefer to show the two side by side and many customers pick the Samsung because the colors seem so much more rich, almost as if painted on.

Consumers need this type of information

by Anonymous

It is good to know that advise is bias as possible when consumers pick their TV or any electronic devise. It is good to know what upcoming brands might pull ahead of competition too and what will make these other brands upgrade digital views and other features.

Generally consumers, want a reliable product as well as bells and whistles without paying more then a product worth or to break down in a short time span. Technology is wonderful but for what price, and until tweaks and issues worked out in a product no consumer wants to be a guinea pig!


LED LCD TVs - Price Matters

by Kimi Dahem
(Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)

Since both Sony and Samsung are clear leaders in the industry, technologically it is pretty hard to say who has the upper hand. As a consumer however, assuming all other things are equal, pricing makes all the difference.

I of course would prefer one that is affordable (value for money) as I could have used the price difference to buy other things.

LED LCD TVs: Price is very important

by DH
(Germantown, MD. USA)

I always bought Sony TVs, but with their really high price, it starts to be out of reach. I love Samsung LED TV with movie playback feature via the USB port.

I noticed some of Sony LCD TVs do not have battery backup built it. If power is out and comes back later on, then the clock is off.

Is build quality still an issue with Sony?

by Gary Sellars
(Humble TX USA)

I've always been a Sony fan. Unfortunately, buying as much Sony products as I did caused me to find out that while they often have the latest and greatest cutting edge quality in appearance, their build quality is second to many. I've had too many Sony products fail to any longer pick Sony over a competing quality product.

Give me a product that will last without having to put it in a repair shop that will charge me a premium price because Sony thinks their parts are worth so much... just as they do their new products.

I find a problem with that philosophy that makes extra money for Sony but makes me pay more than I planned to own a Sony.

Which Samsung A950 vs. Sony XBR8 will still be working after 5 years?

I have been looking at all the problems that people are having with the led or led LCD TVs.

Why would anyone buy one of these TVs? It appears to me that everyone should stop buying these TVs until these companies stand behind the products for a minimum of five years without buying an extend warranty.

You should not be paying $1,000 and up and have a TV that work for a year or less. The public should not stand for what is being marketed currently.

Sony Customer Support

by Ida
(Harlingen,TX, USA)

If Sony and Samsung are pretty comparable as far as quality but if Sony has better customer service than Samsung, it would be well worth paying the extra money for the Sony television.

Quality is the largest determining factor!!

by Russell

I have had too many bad experiences with Samsung product quality and customer service to ever spend another dollar on any of their products.

It wouldn't matter to me if every expert said that Samsung's picture was superior to everything else on the market. I would rather buy elsewhere due to my personal experience with this negligent manufacturer.

Samsung is black balled forever in my book. Consider yourself warned.

Confused on technology

by Glen
(Sydney NSW Australia)

I have been reading a lot of comments on a few different sites and none of them have come up with what I'm looking for, most of the sites are just talking about colors, and how deep the black is and so on,(TV jargon).

I am just a normal home viewer like anyone else out there and would not notice the difference in the slight color change, I know what a black, red, white etc., looks like as long as I am getting just that, that's all that matters. The one that I am after is the one that doesn't stuffs up after a couple years, or should I say a few months, and which manufacturer doesn't give you the run around when there unit knocks out.


Samsung vs Sony LED LCD HDTV evaluation

by Sharad Khandelwal

Features for LED LCD TV

Performance Issue

Max. Pts. Samsung Sony

Accurate colors




Video processing








Power consumption




Picture Perfo-blooming




Off angle viewing




 Black Level




Noise reduction




HDTV std def perform




Deinterlacing 1080i




Bright lit room viewing




DLNA compatibility




Interactive features




Value for money








If you have a Harmony Remote go for Sony

by John

Sony has the best and easiest set of IR commands through Logitech Harmony Remotes. If you want seamless browsing capabilities through a Harmony Remote then go for Sony. Trust me on this one.

Sony LED LCD Overpriced But Does Have Better Picture

After just spending considerable time closely looking at these sets in person only a few minutes apart, I can say with an educated and experienced opinion that the Sony does have a better picture, a darker black and is less effected by off angle blooming which is very apparent on the Samsung.

That being said, these two sets are very similar in their performance and there is no justification whatsoever for paying an additional $2K for the Sony.

Sorry Sony, you do have the better TV by a margin, and your price should reflect that marginal difference. I'm pretty upset with Sony at their arrogant price gouging and they are losing a longtime Sony customer over this one.


by Joe C.
(Knoxville, Tn, USA)

If you worked for the sales department for either company they would not like this article.

Maybe you work for a new company called Sonysung or Samony. Thanks for a good article.

Wow that was great info, Thanks !

by George Washington

Just wanted to thank the reviewers for their expert info and for giving me a better idea on what is exactly the differences and the respective strengths and weaknesses of the two sets.

Sony LED LCD TV is better than Samsung

by lewis
(spring valley,usa,cal.,)

Sony is better than Samsung because you can see more picture. It is more clear than Samsung. Samsung's picture is not clear.

I would rather get Sony because it has better picture and its clear. Thanks for reading this!!!

Product Warranty

by Dean

I guess that there is another important consideration that needs to be taken into account, and this is the 1 year warranty on one as opposed to 3 years on the other.

Editor's Note:

Good point but... It is true that Samsung and Sony differs in their product warranties on LCD HDTVs but not by much.

According to the Samsung US website, Samsung is offering a one (1) year parts and labor warranty on all its LCD HDTVs; it further specifies that this warranty covers also the display panel.

On the other hand, Sony's warranty on LCD HDTVs covers a period of eighteen (18) months on all parts and labor.

So... contrary to the significant difference in pricing between Samsung and Sony LED LCD TVs, the difference in the offered warranties between these two display manufactures on their HDTVs, is in my opinion minimal to be given any serious weighting in any selection process.


by Ray

My Conclusion: Newer model and technology will be available very soon, therefore based on the above comparison and price difference, Samsung seems to be more of a logical choice.

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