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More Home Theater Designs by Advanced Audio Video, LLC

by Rick Creel
(Highlands and Cashiers, NC)

Use of leather seating for that extra stylish look

Use of leather seating for that extra stylish look

Creating High-end Home Theater Designs through Dedicated Theater Seating

An important element of any home theater is the use of appropriate seating that not only feels comfortable but also looks great. In this theater, we used all leather seats for that extra touch of class. All seats are recliners with cup holders to assist in keeping your favorite beverage nearby. The seats are incorporated into the different floor levels of the theater, giving an even feel and flow to the room.

The steps on either side of the seats are illuminated using theater step lighting. This keeps light directed down on the floor. All lighting is also automatically controlled using a Lutron and AMX control system.

This particular home theater room had four windows that had to be blacked out to prevent outside light from entering the room. We accomplished this using piano hinges and then created a 'poster' board at each window. The client used movie posters that were then framed and mounted onto these hinges. This gives the walls a seamless look and the windows can still be utilized, if needed.

Focus lamp fixtures were installed on the ceiling to direct light onto the posters. With no light from these lamps spilling onto the walls, the result on these posters is practically the same as the back-lit effect created by poster light boxes.

No 'butt kickers' or other tactile devices are used in this room. Instead, we opted to install a JBL Synthesis system so we could equalize and time align all speakers, including subs for the best results. This allows us to increase sound pressure levels so that you get a natural feel from the rumbles and explosions that occur without having to increase volume.

Article posted on February 12, 2009 by Advanced Audio Video, LLC.

Advanced Audio Video LLC, design and install custom home theaters across North America and around the world. They are considered as leaders in the home theater industry; their clients include Shaquel O'Neal, Tiger Woods, and HRH Prince of Saudi Arabia.

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