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I would agree the LG Plasma 50PK950
 is the best Plasma EVER!!

by Susan
(Newnan Ga)

We did a lot research before buying our LG 50PK950 and I must say, this is the best plasma TV ever!!

We have owned this one since Aug 2010 and we love it! The only thing I can't find is the M-PIP (Multiple picture in picture) and I know I seen the product preview on this TV and this feature was there. But now I can't find that feature anywhere. But otherwise you can't bet the price on this great TV!!

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Best Picture Settings for LG50PK950

by Larry Rusk (Santa Clarita, Ca.)

Please help me get the best possible picture settings for this TV, I can't seem to find them, not even with CNET. The picture is OK, but not as good as it should be.

Amazon Video on Demand

by JMH (Texas)

When I purchased the 60LD550, I was advised that future firmware updates would keep this set current. That has not occurred. When you go to LG's NetCast, there is a box that states "Coming Soon" however, since we've had this set, no updates have been forthcoming.

LG update your firmware so we can get Amazon Video on Demand like many of your other sets do.

TV Makers and Firmware Updates

by: Andrew

It is extremely unfortunate that TV makers often fail to keep their promises for 'unfinished work' on their HDTVs once they have managed to sell their products. I say unfinished because Amazon VoD is not some new service that cropped up once this LG HDTV was out but this popular VoD service has been there before.

I am not saying that all TV makers act this way but this happens to be quite a common approach. While product manufacturers often issue firmware updates to correct known problems with a product functionality, they often fail to realize that issuing firmware updates to enhance a product functionality that has been promised during sales, is also part of the expected customer support.

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