Review Date: October 7, 2011
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Best LG LED TV Sets for 2011
Full Product Evaluation - Part 3

Selecting the best LG LED HDTVs at the different price brackets

As further expressed in the first and second part of this LG LED TV review, the LG LED HDTV lineup for 2011 is one of the most extensive. It covers more than 20 different LED HDTVs ranging from entry-level cheap LED TVs that are among the most affordable from any major TV brand, to some of the most advanced and extremely expensive HDTVs we have seen so far; the latter is the case with the recently released LG flagship LED TV, the 55-inch 55LW9800.

With such an extensive line of LED TVs that often offers a superior feature set and innovative technology for the price with respect to the competition, it is only logical for many to ask which LG LED TVs represent the best overall value at the different price categories.

We select those that in our opinion are the best five 2011 LG LED HDTVs for overall features, performance and price at the different price brackets.

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Samsung 2013 flagship LED TV with ultimate micro dimming backlight technology

Samsung UN60F8000 60-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

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Which is the Best LG LED TV for your budget?

With such a relatively extensive range of LG LED TVs to choose from for 2011, it should not be difficult to find an LG LED HDTV that comes with the screen size and feature set you want for your available budget.

In general, LG LED HDTVs offer a somewhat more affordable LED TV option than the competition.

LG's main edge has for the last years been its ability to deliver more features and user-adjustable picture controls for less than other major TV brands like Sony and Samsung. Admittedly, when it comes to price, LG is facing some though competition from brands like Vizio which are after the budget-conscious HDTV buyer.

In addition, LG's black levels on its premium LED HDTVs are not always exactly in line with that of other major TV makers like Samsung though this is something which you will perceive only in a side-by-side comparison. In other words, LG LED TVs are still capable of very deep blacks and one of the best pictures thanks to their superior color accuracy. Which LG LED TV is right for you depends on what exactly you are after. Here are a few questions one has to answer to decide: Are you simply after getting the biggest screen size for your money? Is it just an HDTV for general home entertainment use like a TV for the kitchen or kids' room, or you want to invest in a premium HDTV for your home theater? Are you ready to pay that extra bit to enjoy more features and a superior picture? What about Smart TV and 3D - are these important to you?

Below, we summarize which LG LED TVs in our opinion represent the best HDTV options at the different price brackets

Budget-class category

One of the least expensive LED TVs on the market is the 26-inch 26LV2500 720p HDTV with its $320 price tag. Do not mind the 720p resolution; you would not be able to perceive the somewhat lower screen resolution with the naked eye when viewing both normal program content and PC generated material at this small screen size.

A larger TV option is the 37-inch 37LV3500. The LV3500 represents an interesting choice; it is an entry-level 1080p HDTV but one that gives you more screen estate for the price of a typical 32-inch LED HDTV.

Despite that both sets are classified as entry-level HDTVs, they still come with an interesting feature set and more than enough user-adjustable picture control options to set the best picture for your liking. For more information, please refer to the firs tart of our LG TV review here.

Step-up HDTV category

With LG, you can enjoy the slimness of an edge-lit 42-inch 120Hz LED TV for less than $750. This is so with the 42-inch 42LV5500 1080p 120Hz LG LED TV, which apart from LG's 120Hz TruMotion technology, also includes the latest hot spec for 2011Smart TV.

It is interesting to note here that at this price level, the LG LED HDTV option is some $100 cheaper than the Samsung D6000 competition.

Premium HDTVs

LG Infinia 55LW5600 55-inch 3D LED HDTV with Smart TVOur two preferred LG options at the premium HDTV category are the 55-inch LG 55LW5600 and the 47-inch 47LW6500 LG  HDTVs. Both represent among the best HDTVs for overall value at the higher end of the HDTV market.

These are 3D TVs with Smart TV; both have an almost identical feature set except for the 240Hz refresh rate on the LW6500 HDTV. We did not carry a hands-on review of the LW6500 series but as stated in our LG Infinia LED TV review article, we expect the LW6500 to perform very much the same as the LW5600delivering the same excellent picture with 2D material and a slightly superior 3D picture performance with movie content.

Customer feedback posted on major online retail sites confirm that both sets are capable of one of the best pictures around, with a bright clear image and superb colors both when watching 2D and 3D.

There is some minor clouding but this is not s deal breaker and definitely not an issue with most content. Also converted 2D to 3D content looks great and stunning. In addition, these LG LED TVs can very well excel when used as big PC monitors. The LG Smart TV feature is also great with the only minor issue being the absence of Pandora music service.

For more information on these LG Infinia LED TVs, please refer to the second part of our LG LED TV review article here.

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