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Kuyper's Home Theater

by Kuyperhoffman

Kuyper's Basement Home Theater

Kuyper's Basement Home Theater

This is a basement home theater I built myself in my Seattle Home using a 92-inch diagonal projector screen. I have been thinking about setting up a home theater in my basement for at least the last four years - always dreaming of how I could transform my basement into my dream home theater. After much planning, we eventually got together to start remodel the basement.

The available space was a bit narrow for use as a home theater, so I decided to widen the room by about 2 feet; this was necessary to better accommodate the seating layout. This is the only thing I did not do myself in this basement home theater project. However, once the contractors had left, all I had was a bare room. I had done all the home theater wiring before the drywall went up, but it still took a while after to finish the whole remodeling.

The 'screen' end of the room needed acoustic and light treatment; once all paint work and associated room decor was completed, I just hooked up the equipment I did purchased for this project.

Here is a list of the equipment I am using:

Projector: Panasonic AE700-U 1280x720 pixel

Screen: Carada 92 inch 16x9

Speakers: B&W 600 series 2/3

DVD Player: Denon 2910 SACD/DVD-A

Amp: Rotel RSX 1067

HiDef Cable: Motorola DCT6412 (hate this device, but it's all I can use for now)

We use our DIY basement home theater on a very regular basis; it has become the preferred entertainment for my family. We no longer go to movie theaters now - between NetFlix and there is nothing I do not end up seeing within a few months of general release.

We have the big screen I always wanted. It is surely the best investment I have ever made for my family!

Photo Credit: Wayne Knaggs © 2005
Posted on www. on May 22, 2007.

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Apr 15, 2015
great comments
by: Ronald K. Bishop

I really wish more people write about it. I really appreciate the post.

May 23, 2008
Simple yet Beautiful!
by: Anonymous

Interesting color scheme.

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