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How Secure is your HDMI Connection?

by Tony Eppright

hd EZ lock securing HDMI Cable to HDMI Input<br><br>

hd EZ lock securing HDMI Cable to HDMI Input

Is Your HDMI Cable Stressing your AV connection?

As HDMI is becoming more and more the standard method for connecting Audio Video equipment, more people are becoming aware of the issues surrounding HDMI and because of that we're seeing more solutions to address these problems.

Blue Echo Solutions addresses one of the biggest issues with HDMI with its patent pending hd EZ lock universal locking HDMI adapter.

The HDMI Connection system uses a "friction lock" to keep the HDMI Cable in its input, similar to USB Cables. The issue with this is that HDMI Cables are much larger than USB Cables, especially when you require a longer HDMI Cable. This much larger, heavier cable can cause several issues with your HDMI Connection.

One of the most common problems is an intermittent signal loss, or in many cases the HDMI Cable completely works its way out of the HDMI Input. Another very common problem is the weight of the HDMI Cable (or in some cases if the cable is bumped) causes stress on the fragile HDMI Input, resulting in a damaged HDMI Input. This normally requires the HDMI Board to be replaced, which is not just an inconvenience but is expensive as well.

Blue Echo Solutions' hd EZ lock is the only Universal Locking HDMI Adapter on the market, and is designed to address both of these issues by attaching to the HDMI Component's chassis to secure your HDMI Cable in its input, and to eliminate harmful stress on your HDMI Input and HDMI Cable. It does this by attaching to the chassis with either the existing screws above or below your HDMI Input, or with the supplied 3M Very High Bond Adhesive, and clamping around the HDMI Cable to hold it securely in place.

hd EZ lock works with most HDMI Cables on the market, and most HDMI Components. Don't take a chance on your expensive Audio Video Components with an unsecured HDMI Connection. Use hd EZ lock and eliminate the stress on your HDMI Input once and for all.

Article date: November 19, 2009

Article submitted by T. Eppright from; Blue Echo Solutions is a US Electronics Consumer company dedicated to providing manufacturers and consumers with products and services that aim to enhance the consumer electronics experience.

Editor's Update December 2012: For detailed information on HDMI cables, please refer to our HDMI Cable Guide; there you will also find information on how best to extend HDMI cables beyond the practical limits supported by this digital interconnect.

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