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Houston Home Theater Design - Pre-wired Rooms & Value Adds

by Carl Beset
(Houston, TX, USA)


Pre-wired home theater rooms make installation easier from a laborers standpoint, but...

Do they take out the custom approach and somewhat force homeowners to have it installed the way it was wired?

As a company that offers full serviceHouston Home Theater Designwe know first hand that many clients don't want to spend the extra dough on moving and/or adding speaker wires. This is just a basic fact.

If I was an educated client with a nice, dedicated home theater or media room stuck with an in-ceiling 5.1 system pre-wire, then I would immediately opt for some re-wiring, and if my room was big enough, I would turn it into a 7.2 system by adding wiring.

Some clients take our word for it, but others don't want to listen about why it makes sense. Of course it depends on home theater design goals, but from an audio standpoint, it makes complete sense to take your LCR speakers and drop them down to a table-top center channel speaker or in-wall center channel speaker, and combine it with 2 tower speakers.

Leaving the rear speakers in the ceiling is fine, I won't argue with that. However, if a client can completely understand the value of correct placement, then that is where the win-win for everyone comes into effect.

Other areas where clients many times miss out on great value adds to there home theater design include acoustic treatments. Adding acoustic panels helps absorb echoing effects, and truly increases the quality of the home theater experience. We design the placement of the panels, and target the best areas to help absorb the echo effects. Imagine if you were going to the Opera, and the theater design had no sense of acoustics. Well, I would say that we wouldn't have opera the same as we have it today.

The same applies to music venues; the musical performance is aided by quality acoustic design. In a custom home theater design in Houston, we strive to educate on importance and priority of all factors when we are working through a budget with a client. Not all budgets are the same, but design is paramount.

Article submitted by Carl Beset from Houston Home Theater Design; for more information, please visit Houston Home Theater Design at, or call on 713-385-6503 at your convenience.

Editor's Update December 2012: To discover more on how to go about wiring your home theater, please refer to our guide: Home Theater Wiring - A step-by-step approach; this guides discusses the basics of home theater wiring, from planning to implementation; in the process, we also look at speaker wiring and in-wall wiring requirements.

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