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Updated: September 7, 2013

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A selection of articles from specialized home theater sites with additional information on home theater systems, home cinema installations, lighting control solutions, home theater speakers, room decor, satellite TV, and more; articles include links to related web resources.


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Houston Home Theater Design - Pre-wired Rooms & Value Adds Not rated yet
Pre-wired home theater rooms make installation easier from a laborers standpoint, but... Do they take out the custom approach and somewhat force homeowners …

Guide to Surround Sound Speakers Not rated yet
In today's world VIDEO sells. Its a common known thing around the industry if you want clients you sell big video screens. Most consumers think a big …

The Best Entertainment Laptops Not rated yet
Entertainment Laptops and Home Theater These days, couch potatoes all over the world and all certified movie enthusiasts are rejoicing, for the reason …

Fact Check: LED TVs Not rated yet
There seems to be confusion and misinformation about LED TVs . This is a fact-check for those of you who seem to be confused. 1. CCFL (Cold-Cathode …

Difference between LED and LCD TVs Not rated yet
Television has completely changed the way we view the world. It all started with the good old CRT TV - which though now obsolete, is still present in …

How Secure is your HDMI Connection? Not rated yet
Is Your HDMI Cable Stressing your AV connection? As HDMI is becoming more and more the standard method for connecting Audio Video equipment, more people …

Planning and Designing a Custom Home Theater Not rated yet
Getting the Most out of your Home Theater In order to optimize your space and get the most out of your home theater, your home theater company needs …

What Makes a Home Theater Extraordinary? Not rated yet
Designing the Extraordinary Home Theater... There are many factors to consider when designing a home theater. Some are obvious and some, not so much. …

Creating an Entertainment System
That Is Right for You
 Not rated yet
Most consumers want help when it comes to creating an entertainment system that is right for them and their home. This article will provide some insight …

Buying the Best Plasma TV
What You Need to Know
 Not rated yet
To buy the best plasma TV for your needs you have to do more than just pick one of the top models. You have to know what you need and what features will …

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10 Things To Ask Your Home Theater Installer  Not rated yet
Home Theater Installation Issues: Any contractor you hire - matter how large or small the job - should be insured and certified. If they are not, and...

Re-cycling of Electronic Waste  Not rated yet
Why re-cycle Electronic Waste? Have you ever thought of how best to dispose of your electronic waste - irrespective of whether this being a dead mobile...

OLED TV – The Future of HDTV Displays  Not rated yet
If you want to buy a flat screen HDTV, you have many choices. There’s LCD, plasma, and video projectors. Each type has its pros and cons and depending...

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