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Show-OFF Your Home Theater - click to submit your home theater picutres to be included in our gallery.Are you looking for home theater pictures to help you trigger the creative part in you while designing your home theater?

This is where you can enjoy some great pictures of home theaters―big and small―built by both enthusiasts and professional, while reading all about how they went to transform their home theater dream into reality.

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Home Theater Pictures

An important aspect in home theater design is getting the right look-and-feel for your room. You need to develop a design concept that creates the right ambience to get better immersed into the movie action.

A great way to set your imagination in motion is to look at what others have done when building their masterpiece. While looking at pictures of home theaters is not enough, yet browsing through home theater pictures is a great way to help set one's creativity into action; this is especially true when such pictures are accompanied by a short description of the work involved in the process.

For this purpose, we have set up a home theater pictures gallery for pictures submitted by our site visitors to serve as a source of great ideas when planning your dream home theater. The following are just a few of the many home theater pictures you can enjoy on our site. Clicking on any of the links below will give you further details about the respective home theater project.

Advanced Audio Video, LLC of Franklin, NC

Advanced Audio Video,
LLC of Franklin, NC by Rick Creel

The Media Haven - A Basement Home Theater

The Media Haven
A basement Home Theater
by Archibald Brad

Art Deco style in New Jersey

New York Art Deco Home Theater
by J. Fitzgerald (Hometheaterlifestyles.com)

The Cinema Barn Home Theater

by Paul Samuels (Frederick, MD)

Minimalist Look Entertainment Room

Minimalist Look Entertainment Room
by Feroz Ahmed Khan (Hyderabad, AP, India)

Designing High End Home Theaters on a Budget

High-end Home Theaters on a Budget
by Glen Hoffman (Boca Raton, Fl )

Johnson Home Theater

Johnson Home Theater
by Richard Johnson (Salt Lake City)

Kuyper's Home Theater

Kuyper's Home Theater
by Kuyperhoffman (Seattle)

For a complete index of home theater pictures and related information submitted to our site is available in our pictures gallery index.

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As indicated in our introduction, you also may submit pictures of your home theater masterpiece to be featured in our pictures gallery, irrespective of whether you are a DIY home theater enthusiasts or a professional; more information here.

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Lloyd's Antique Motorcycle Theme
Home Theater Room
This is the Lloyd's Antique Motorcycle Theme home theater, which we designed and built in a games-room over my garage. The theme may appear rather …

A Barn transformed into a Home Theater! This is an 8-seat home theater which I built myself in a barn at the back of the house; its main feature …

Johnson Home Theater 
Johnson Basement Home Theater It has always been my dream - building a home theater myself in our house for all the family to enjoy our favorite movies. …

The 'G Spot' Home Theater 
Welcome to my G-Spot Home Theater ! I have been a movie enthusiast all my life. One of my many ambitions was to build a home theater myself and after …

The Media Haven - A Basement Home Theater 
Basement Home Theater I always wanted to build a home theater; it was a dream that had long been pending in my mind, so I started researching online …

Minimalist Look Entertainment Room 
The Minimalist Home Entertainment Room The Sound Room was tasked with equipping the stunning, minimalist entertainment room of a client with a complete …

Tyler Lowe's DIY Home Theater 
A DIY Home Theater with a Difference! It was always my dream to build a home theater in our house. The result is this DIY home theater which I built …

The Terrace Cinema 
Terrace Cinema was designed and built by Innovative Theatres, a company from West Hollywood specializing in customer home theater design. The overall …

Kuyper's Home Theater 
This is a basement home theater I built myself in my Seattle Home using a 92-inch diagonal projector screen. I have been thinking about setting up a …

Our Family Home Theater 
It was after seeing several dedicated home theater rooms during a tour of newly constructed homes that I decided to build one for my family in an unfinished …

[Blue Heaven Cinema] Not rated yet
I started this project after getting a house built with the basement unfinished, It toke me about a year for the planning phase, I made sure that everything …

Pinecrest Home Theater Not rated yet
A Simple yet Elegant Home Theater: We wanted that the home theater room decor takes a rather simple yet elegant look that is completely clear of any …

New York Art Deco Theater - True to the Era Not rated yet
From the custom cast deco frieze moldings faux finished to look like stainless steel, to the custom reproduction of an original 1930's New York skyline …

Bynes Home Theater Not rated yet
Bynes Show place is a 1970's theme home theater , which I built myself from scratch. It took me over eight months to complete from start to finish, …

Tim's Pittsburgh Sports Theater Not rated yet
Sports Home Theater We entertain a lot for the big sporting events in the Burgh and so needed a projection screen big enough for everyone to …

A Basement Home Theater Project:
At Home in Calgary
 Not rated yet
This is a picture of an old basement home theater from the early 90's at home in Calgary. At the time, it was featured on the front page of The Calgary …

The Two Dog Cinema Not rated yet
The Two-Dog Cinema We had a 10ft by 20ft outside building around the house, which I have always wanted to transform into a home theater. The idea had …

Home Theater - New York Style Not rated yet
Stylish Home Theater: This custom designed home theater by Glen Hoffman from 3D-Squared features some stunning images of New York City along with handsome …

Designing High End Home Theaters on a Budget Not rated yet
Home Theater on a Budget: Every day we receive calls from people throughout the country requesting our assistance in designing their Home Theaters. As …

Advanced Audio Video Home Theater Not rated yet
Acoustical Treatment in the Home Theater: While many people will enter the screen to show the theater, a major portion of the project is acoustic sound …

Art Deco Inspired Home Theater  Not rated yet
Art Deco Inspired Home Theater This Home Theater located in New Jersey combines an Art Deco style with a modern touch of technology and class. The …

More Home Theater Designs by Advanced Audio Video, LLC Not rated yet
Creating High-end Home Theater Designs through Dedicated Theater Seating An important element of any home theater is the use of appropriate seating that …

Advanced Audio Video, LLC of Franklin, NC Not rated yet
A Custom Design Home Theater This theater was designed for a Doctor in Winter Park by Advanced Audio Video, LLC. The heart of the video setup was a JVC …

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