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Home Theater - New York Style

by Glen Hoffman
(Boca Raton)

NYC Theme Home Theater

NYC Theme Home Theater

Stylish Home Theater:

This custom designed home theater by Glen Hoffman from 3D-Squared features some stunning images of New York City along with handsome columns to create smart yet playful theater environment. All images are actually printed on acoustic friendly materials that are wrapped around acoustic panels. So beyond the beautiful aesthetics of the room, there is also a wonderful sounding theater as well.

Use of Acoustic Panels in the Home Theater

The use of decorative acoustic panels will dramatically enhance the listening experience. There are various types of acoustic panels and acoustic fabrics - depending on their use. The main scope is to arrive at the right balance between reflective and absorptive surfaces. Too much of a hard reflective surface will led to an unnatural echo effect while too much absorptive surface in the home theater will lead to dull sound.

Absorptive type panels reduce the echo effect by keeping sound waves from bouncing off hard wall surfaces. These are generally placed towards the front of the room between the fronts and the first row of seats to help catch the first reflective sound waves. Instead, the use of diffusive acoustic panels help maintain the right level of sound energy in the room while controlling sound reflections.

In addition, there are also acoustically transparent panels using specially weaved fabrics stretched over either a supportive frame or a supportive solid panel. Acoustic transparent fabrics used in front of speakers have a less dense weave and generally do not allow for fine prints; but denser acoustically transparent fabrics are also available when sound is required to penetrate the fabric while supporting superior print quality. These latter panels are generally used along the sides of the theater to enhance the room decor.

The challenge with the use of 'decorative' acoustic panels is finding a great image that can be scaled to the sizes required to create that extraordinary 'real life' effect in the home theater.

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Submitted on: February 18, 2009

Updated on: September 4, 2012

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