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Updated: December 8, 2012

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Reviewing some of the best books and magazines
 for some great home theater reading!

Grab some of the best home theater books for your home theater library and there you have a valid technical reference source to the world of home theater. Subscribe to a few home theater magazines and you will surely remain abreast with the latest home theater product releases. Complement your selection of books and magazines with a few electronics catalogs available for free from some of the major retail stores and you will be able to make the most out of your budget.

There is one problem though... Picking the right set of home theater books and magazines from the never ending list of publications available for the audio video enthusiast is not easy.

Help is here; we are presenting short reviews of some of the best home theater books and magazines presently available from major publishing houses in the industry.

Entertainment Rooms - Tina Skinner

Entertainment Rooms: Home Theaters, Bars, and Game Rooms

A compilation of great pictures of entertainment spaces... a valid source for anyone looking for superb decorating ideas.

Books and Magazines in the home theater world

Setting up a home theater can be a complex and expensive process.  Even a simply upgrade of one of your system components is worth planning carefully if you want to do it right while ensuring you would not spend more than needed. In particular, appropriate timing for your purchase and correct choice of equipment will help you avoid unnecessary expense. 

Unfortunately, the never-ending choice of products available on the market does not really help; rather, it may even make the whole selection process rather frustrating. 

It is in this respect that home theater magazines and home theater books provide a helping hand to prospective audio/video buyers and the home theater enthusiast planning to build their dream home theater. Free 'electronics catalogs' will also help here as these will make you aware of some of the latest offers on possible products of interest.

A false misconception...

Many think that the abundance of information available on-line, in particular as a result of the hundreds of thousands of home theater sites, printed books and magazines are facing a sure death.

This is not the case; the Internet is surely leaving its impact but the very best publications have not only survived the Internet threat; they have even become stronger thanks to the Internet itself.

This misconception arises out of the fact that many are missing out on the importance of traditional printed publications. Many audio/video DIY enthusiasts today expect that they can get the necessary level of competence on the subject of home theater through on-line information alone—just by surfing from one home theater website to another. It is as if the availability of an infinite source of 'free' on-line information through the Internet renders books and magazines a matter of the past.

The result is that manyespecially newcomers—tend to learn the subject in a somewhat haphazard manner, at times even through unreliable web sources that at times even manage to turn crazy statements and wrong conclusions into factual guidelines!

Home Theater Books  ...the fastest way to research information in a time efficient manner!

Practical Home Theater (Click to buy from amazon)

Whether you are an expert or a novice, home theater books can help you build a level of insight in a way no web site or magazine can do. Books can serve as reference and above all, as a self-teaching aid.

In other words, home theater books can help you grasp the desired knowledge to understand design issues, system requirements, equipment integration, and equipment specifications.

We are not talking about expensive books. Excellent books such as Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems cost less than $20, yet the knowledge gained through these home theater books can even help you understand the requirements behind a good home theater design, evaluate product reviews appearing online and in home theater magazines, and even challenge that sales talk at your favorite brick-and-mortar electronic store aimed at pushing you towards making that purchase!

In other words, books help you build that level of information necessary to achieve the desired confidence in your decisions by being in a better position to determine the most suitable products for your needs.

Of course, you may always opt to research the information in a time consuming manner—talking to knowledgeable friends and sales reps at your favorite home theater store, surfing the Internet, and even reading a few home theater magazines. There is nothing wrong with this approach as long as time is on your side and you would not be mislead in the process by incorrect information and strange ideas.

The reality is...  there is no substitute to a good home theater book. On-line information is there to complement rather than exclude information available through home theater magazines and books.

We know that selecting the right books from a never ending list of publications is not that straightforward. For this purpose, we have prepared a set of short reviews covering those that in our opinion represent the best home theater books presently available from major stores.

For our reviews and suggestions of some of the best home theater books... please check out our Home Theater Books review page.

Home Theater Magazines   ...the best way to remain abreast with the latest developments!

Stereophile Magazine

There is no better way to remain abreast with the latest developments in the fast changing world of home theater than to grab a home theater magazine subscription.

In our opinion, home theater magazines are among the best source for up-to-date information on the latest product releases. Some of the best home theater magazines such as Stereophile and The Absolute Sound even present reliable comparative product reviews to help the reader in the choice of equipment.

And with magazines, you always know if what you are reading is up-to-date; there is always a 'date' on magazine covers. This is not always the case with on-line information where most webmasters tend to choose not to date-stamp their articles as the presence of a date on time sensitive content may render the article of zero interest within just a few months from its publication. Unfortunately, an on-line article without a date-stamp may not be much of assistance in this fast changing technological world.

The real problem with home theater magazines is that there is not much choice as instead is the case with books and online content—at least if you limit yourself to the best publications available. On our part, we have reviewed a number of home theater magazines to help you pick the one that best fits your interests.

For our reviews and recommendations on some of the best home theater magazines, please check here.

And what about 'Electronics Catalogs' referred to earlier on in this article?

Electronics catalogs—in most cases available free of charge—to subscribed customers, make it possible for clients to know in a timely manner about the different promo offers on consumer electronics by the respective retail store, thus making it possible for them to enjoy the best price on selected products.

Electronics catalogs may or may not come in electronic form; rather, in most cases, the catalogs we are referring to here come in printed form. Many may have thought that at a time and age when e-commerce sites are doing a great job in company sales, the paper catalog is becoming obsolete.

Not a chance... the paper catalog is more popular than ever, and even more so in the electronics world. It is true that it had to change shape from the bulky catalogs of the past to just a couple of tens of pages; and its role is no longer that of providing detailed information about a product of interest but to serve as a marketing tool for major retail stores. Why?

Printed catalogs have the potential to trigger that emotional impulse to go online and make the purchase. In this respect, no form of electronic marketing has the potential to generate that same emotional appeal.

Many often complain about the stacks of catalogs stuffing their mailboxes. However, this is not the case with the electronics catalogs we are discussing here; you have to subscribe. In other words, you will only receive those catalogs that you actually requested.

If you would like to get to know more on free Electronics catalogs that may be of interest to your needs, please visit our Electronics Catalogs page.

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