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Updated: December 8, 2012

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Reviewing some of the best home theater magazines
for great home theater reading!

A subscription to a good home theater magazine is probably one of the most effective ways to remain abreast with the latest developments in this fast-changing technological world of audio and video.

Yet unlike the never-ending list of home theater related books, you do not have much choice when it comes to magazines related to the world of audio, video and home theater. It seems that the Internet is killing the traditional magazine as more prefer the Internet to search for the latest and greatest!

Nevertheless, we believe there is still a place for the traditional 'paper' magazine even though more of these magazines are being filled with ads and press releases than real content. Yet the best magazines still represent a most convenient way to go through the information in a relaxed manner without being tied to a PC!

We help you pick the best magazine titles by reviewing what we think are among the best home theater publications presently available from the major publishing houses.

Entertainment Rooms - Tina Skinner

Entertainment Rooms: Home Theaters, Bars, and Game Rooms

A compilation of great pictures of entertainment spaces... a valid source for anyone looking for superb decorating ideas.

BIG glossy publications packed with the latest news, reviews, tests, informative  equipment tips, guides, all supported by detailed photos and interesting offers.

This is typical of any home theater magazine. It is this content that renders magazines a most valuable resource to anyone interested in home theater.

As indicated in our introduction, there is not much choice when it comes to home theater magazines, but those that so far survived the Internet threat, are among the best you can find.

Surely it is not easy to decide which magazine to include or leave out from your buying list.

We therefore hope you will find our selection of interest; we believe the selected home theater magazines are among the best electronics and home theater magazines on offer for both the novice and the experienced home theater enthusiast. 

Home Theater Magazines covered in this review include:

- Home Theater

- Stereophile

- Sound & Vision Magazine

- The Absolute Sound

- Electronic House

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Home Theater Magazine - Available from amazon

Home Theater
Magazine Subscription

Issues: 12 issues/12 months

One of the earliest and most popular Home Theater magazines; main focus is on equipment, with some solid content.

Home Theater is issued once a month and comes with loads of useful information from equipment centered reviews to buyer's guides, useful tips, and articles on some of the latest home theater cutting-edge technology. Various articles provide lots of useful content to help the reader get the most out of an existing system.

Equipment reviews cover systems at all price levels—including reviews of lower-priced equipment not normally covered by other home entertainment magazines.

Compared to other magazines, Home Theater Magazine is more equipment oriented, cover more topics, and includes more content.  But equipment reviews and tests generally take a less in-depth approach to what you can find on some other home theater magazines like its sister magazine Stereophile. and some specialized review websites.

Otherwise, if you are after setting up a home theater system and have just started with your equipment selection process, Home Theater comes loaded with solid content to start learning the basics.  

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Stereophile Magazine

Magazine Subscription

12 issues/12 months

Provides accurate in-depth information and advice on high-end audio video systems.

Similar in content to 'Home Theater' but Stereophile takes a more hands-on approach, comes with detailed test reports for cutting-edge AV gear, and includes more coverage on issues related to home theater room design.

On the other hand, Home Theater is more apt to review lower-priced gear than Stereophile magazine. In fact, much of the equipment reviewed in Stereophile is a too expensive for the average home entertainment budget.

This is obviously a magazine for those who love home audio, and in particular for those who continue to seek the ideal reproduction of music within their home. In fact, most of the magazine reviewers can be considered music purists. Articles are detailed and often backed up with test data, useful summaries and conclusions.

In the end, Stereophile is another magazine with loads of useful information and advice for both the novice and the expert.

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Sound&Vision Magazine

Sound & Vision
Magazine Subscription

Issues: 8 issues/12 months

For comparative product reviews and latest news on home entertainment technologies, music and movies. But...

Addressed for both the experienced enthusiast and the novice in home theater, this magazine—like others in its category—comes loaded with information on home theater related gear, easy-to-follow product analysis, and equipment comparative reviews.

Sound & Vision also offers advice on equipment selection and integration, regular music and movie news and reviews, as well as a comprehensive annual Buyer's Guide.

This is the type of home theater magazine that you either like or hate. The product analysis and equipment reviews may at times be classified as inadequate for the prospective buyer; they do not always manage to provide the reader with the desired insight about the product on test.

Some may like this type of high-level approach; sure 'Sound & Vision' still provide loads of useful information, but in our opinion, if we are to limit ourselves to just one home theater magazine with this category, Home Theater represents better value.

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The Absolute Sound Magazine

The Absolute Sound
Magazine Subscription

10 issues/12 months

This is the magazine for high-end audio lovers, but not only...

As its name implies, this home theater magazine is all about sound, or rather... music reviews and high-end audio equipment for the best possible sound reproduction and recording in the home.

The fact that apart from equipment coverage, you also get reviews of some of the latest and best music releases makes this home theater magazine rather unique in nature. Some may argue that Sound & Vision offers a similar mix but Sound & Vision approach is more superficial in nature.

Apart from music reviews, each issue comes with a number of generic technical articles and some half-a-dozen detailed equipment reviews, with the reviewers actually going into detail of what the equipment sounds like and how it compares with other gear.

Most of the equipment covered is way out of reach of the average household budget. But as the editorial statement says, The Absolute Sound's mission is to 'seek out superior audio equipment while accurately describing the sound of system components, provide reference quality music recommendations, and guide readers to maximize their listening experience'.

The bottom line: Even if the products covered by Absolute Sound are not within your budget, it still represents interesting home theater reading. And if your budget allows, well then you are lucky! The Absolute Sound magazine is the ideal magazine for you thanks to its extensive reviews of high-end audio systems and quality music releases.

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Electronic House Magazine

Electronic House
Magazine Subscription
Issues: 8 issues/12 months

Covers electronic systems that give homeowners more security, entertainment, convenience and fun; in other words, it is all about the simplicity and fun afforded by today's integrated home technology.

Electronic House is all about creating fully-automated homes—from home theater audio-video systems to networked houses and the latest improvements that work with the touch of one button!

It provides you with the latest information and advice on products and technologies that fit your budget to help create a connected home lifestyle. It takes a complete 360-degree approach, from helping you generate design ideas, to planning, and guiding you to find the best sources to complete your project.

Each issue covers a 'Home of the Month' project. It also includes advice on 'must-have' A/V component, whole house control solutions, lighting, home-office smart solutions, multi-platform audio and video, and much more!

Above all, Electronic House takes the reader—in an easy-to-follow approach—through the latest technology to enable him or her make informed decisions on the products and systems that make up the connected home.

If this is the magazine for you, then a solid book in the area of home entertainment interiors design like Home Theater Design: Planning and Decorating Media-Savvy Interiors (featured in our Home Theater Books review page), would represent the ideal complement while making for some great home theater reading.

To subscribe, please visit Electronic House website.

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Do not be tempted to spend more money than you actually need on home theater magazines. Keep in mind that most magazines are similar in nature and content. Instead, pick the one that best fits your interests and spend any extra money on a solid home theater book.

 Here is what in our opinion represents a good start:

- Home Theater

- Stereophile Magazine

If you are more interested in Hi-Fi and high-end audio, then The Absolute Sound could very well compliment our number one choice Home Theater magazine.

Do not forget to complement the above selection of home theater magazines with a few home theater books that can serve you as a reference to the world of home theater. Books such as Practical Home Theater: A Guide to Video and Audio Systems and Home Theater Design: Planning and Decorating Media-Savvy Interiors can do a great job in this respect.

For our reviews and recommendations on some of the best home theater books, please check our home theater books review page.

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