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Article Date: September 9, 201

Home Theater Design Made Easy

Simple steps towards enjoying
the best cinematic experience in the home!

The detailed articles appearing under this section give a step-by-step account of the requirements associated with enjoying the best immersive cinematic experience in your home. Going into such detail is important especially for the DIY enthusiast who would like to go about designing and building his/her own home theater.

Unfortunately, going into such detail is surely time consuming; if time is not on your side but you still desire to know at least the basics of home theater design, then this article is for you! It takes an overview approach to the main aspects of correct home theater design — from choosing the right location, to the important but often underestimated aspect of choosing the right viewing options for your needs.

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling Lighting

Basics of
Home Theater Design

Imagine all the thrill of seeing a movie in a theater without ever having to leave your home!

With the ease of installing a home theater today, many people are turning to this experience either instead of seeing movies in the theater, or as an alternative to going out.

However, to enjoy that much desired cinematic experience in the home, you first need to have a basic understanding of the requirements associated with a home theater. In particular, learning the best features to put into your home theater can help you create the type of experience you prefer while watching television or movies at home.


Choosing the right location in your home can be one of the most important parts of setting up a home theater. Basements are often a good option because they are easier to keep dark and are typically otherwise unused space. However, you need to make sure your basement is not too damp and is insulated to ensure the right acoustics. If you don't have a basement, that is no problem. In reality, any room in the house will do though you may need to take some extra steps to convert the available space into a home theater.


Home Theater Style Popcorn PopperSnacks are an important part of the home theater experience. Some people love movie popcorn so much that they invest in a movie theater popcorn popper. These are relatively inexpensive; a typical movie theater style popcorn machine such as the Red Matinee movie theater style popcorn machine shown here sell for under $150.

A movie theater popper adds this incredible snack to your home theater and enhances the atmosphere at the same time.

You should also consider installing a small refrigerator for easy access during a viewing to your favorite cold drinks.

TV Coverups

You spend a lot of timing choosing the right TV for the best possible viewing experience. This includes choosing one that is the right size for the viewing distance.

However, there are situations where you don't want your television to be visible when not in use. This is especially so in a shared environment; if your home theater room will serve multiple purposes, TV coverups represent a great option to meet all your needs.

 Coverups allow you to display a mirror or some piece of artwork to hide the TV when this is not in use. The use of TV coverups have become easy to implement with todays' thin flat-panel HDTVs.

Match Your Decor

It can be important to tie your home theater into the rest of your home, especially if the room will serve multiple purposes. Using custom cabinetry for your TV that utilizes wood veneer is a low-cost option for matching the rest of your woodwork without spending a lot of money. When you choose custom cabinetry, it will also allow you to create the perfect viewing angles and height with respect to your seating position in the room.

Choose the Right Viewing Options

This is one of those areas most underestimated in the home theater, possibly because of the ever growing number of viewing options available today.

Many Internet providers and other subscription services offer streaming video for those who have fast Internet connections. Others choose their local cable providers. DirecTV satellite television is another popular option and you can save money signing up using http://www.saveontvdirect.com.

Each of these options provides a unique viewing experience, whether you want to use your home theater to watch your favorite TV shows, take in some movies, or even listen to music.

Having your own home theater is a great way to relax and enjoy entertainment in your own home whenever you want it. If you are planning on creating a home theater experience in your home, it is important to learn how to set one up correctly. While a home theater often involves some level of personal preference, there are certain things you should do to ensure you create the best possible experience, whether you limit its use to your family or you bring in your friends.

To discover more on home theater room design, we suggest going through the rest of the information contained in the series of home theater design articles appearing on our site.

We also encourage you to visit our Home Theater Pictures Gallery to see how others have transformed their available space into their dream home theater.

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