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Home Theater Decor Ideas
for a Great Home Theater Room Ambience

Details are what make the difference!

Implementing the appropriate room decor to achieve a pleasing home theater design concept plays a determining role towards capturing the Hollywood magic in your dedicated home theater room.

The truth is that a great home theater experience requires more than just a rack full of expensive equipment, a big screen and possibly a comfortable seat. You simply wouldn't capture the Hollywood magic in your home theater room if your home theater design efforts stop there.

Every single aspect in your home theater room design has to be taken care of - not the least should be the furnishings and room decorations. The overall home theater decor will help transform the ambience of your room to induce a more visually appealing cinema feeling. It helps create a better-suited atmosphere that greatly improves your home theater experience.


Home Theater featuring original designs by 3-D Squared<br><br>

Using art created specifically for the home theater environment  - as is the case with the original designs by 3-D Squared featured here - is a great way to create that unique touch to your home theater decor.

Picture: From the article entitled 'Designing High End Home Theaters on a Budget' by Glen Hoffman as featured in our Home Theater Pictures Gallery.

Home Theater Decor

Creating the 'look and feel' of a true movie theater

A first step in this respect is to establish an overall design concept for your home theater.

Plan your home theater look and feel! 

Think about the ambience you would like to create in your home theater and how to go about realizing it.

Don't just put in furnishings and a few home theater decorations. The overall home theater decor should go to establish a unique design concept for your home theater room.

This means that you should aim at involving a very specific theme and style that help guide the viewer into a more immersing movie experience. 

The scope is to transform your home theater room into a unique entertainment room - one that impresses your family and friends. You see, unlike the movie theater, a home theater is more adapt to delivering entertainment in style!

Common themes employed in home theater decor often relate to some great movie classic.

A great example here is the use of classic movie posters in the Terrace Home Cinema featured in our Home Theater Pictures Gallery.

Definitely, the use of movie posters from recent and classic films and related memorabilia that go with your design concept in your home theater decor can do a lot to bring about the Hollywood magic in the home.

Use of classic movie posters in the Terrace Home Cinema

Feature detail from the
Terrace Home Cinema

In particular, a great way of using movie posters is to use specifically designed poster light-boxes. We cover the subject of light-boxes in our article 'Poster Light Boxes: Adding Style to your Home Theater.' There you will also find tips for a DIY poster light-box.

To learn more about the fascinating world of movie posters, check our Movie Poster Guide.

Selecting posters for your home theater is a matter of preference but the best approach is to go for pictures of some great 'all-time' movies that fit with your home theater decor theme. Just check our American Movie Poster Classics guide for the top 100 best-ever classics. (An interesting list of great all-time movies is also available at Findlove-Keeplove.com.)

Poster Lightboxes from River City Theaters

A Movie Poster Light Box

For more information, please refer to our Guide to Movie Poster Light Boxes


Do not just restrict your home theater decor to the use of movie posters. You can go about creating any imaginable theme that you like.

Suffice to look at some of the submissions featured in our Home Theater Pictures Gallery to see some of the most unusual themes our site readers has come about. These range from a unique antique motorcycle style home theater designed on  a budget and  use of sports memorabilia in Tim's Pittsburgh Sports Theater, to the use of stunning image in New York Style home theater.

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Pay attention to detail...

Pay attention to furnishings, color and finishes, lightning, etc.; these all play a crucial part in enhancing your home cinema experience.

If budget permits, call for professional assistance; home theater interior design can turn out to be a complex subject.

For that extra touch of class, go for some 'designer' home theater furniture. An interesting line of affordable media cabinets is the Maria Yee Line of EcoLuxury™ Home Theater Furniture available at the Magnolia Home Theater Stores in New York and Los Angeles. This innovative line represents an exclusive three-piece collection of AV cabinets that offers more than just style and functionality. More information is available on our site at Home Media Cabinets for that Unique Finishing Touch.

A lot of information on how to best to decorate your home theater room is also available for free. Search around in home theater magazines and online for possible home theater decor ideas that you may apply for your home theater room.

And as already suggested earlier on, check also our Home Theater Pictures Visitor's Gallery page to see what others are doing in this respect. Search also online for 'home theater pictures' and 'home theater photos'. Home theater pictures can help trigger your ideas for an overall design concept to adopt as well as the home theater decor to use for your home theater room.

Resources for your Home Theater Deco Ideas...

Great EscapesA great resource to anyone interested in creating a beautiful and comfortable home theater is the book by the famous home theater designer Theo Kalomirakis: Great Escapes - New Designs for Home Theaters

It mainly covers high-end home theater designs but the ideas presented in this book can serve anyone looking to enjoy their home theater in style. The featured designs are illustrated with over one hundred color photos.

Be prepared! This book does not come cheap, but it will definitely serve as a great source of ideas to anyone interested in building a home theater.

Entertainment Rooms - Tina SkinnerAn equally interesting but less expensive book that would surely serve a purpose in triggering decor ideas for your home theater room is Entertainment Rooms: Home Theaters, Bars, and Game Rooms

Compiled by award-winning journalist Tina Skinner, this home theater book is a compilation of great pictures of entertainment spaces, mainly home theaters.

Both books are available from amazon.com.

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