Readers' Submissions

HDTV: Satellite HDTV or HDTV over Cable?

by Rick Creel of Advanced Audio Video
(Franklin, NC)

Someone commented that they went with cable TV because satellite television was not available where they lived.

Unless they are up against a rock mountain and can't shoot in that direction, or perhaps there are restrictions on dish locations, you should be able to get satellite. But here's the real difference:

One friend of mine owns a local cable TV. Since I work for an audio/video company, I asked him about his HDTV signal to his customers. He explained the infrastructure (cable to carry the signal, receivers, etc.) was very costly. He can't do it all at once. However, he will over time.

Larger cable TV companies do not have any trouble with this as they have the money. So, if you have a smaller cable company, you may have to wait till you get your favorite channel in HD.

Satellite TV is here, now. If you have an HD receiver, you can begin getting your favorite HD channels now. However, you do usually have to purchase an HD package.

The biggest difference between satellite and cable TV appears to be cost. Other than that, unless you're a real videophile, you won't be able to tell any difference if it's satellite or cable.

Get what you want. Get what's available. Look at the price difference between satellite television and cable TV. See which provider has the content you want.