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Guide to Surround Sound Speakers

by Justin Dohman
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

A Triad 5.1 speaker system<br><br>

A Triad 5.1 speaker system

In today's world VIDEO sells. Its a common known thing around the industry if you want clients you sell big video screens. Most consumers think a big TV is all they need to get a good experience.

TV is a major part of any home theater or surround sound system but the part that really brings you into the TV show or movie is the Audio. Experts will agree that a high quality surround sound system that is tuned will make you want to watch more movies and make you want to experience the same movie over and over.

With many different styles of speakers to choose from, do your self a favor and demo several different types. Some people just get in ceiling speakers because that is what their installer or sales person told them to get. Little do they know that most in wall speakers are not tuned properly because they do not have a cabinet. They sit in the ceiling firing straight down so you are not getting the full effect.

Demo different book shelf speakers, floor standing speakers and in-wall speakers. Here in Dallas some of the more popular brands are Focal, Traid, Jamo, and Polk. Each have their own sound presence and its up to you to determine what you like.

Do not let a salesperson up sell you on a speaker that you cannot hear a difference in. Everyone's ears are different and just because you cannot find value in a higher end speaker does not mean you do not care about your audio. It just means your taste is different.

The last thing to remember is do not make choosing speakers harder than it really is. In the store it can be intimidating with the different brands and sounds. Go with your instinct because when you get them home all the comparisons will be gone and you will really start to enjoy your new system.

Article date: October 16, 2010

Article submitted by Justin Dohman from - home theater installers in Dallas, specializing in home theater design, installation and home automation.

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Editor's Update December 2012: To discover more on how to shop around for the best speakers for a successful surround sound setup, please refer to our Home Theater Speakers Buying Tips; for a better understanding of the requirements associated with surround sound speakers, please refer to our article 'Speakers for Multi-Channel Audio.'

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