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Flickering Picture after Warm-up

by Jane Stott
(Smiths Falls, Ontario)

I purchased my Samsung C610 46" LCD in December 2010 from Sears in Smiths Falls ON.

Over the past month I have been experiencing a flickering picture quality on both DVD and TV shows. This means that the flickering is of TV origin. This occurs after the set has been on for about 30 minutes. If I turn everything off and restart it in 15 minutes or so, the flickering is not present but returns in about a half hour of warming up time.

My Bell service provider assures me it is not a satellite problem. The flickering is similar to an old silent movie quality-you can still make out the characters, but it is very hard on the eyes.

I would appreciate hearing from others who may have experienced the same problem, and of course hearing from Samsung, as I paid over $1,000 for this HDTV 14 months ago.

I would have never expected such technical problems with today's HDTVs!

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Flickering Picture after Warm-up

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December 28, 2012
Maybe it is a Samsung Capacitor Problem
by: Anonymous

In my opinion this is the result of those famous Samsung capacitor problems! I do not know if you are aware but with 2009 HDTVs, Samsung had a serious capacitor problem which eventually ended up in a lawsuit.

Unfortunate the lawsuit does not cover 2010 sets but from complaints seen so far, it is almost certain that even 2010 HDTVs suffer from this same problem - a design problem which Samsung seems unwilling to accept and rectify for free to all those loyal customers who have invested their money on these HDTVs.

There is a whole thread on this site dealing with this issue; there are more than 140 submissions from different Samsung TV owners - all complaining of the same thing. Just check here to follow the thread...

Are There-Still-Capacitor-Problems-with-Samsung-TVs

It is unfortunate that major TV makers like Samsung fail to take the right consumer approach; solving such technical issues through a law suit is the worst publicity they can make for themselves. Mind you, this is not just Samsung's approach; other major TV brands like Sony and Panasonic have also acted in a similar manner in the recent past when technical problems cropped up with their flat-panel HDTVs!

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