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Update: November 30, 2012

Elite Projector Screens
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Quality, yet Affordable Projection Screen Solutions
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In this second part of our Elite Screens product guide, we discuss those Elite projection screen solutions most appropriate for home theater and home entertainment; these different screen arrays from Elite Screens are available in a number of projection screen surfaces to suit different application requirements.

However, prior to discussing the available screen arrays for the home market, we look at the characteristics of the different projection screen surfaces from Elite to help you determine where each screen surface fits best.

Elite Screens VMAX2 120-inch Electric Projection Screen

Elite VMAX2 120" Electric projection Screen, 16:9 Aspect Ratio (Max White)
[available from amazon]

Elite Projector Screens
Different projector surfaces for different applications

As we highlighted in the first part of this Elite Screens product guide, Elite has got a most comprehensive line of screen surfaces to suit any media presentation application. In total, the present lineup consists of 14 different projection surfaces.

In the first part, we discussed two of the most innovative screen solutions within the Elite Screens range, namely the StarBright ultra-high gain screens for high ambient light environments, and Elite Screens AcousticPro line of acoustically transparent projector screens, suitable for both 1080p and 4K video projectors. However, these are among the most specialized projector screen surfaces from Elite Screens that are available only on selected screen arrays. Instead, the rest of Elite Screens projection fabrics are more readily available on a wider range of screen arrays to cover any media projection application.

Among the most common Elite Screens projection surfaces, one finds the CineGrey. This is a tensioned fabric made from multi-layer fine-textured PVC with a high contrast gray surface coating, designed for low contrast DLP and LCD home cinema projectors having a contrast ratio of less than 2000:1. The combination of a high contrast screen surface with these projectors helps render an improved picture with deeper blacks while minimizing loss in color reproduction. The CineGrey comes with a screen gain is 1.0 and a supported viewing cone of 160 degrees.

Its exceptionally flat surface makes it ideal for the relatively close viewing environment of the home theater. It is also easy to maintain - just use a soft cotton cloth with mild soap and water, is mildew resistant, and as with most projection surfaces, incorporates black-backing to eliminate light penetration.

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If your video projector comes with a higher rated contrast ratio, then a more suitable Elite projector screen surface is the CineWhite. Like the CineGrey, the CineWhite is a fine-textured surface, and comes tensioned - meaning that it provides superior flatness for improved image presentations. Manufactured from multi-layer PVC, this screen surface has a screen gain of 1.1 and a viewing cone of 160 degrees.

CineWhite is one of the most versatile Elite projector screen surfaces in that it has a similar performance to Elite's MaxWhite screen but delivers superior surface flatness. Like other projection screen fabrics within the Elite range, CineWhite comes with a black-backing, and is easily washable with mild soap and water.

The MaxWhite is a non-tensioned version of the CineWhite. It comes in three versions, the standard MaxWhite, MaxWhite FG―a fiber glass backed surface for added stiffness and better flatness, and MaxWhite Plus―a seamless 5-meter wide projection screen fabric designed for ultra-big commercial screen sizes up to 400-inch diagonal. All three surfaces are easy to clean and mildew resistant; MaxWhite FG is the only one from this trio that is also flame retardant and complies with the NFPA701 standard.

All MaxWhite Elite projector screen surfaces have a screen gain of 1.1 and a supported viewing cone of 160-degrees.

For those situations where it is not possible to obtain total control over the ambient light in the room, Elite Screens have got the PowerGain screen fabric.

This is a multi-layered PVC fabric with a fine textured pearlescent surface that makes use of angular reflective material. Angular reflective surfaces reflect light off the screen at the same angle at which it hits the screen surface; these are ideal in ceiling-mounted projector applications as these projection screens would bounce back the light from the projector towards the audience.

Despite its higher screen gain of 1.8, this Elite projector screen surface still supports a relatively wide viewing cone of 120-degrees. PowerGain is capable of crisp colors, high contrast images without any hot spotting in the presence of ambient light. Surface is easily washable with mild soap and water, and is mildew resistant.

One final surface that may find its place in home entertainment applications is the WraithVeil Elite projector screen surface. This is a textured PVC fabric but unlike the rest of screen fabrics covered so far, WraithVeil is a rear projection screen material with a screen gain of 2.2 and a supported viewing angle of 160 degrees. Its special surface coating enhances color reproduction and black level contrast while supporting wide diffusion uniformity, making it ideal for both small and large audiences.

WraithVeil also comes as WraithVeil 2, a self-adhesive version of WraithVeil made from textured PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) that can be applied over clear glass and Plexiglass panels. It supports the same optical and physical characteristics as the standard WraithVeil fabric except for a wider 180-degrees angle of view; this wider angle implies greater image brightness uniformity.

As with all Elite projector screen fabrics, both versions of WraithVeil are mildew resistant and are characterized by simple maintenance'; all that is required to keep these Elite screens clean and in best condition is a regular wipe with a moist cotton cloth. Regular cleaning is important to ensure that your projection screen would be able to deliver the best image quality year after year.

Innovative Projection Screen Solutions from Elite Screens

As we have highlighted in our introduction to Elite Projector Screens, Elite Screens have an extensive line of projection screen arrays; in this final part of this article, we review those Elite Screen series most appropriate for the home theater and home entertainment market, namely:

- Manual/Manual SRM Series 

- Home2 Series

- Elite VMAX2 Series

- Home Cinema Solutions

Elite Manual/Manual SRM Series for the budget restricted home theater

The Manual Series of Elite projector screens represents the perfect solution for the budget restricted home theater. The Manual SRM - available on a number of Elite projector screens is basically the same standard manual screen array but includes a slow release mechanism  (hence the label SRM) that forces the screen to retract slowly into its housing after releasing the handle for a safe and quite return.

Elite Manual projector screens

M120XWH 120-inch Pull Down manual Elite Projector Screen [available from amazon]

The Elite Manual Series includes advance 'Auto Level' / 'Lock' / 'Lock on' in any position mechanism which can be easily operated from floor level. Though highly affordable, these screens come complete with black masking borders for increased perceived picture brightness and contrast, and are extremely durable and easy to clean with a moist cotton cloth.

These screens can be either wall or ceiling mounted, and make use of the same MaxWhite 1.1 screen gain material as used on the VMAX2 series; this screen surface supports a relatively wide angle of view.

Elite Home2 Series of electric projector screens

Elite Screens HOME2 Electric/Motorized Projection Screen, 4:3 Aspect Ratio-100in. [Available from amazon]The Elite Home series of electric projector screens are suitable for use both in the Home Theater and in Conference Rooms for business presentations and Class Rooms for training purposes.

These Elite projector screens make use of a 'tube' motor and control system for fast yet quiet motor operation.

Also included is a standard IR remote control, a standard RF remote with 100 feet range, a 5-12 volt trigger synchronized with projector on/off power cycle, and a 3-way switch for 'up', 'down', and 'stop-in-any-position' switching.

These screens come in a heavy-duty aluminum housing with enamel coated case that is anti-rust & acid resistant, and can be wall or ceiling mounted. An interesting feature is the self-vertical position adjustment that makes it easy for the user to pre-set the screen highest and lowest positions.

Included as standard is MaxWhite FG 1.1 gain Fiberglass-backed fabric for an ultra flat stiff surface, and with black backing. These Elite projector screen arrays can also take the 1.0 screen gain AcousticPro acoustically transparent screen material. Both surfaces support a wide viewing cone of 160 degrees.

Designed for daily use, these screens are durable and easy to clean. However, despite designed for daily use, these Elite screens incorporate a rather stylish design that will surely fit any room decor.

Elite VMAX2 Series - an alternative to the Home2 series

The VMAX series of motorized electric projector screens include all the main features found in the Home Series of projector screens except that:

Elite Screens VMAX2 Electric projection Screen [Available from amazon]VMAX screens come with extra 2-30-inches of top black drop together with side and bottom masking to further enhance the format of the projected image while making the ceiling mounting option look more aesthetically appealing. These Elite screens make use of a synchronous motor instead of the tube motor setup; this is slower than the tube motor but at the same time, it is also quieter in operation.

In general, the VMAX screen array is suitable for most applications; it is cheaper than the Home Series of Elite projector screens for the same screen size, yet the Home Series includes a more luxurious design and feature easier installation and setup.

Home Cinema Solutions using specialized fixed-arrays and portable systems

Elite Screens product portfolio includes six projection screen series specifically designed for the home theater and home entertainment; these come either as fixed-frame arrays or as portable projection screens.

Portable Elite projector screens are free standing solutions whose main concept is easy pull-up and project.

Fixed frame systems are equally easy to install and setup thanks to the use of sliding wall mounts which ensure the projector screen is properly centered. And for the ultimate in home theater experience, most of the fixed-frame solutions can take the AcousticPro projection screen fabric. As we have already stated in the first part of this Elite projector screen guide, acoustic transparent projection screens help render a more immersive movie experience due to a sound field that better encompasses both the screen and the audience.

Fixed-Frame Solutions

SableFrame: This is an entry-level fixed-frame Elite projector screen solution suitable for up to 4K video projectors; it comes with a CineWhite tensioned screen as standard. It has a pleasing non-flat frame around the screen, is relatively easy to assemble, and can be install in minutes thanks to a system of sliding wall brackets. In addition, the whole assembly includes adjustable fixed plates to ensure uniform tension across the entire screen surface.

The ezFrame series is similar to the SableFrame except that it supports various Elite projection screen fabrics apart from the standard CineWhite 1.1 Gain surface; these include CineGrey 1.0 gain, Wraith Veil (rear) 2.2 gain, and AcousticPro1080p2/4K acoustically transparent screens for the dedicate home theater. Another difference is that the anodized black aluminum frame on ezFrame Elite screens come with a thicker coat of black velour to better absorbs projector light overshoot

Lunette Series: This represents a rather innovate solution for the home theater in that this is a curved frame home theater front projection screen array with a 40 ft radial curvature. This curvature enhances the sense of immersion while minimizing the pincushion effect at the sides of the image as light rays at the sides of the image would practically remain at the same distance from the projector as those at the center. With a flat screen surface, this is not the case, thus creating the pincushion effect. This effect becomes visible mainly with the wider anaphoric (2.53:1 Cinemascope) format. Lunette screen series comes either with the standard 1.1 gain CineWhite Elite projector screen fabric, or with one of the AcousticPro screen materials.

Cinema235: This is Elite Screens' fixed-screen solution for 2.35:1 formats. The surrounding aluminum black frame on Cinema235 arrayscomes with Pro-Trim black velour surfacing both to enhance the appearance and absorb any light overshoot.

Elite Screens Ez Cinema, Max White 1.1 Gain, 80-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio

ezCinema Pull-Up Series
of Elite Projector Screens
(available from amazon)

Portable Frame Systems

The ezCinema is a 'simple pull-up and project' solution for easy cinema; it represents Elite portable projector screen solution for home entertainment.

These Elite projector screens feature extra lightweight construction and are easy to carry. They are equally easy to setup - simply lifts up, and are self-standing. These screens feature an adjustable spring mechanism to help raise and lower the screen surface into the case. The whole process is extremely simple and easy to use.

The ezCinema series comes with the MaxWhite screen fabric - a durable and easy to clean surface suitable for daily use. Available in various screen sizes from around 60-inch up to 100-inch diagonal, these Elite projector screens come with a suitable traveling case.

The ezCinema Plus series is an upgraded version of the popular ezCinema floor pull up screen; it utilizes a unique Scissor-type cross spring mechanism that allows simple pull up of the screen to its desired height position. This also provides the best Elite projection screen solution where portability is a primary requirement.

Both ezCinema and the ezCinema Plus solutions come with the 1.1 gain MaxWhite screen surface.

More information on available Elite projector screens can be found on the latest Elite Screens Product Catalog at the Elite Screens website.

Elite ScreensBuying options for Elite Screens

In our opinion, the most stocked online stores are B&H PhotoVideo and  amazon.com

These cover the most extensive range of projector screens from Elite Screens, including some of the most specialized projection screen solutions.

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