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Updated: December 8, 2012

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Surprisingly as it may be, printed catalogs still represent one of the most powerful promotional venues adopted by major retailers to reach a bigger customer base.

Discover more in this guide and see how you can get your free Electronics Catalogs, featuring some of the best deals from a number of major merchants, on a vast selection of electronics and related home theater gear. The catalogs featured here are sent to you through regular mail, and without any obligation, courtesy of Catalogs.COM—the largest single source for printed and on-line catalogs in the US. Read here to discover more.


Printed Electronics Catalogs... still an effective promo solution!

Despite that more and more are turning online for their electronics requirements, major retail stores are often failing to reach their targeted audience through e-marketing. Why?

E-marketing is often threatened by spam. And on-line catalogs, while serving a great purpose to reach a bigger audience, yet they are not so good in triggering that emotional impulse needed for the consumer to make a purchase.

Instead many big companies have found that the best way to make an emotional appeal to their customers is through that old-fashioned printed paper catalog.

It is the best way to convince customers to go on-line and visit the company website for the latest offers. It is also a great way to attract new customers' attention. Combine this with the efficiency of today's on-line e-commerce sites that make it easy to search, place and track orders, and there you have a winning combination!

You no longer find those bulky paper catalogs with 500+ pages that still fail to list all the details about the different inventory items. For this purpose, today's on-line retail sites can do a much better job. Instead, the new breed of free electronics catalogs have turned into a glossy company statement, more like today's home theater magazines, but with a difference. The printed catalog is meant to convey the look and feel of a brand, to give consumers ideas, or to promote a lifestyle through a line of carefully selected photos. This is something no online electronics catalog can do because of the limitations imposed by the typical home computer monitor.

How to order your 'free' Electronics Catalogs

Ordering your free catalogs is just a click of a mouse away! Now you can access a full selection of top-rated mail-order and online catalog websites at Catalogs.COM, possibly the largest single source for printed and on-line catalogs in the US. And you can view your desired catalog online, or have one shipped to you for free of charge.

Only the latest electronics catalogs are sent directly to your home, and only from the most reputable, distinctive, and trusted merchants. Merchants like TigerDirect, where you can get some of the best deals on computers, AV speakers, flat-panel TVs, projectors, cables, etc., or Parts Express for a full range of cables, connectors, and accessories for your do-it-yourself audio and home theater projects.

To further ascertain the quality of the mail-order electronics catalogs listed on their site, Catalogs.COM have introduced a 'Seal of Approval' that is awarded only to selected catalogs and online merchants abiding with strict quality standards.

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Featured Electronics Catalogs

Try it right NOW and receive a catalog of your choice by clicking on one of the featured catalogs below. Alternatively, go straight to Catalogs.COM, browse the respective category, and then choose the catalog of interest from your favorite merchant.

Parts ExpressParts Express

Parts Express was established in 1986. Since then, it has expanded its operations and today, it is a leading supplier in the USA of electronic parts and accessories to the audio/video industry and audio enthusiasts alike.

Their product line includes a fine selection of audio and video parts and accessories. Items range from component audio video cables, loudspeaker cabinets, speaker mounting brackets, speaker parts, and other components.

A full line of products for quality home and professional installations is available at highly discounted wholesale prices. Note that Parts Express ship their printed catalogs only in the US


TigerDirect was originally established to serve the needs of computer users - by presenting them with some of the best computer deals on the net.

However, today, TigerDirect inventory covers a vast selection of electronic gear, ranging from the latest high-speed PCs and tech-toys, to big screen flat-panel high definition plasmas and LCD TVs, DLP rear projection TVs, DVD players, speakers, projectors, AV cables, and home theater receivers.

Electronic Express CatalogElectronic Express

Since 1983 Electronic Express has been delivering top quality, name brand electronics at exceptionally low prices.

If you're looking for the newest in electronic gear for your home, office, car or on-the-go, Electronic Express has it.

At present, Electronic Express is also offering 100% free shipping on 100's of in-stock HDTVs from top brands like Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Heartland AmericaHeartland America

Heartland America inventory covers electronics, house ware, tools, automotive, computers, etc., all available at great prices 50-70% below retail.

Items under their electronics category include TVs, DVD players, home theater systems, and speakers. You would not find the vast range of electronics as available at say, Parts Express, but you would find some of the best deals on available products.

The Heartland America catalog is not a purely electronics catalog, yet in view of the large inventory and the great discounts, it is surely worth having around in the house. Note that Heartland America ship their printed catalogs only in the US.

To access the complete line of free mail-order electronics catalogs at Catalogs.COM available under their electronics and computer category, click on the following link: Computers & Electronics Catalogs

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