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A Guide to Multi-Channel Surround Sound

Dolby Sound Formats

Dolby Sound Systems are synonymous with surround. To many, Dolby is the king of surround sound, yet very few home users have a real understanding of the different Dolby audio formats available on most home theater receivers.

Help is on the way! We take a look at the different multi-channel audio formats available from the king of surround - from Dolby Surround to Dolby Virtual Speaker, and the latest HD audio formats designed to match the picture quality on HD-DVD and Blu-ray Disc players.


Dolby Virtual Surround Sound Technology


Dolby Headphone
Dolby Headphone
allows the listener to enjoy  a realistic 5.1 surround soundstage from any pair of headphones when listening to music, watching movies, or playing games, without disturbing others. It processes 24-bit/96kHz audio form say DVD-Audio and can produce superb surround sound when combined with Dolby Pro Logic II for any stereo music and movies.

It also has the benefit of improving listening comfort by reducing what is referred to as 'listener fatigue' as a result of the rather unnatural in-the-head sound effect produced by standard stereo headphones.

Dolby Headphone technology makes use of powerful digital signal processing techniques to manipulate the audio signal from a multi-channel sound source - so that when it is reproduced by a pair of headphones, the resultant sound imaging appears as though one is listening to different virtual loudspeakers in a virtual room.

This leads to a more natural 'out-of-head' effect that allows the listener to fully enjoy a three-dimensional soundstage, leading to a more enjoyable headphone listening experience that is much easier on the mind.

More information is available in our Dolby Headphone Technology article appearing under the Headphones section of the site.

Dolby Virtual SpeakerDolby Virtual Speaker delivers a 5.1-channel surround sound listening experience from just two speakers, making it an ideal technology for digital TVs, stereo mini-systems, PCs, and a variety of consumer audio/visual products.

Dolby Virtual Speaker technology also creates a wider two-channel environment during playback of stereo CDs and MP3s, and when combined with Dolby Pro Logic® II processing, (for example, in an audio/video receiver or PC), delivers a virtual surround listening experience from any high-quality stereo source. More than a simple "expanded stereo" performance,

Dolby Virtual Speaker incorporates highly advanced algorithms and extensive room-modeling technologies to reproduce the sonic spectrum and dynamics of a properly placed 5.1-speaker system in a room environment.



More on Home Theater Speaker Placement
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18th Nov. 2006

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